Sunday, December 09, 2012


So much has happened that I haven't posted yet. When I went to post, blogger said I had used my limit of space and could not post more pictures. While I'm trying to figure it out, I don't want to waste updates on my family. I will continue to post things that happen even if I can't post the pictures yet. Stay tuned to see how I figure this thing out.

Dance Recitals

Today, Dec. 8, both girls had their first dance recital. It was their Christmas family celebration show. Makenna had her show at 9:30 (then her 1st bball game at 11) and Bryn had hers at 12:30. They sure looked super cute. Makenna was one of the only girls that remembered the dance and did it full out. Bryn did very well remembering her dance as well. I was a little disappointed in the level of technique that was taught not only to my girls, but to the older girls that performed as well. I love the people at the studio, but I'm not quite sure I want to keep them there. I might be studio shopping really soon. I was really proud of how well both girls did. Tyler's parents were able to come and support the girls as well.


Makenna started her first season of basketball with practice on November 30. The first practice was not pretty. She has never played and I don't think she has ever really shot a basketball to the hoop. The second practice got cancelled and Kenna had her first game on Dec. 8. I was really nervous to see her play. At least the other girls on the team can make it to the rim. Although Makenna may not be able to make a basket yet, she knows how to steal a ball and dribble down court. She knew how to cover the player from the other team and get the ball from them. She really surprised me. I have to say that 6 year old girls basketball is pretty comical. I am excited to watch Makenna grow and learn in this sport. Ty and I were both very proud of how well she played today.

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving at home this year. All of Tyler's family came into town. Danielle and her girls came in a couple days earlier than everyone else. Everyone else came in on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Friday night, before Thanksgiving, Jan had the girls over for a sleep over with their cousin Addison and Kimber. Tuesday we all met for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Wednesday, Kimber and I took pictures of the cousins. Getting all four girls to cooperate was definitely a difficult task. That night we had Steve's Ribs for dinner and hung out altogether as a family. Thursday, Thanksgiving day, Tyler and the boys played football. His sisters, the girls and I went to Bass Pro shop to take pictures with Santa. We had a wonderful meal made by my Mother-in-law. We had tons of desserts and spent the day lounging around. The girls all got to make gingerbread houses. Kenna and Bryn loved playing with their cousin Addie. Thursday night, Ty took the girls home and I hit black friday with Jenn and her mom. It was warm until about 8:50pm and then a cold front moved in and it was freezing. We went to Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, Old Navy, Jack-in-the-Box, Office Max and Game Stop. We ended up getting home at 6am. I ended up with a few good things at great prices. Friday was a busy day. We met Tyler's family for lunch at Ted's. After lunch we headed to downtown OKC to take family pictures. After pictures we went back to Tyler's parents house to have a birthday party for Brynlee and Makenna. Bryn's birthday was on Sunday and since we had everyone in town, we went ahead and celebrated Kenna's too. It was a minnie mouse and zebra party. We did cookies instead of cake. It was all our family and the Jeffries family and Jenn's parents. On Saturday, Danielle and her family left. On Sunday we went to Ty's parents ward. Tyler played the piano in sacrament for Kimber to sing. Then we went back to Jan's for dinner. Kyle and Kimber left that night and Dallin and Keely left early the next morning. We had a good time visiting with our family.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Mary Poppins

My father-in-law has season tickets at the Civic Center. He invited to take Tyler, Me and the girls to go see Mary Poppins with him and my MIL. On November 7th, we took the girls to their second musical, Mary Poppins. Tyler ended up having to work so my best friend, Jenn, came with us. I have to say the play wasn't what I expected it to be. I enjoyed the movie much better. The girls did well for the first half of the play. At intermission they ended up falling asleep and slept the second half of the play. It was interesting, but definitely not as good as other musicals I had seen there. I am thankful to my father-in-law for sharing his tickets and love of musicals with us and the girls. We have future plans to see Westside Story and Lion King.


Let me just say, I hate politics. Yet this year, I was extremely excited to vote for some change. I do NOT agree with how the past 4 years have gone for our country and was not looking forward to what the next 4 years would bring us if there was NOT change. A lot of prayer went in to this election for me as I know it did for many others. I tried to remain optimistic about the situation. I thought most people could see that change needed to happen. I felt that Obama was voted over Bush 4 years ago because people wanted change, not because Obama was really better, but people were done with Bush and what he did/didn't do. That gave me the feeling that most people could see that even though Romney wasn't perfect, that Obama didn't do much and what he did do wasn't good. I, along with others in my community, were feeling good about the outcome of the election. I was over cleaning our old house the night of the announcement. I remember looking at my phone as I received a notification on my phone that Obama won. I just started crying. To be honest, he scares me. I just have to remember what the scriptures have said, the world will get a lot worse the closer it gets to the second coming. Although many of you might not agree with my feelings towards Obama, that's ok. This blog is kind of my journal and I want to write this and keep it for future use. I am hoping that the next 4 years won't be as scary as I think they will be and remember the Lord knows how things are supposed be and we are under his care.

My 28th Birthday

Back in April, tickets went on sale for Carrie Underwoods concert in Oklahoma for October 25. Tyler bought tickets for us to go as my birthday present, Thank You Ty!! Carrie Underwood is my favorite artist and I love her music. I was super excited to see her concert. I couldn't wait for my birthday to come to go see her. Tyler and I went down to bricktown and ate at Chelinos for dinner. Then we went over to the Chesapeake Energy Arena to hear Hunter Hayes and Carrie Underwood perform. It was an awesome concert and a great birthday present.
I also got to go out with my best friend, Jenn, to dinner and to a show. I'm lucky to have such good people in my life

Halloween 2012

We had many Halloween festivities this year. Jenn J. and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch. Our family went to storybook forest again this year with the Jeffries family. We went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat and the girls had a blast as usual. We went to Mitch Park for their Pumpkin Palooza. There were lots of crafts and pumpkin chunkin'. The girls had a lot of fun. On Halloween, we tried to carry-on the neighborhood chili and trick-or-treat party. We went to downtown for their annual trick-or-treat on the street long enough to do the loop and come home. We met friends at our house for chili, soup, homemade rootbeer (courtesy of Jenn) and trick-or-treating. It was great weather and lots of fun. Makenna was Merida from the movie Brave and Brynlee was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.