Thursday, December 22, 2011

Larsen Family Christmas

 The cousins in their hats made by great grandma Beals
 Makenna and Bryn in their hats by great grandma Beals
 Kenna with great grandma Larsen
 Makenna and Aunt Dah opening up presents
Grandpa Larsen reading the Christmas story to everyone
 Addie and Bryn
 Kenna with her doll sleeping bag
 Bryn with her cash register
Makenna got a Disney Princess castle
Kyle and Kimber with Bryn
 Dallin and Kenna
 Dallin and Bryn
 Keely and Kenna
 Keely and Bryn
Great Grandma Larsen and Bryn
 Great Grandma Larsen and Makenna
Kenna with Aunt Ber
 Kyle with Makenna
 Cousins eating popsicles
Makenna, Grammy and Bryn
 Grammy and Bryn
 Grammy and Kenna
 Grammy, Papa and the 3 girls
 Papa with Kenna
 Papa with Bryn
 I think the girls were tired of pictures.
 Auntie Ber and Bryn. Bryn sure loves her aunt Ber
Kyle and Bryn

This past weekend we did Christmas with Tyler's family. The girls went shopping, the guys went shooting, groups went flying to look a Christmas lights, we had lots of family meals, did crafts and enjoyed each others company. The girls had a fun getting to play with all their aunts and uncles. They were spoiled with gifts, loves and kisses. We celebrated Kenna's birthday Friday night and had a fun party.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Since Elfie arrived on Monday evening, moods have been a little bit better! Makenna's attitude has been better. Whenever she starts to melt down I just say Elfie is watching and she turns that frown upside down ;). This morning Bryn was mad because I had to do Kenna's hair first because we were running late to school. Bryn hit Kenna. I told her not to and she looked at me with a sneaky look and hit Kenna again. I then said, "Bryn...Elfie is watching you! Don't hit Kenna" She then said, " I happy Elfie. See Elfie. I happy. I kiss Kenna Elfie! I kiss her." Then she kissed Kenna's leg. It was hilarious. Whenever she is bad I say Elfie is watching and she says...I happy Elfie. I tried to explain to her that it's good she is happy, but Elfie can still tell Santa she is being naughty.  Bryn sure is a funny girl! She was excited that Elfie appeared in her stocking this morning. She keeps saying, "Elfie watch me in my boot!" haha.
Kenna has been so excited every morning. She wakes up and the first thing she wants to do is go find Elfie!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Elf On The Shelf

Our household has started the tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Our Elf made his appearance last night during family home evening. I read the story to the girls and then we placed him on our mantel. The girls had to name him and they named him Elfie the Elf. Every night, Elfie flies to the north pole to report to Santa if they belong on the naughty or nice list. Then he comes back to our home and finds a new place to sit for the day. This morning the girls found him in the chandelier above our table. They were so excited that he came back. There are only 2 rules: They cannot touch him because he will lose his magic and he cannot talk to them, Santa's law! They are encouraged to talk to him. The girls are reminded that if they are not behaving nicely Elfie will tell Santa and they will be put on the naughty list. I am so excited to start this tradition.
Also last night during FHE we made foam christmas trees. The girls each got their own and could decorate them any way they chose. I am excited for our FHE next week - Christmas light outing. Every year we get in our jammies with a drink, popcorn and candy, grab out blankets and hop in the car and drive around looking at Christmas lights. It has to be one of my most favorite traditions.

Sunday, December 04, 2011


 The girls seeing Santa. They were so excited!
 Our little Okies :)
 Kenna wanted a picture with the bear
The 3 girls seeing Santa

On Thanksgiving Day, Danielle and I took the girls to Bass Pro Shop for the free picture with Santa. All 3 girls loved seeing Santa. They had a blast. The got a bracelet and a candy. They also were able to write letters to Santa.

Bryn's 3rd Birthday

 The Table - Thanks grammy
 Minnie sign made by grammy
 Playing foosball
 Cash and Bryn playing foosball
 Kenna, Bryn, Addison, Cash and Ryder
 opening presents
 Bryn loves presents
 Mommy and the birthday girl
 Our family
 Bryn and I with the cake
 Bryn decked out in all her Minnie stuff
 Bryn with grammy, cousin Addie and sissy
The Minnie Cake - banana cake with cream cheese frosting! Thanks Jenn J. for making the cake and helping me decorate it.

Wednesday November 23, 2011 we celebrated Bryn's 3rd birthday. It was grammy, papa, our family, danielle, steve, addie, dallin, nicole, jenn, cash and ryder. Grammy bought pizza and decorated her house in all minnie stuff. We ate pizza, opened presents and had cake and ice cream. Bryn was thrilled with all her gifts and had a great time. I love this little girl. She is so awesome! I love you Bryn!


Makenna had her last soccer game on November 5, 2011. She did really well this season. Our friend Jenn was her coach again. She was on the team with all her friends, Blake, Caden, Kaden, Ryder, Riley and few other players she didn't know. She got in the game and really went after the ball. We are very proud of her. Go Kenna!

Beauty and the Beast

 Waiting for the show to start
 at tea with belle
 Enjoying their cookies and coloring
 The girls and I
 Bryn and I
 Kenna and I
 The girls with their roses
 Our family
Tyler and Kenna

On November 4, 2011 we took the girls to see Beauty and the Beast at Oklahoma Christian University. Ty's mom got the tickets and Danielle and Addie joined us. The girls got to have tea and cookie and meet Belle before the show. They were so excited. The show started at around 8pm. At 10:15pm the girls were getting tired so we did leave early. Bryn was so excited to watch it. She kept clapping and saying, 'show.' She would dance when the songs came on would yell Belle whenever she came on stage. Makenna loved the show as well. We had a great time.