Sunday, January 31, 2010


I haven't talked about how proud of I am of Tyler lately! He got his grades back, finally, for fall semester. He did AWESOME! We are so happy with his grades. He was also awarded the C.A.L.I. for one of his classes. That means...that not only did he get an 'A' in that class...he got the highest 'A' given for that class. So that is awesome. This is his second C.A.L.I. in law school. Go Tyler. Keep up the good work! Only 3.5 months until school is over and 5.5 months until he takes the BAR!!!


Dodson Family said...

Yeah Tyler! It is amazing all the hard work he puts into his schooling! Way to go!

Andy and Melissa said...

That is so awesome!!!! Andy got his first cali award last semester - and I was so stoked. He also just finished his 30-50 page writing requirement and got an A. (for him thats awesome because his writing is the hardest part of it all for him) Way to go husbands!!! Soon - we will be done with law school... can't wait. Give him a high 5 from me... he rocks!!