Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kinda Boring

- On Feb. 14th she had her eye check-up appt. The dr. said that nothing has changed. That is good news and bad news. Good news is that it hasn't gotten worse. Bad hasn't gotten better. He suspects that she will have eye surgery in about 3 months. She will still wear her patch 4hrs. a day. Doc said she could wear it up to 6hrs. a day if we wanted. He doesn't think it will change much. I take her back to see him in a month. She is still wearing her glasses as well. Lately she has been taking them off more. We are working on her leaving them on!
- Speech therapy started last Tuesday. I took Bryn to therapy and Kenna and I sat in the room. She paid no attention to us and hung out with Mrs. Amy and did great. Then Thursday she wanted nothing to do with Mrs. Amy and wanted to sit on my lap and not work. So yesterday (Tues) I took her and just dropped her off. I tried to get her to walk up the stairs with Mrs. Amy, but she screamed. She wanted me to go with her. I walked her to the top of the stairs and left. She screamed all the way down to the office, but Amy texted me and told me she calmed down pretty quickly and started working. She goes 2 times a week for 30minutes each.

- Kenna had her last swimming lesson of the session today. She has done really well with learning how to swim in her class. She needs work, but she has learned a lot. She starts her new session next week. She goes 2 times a week for 30 minutes each. She loves it!
- She is learning how to do cartwheels in gymnastics.
- She is doing really well with her reading and is starting to read sight word books to me.
- She has been working on riding her bike without training wheels. It is still a BIG work in progress ;)

- I am loving going to zumba class. I really like kickboxing!
- I got to take pictures of a little 2 week old baby last week. She was so stinkin' adorable and I loved being able to capture some sweet moments of her.
- I went to an ariel silks skills class. Have you ever seen people hang and do tricks on 'sheets' hanging down from the ceiling? Well that's what silks class is. It was a lot of fun, but man am I sore.
- I have been loving the nice weather we have had. I love taking the girls to the park with friends and going out to ride bikes.

- He is working really hard for our family.
-He is still in a more permanent job search, but is enjoying the job he has.
- We love having him home earlier and I know he loves being home earlier in the day.
- He has lost 20 lbs. going to the gym and eating healthier. GO TY!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speech Therapy

Well...Bryn is going to start Speech Therapy on Tuesday! She went to a two part evaluation and Tyler and I met with the speech therapist last Monday to talk about the results. The therapist said that her gut feelings is that Bryn will just start talking on her own. Bryn is 26 months old and is at a 28 month old level for understanding language. Unfortunately she is at a 20 month old level for expressive language. She is so stubborn though. I bet she will give a fit at therapy and then wake up one day and just start saying full long sentences. But until that day happens, she will be attending speech therapy twice a week for 30 minutes. This little one keeps me on my toes. I hope she will start speaking soon. I am tired of being hit when she wants something! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

V-Day Party

The most yummy dip - Buffalo Chicken Dip! YUM!
I sure do love this little man!
Makenna's Valentine Monster - Such a super cute idea!
The super cute Valentine Monster card holders
Kenna eating her food
Kenna trying to pop a balloon
Bryn trying to pop a balloon
Makenna frosting her cookie
Super yummy cake - The mom's dessert
Delicious salad
The mom's fruit! :)
Fun heart hot dogs
Heart PB & J's
Bryn and Kenna playing games
My Kenna

Today we had a Valentine's get together with some friends. The food, the crafts and the company was great!! Fun Stuff!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Snowmaggedon of 2011

The kiddos
Bryn with the snowman
Our little snowman
Makenna helped me build a snowman...pretty good for a California girl
I love the icicles we get here. They are pretty awesome
My snow bunnies
Kenna loves making snow angels!
Bryn had a great time rolling around in the snow
ahh...they do love each other
Boy she is cute!
Kenna was posing in the snow drift
My pink marshmallow
The girls and I made sugar cookies together!
The girls staying warm inside
The snowdrift in our front yard. I love how you can see the snow blowing over it!
A picture from inside our garage looking out.
Our back yard

Haha...the news was calling our blizzard Snowmaggedon of 2011. On Feb. 1, 2011, we had a nice snow storm. It started with freezing rain around 9pm Monday night. Tuesday morning we woke up to snow. It snowed all day with very strong winds. We got a bout 11.5 inches of snow. School was shut down Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our church meetings were also cancelled on Sunday. Although the roads were cleared by Sunday, it was nice to have a family day. The girls had a fun time playing out in the snow. The roads were awful until almost Saturday afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday our high temperature was only in the single digits with wind chills below zero. It was very cold. I think we all got cabin fever and were ready to get out of the house. Friday it snowed a little bit more. Saturday was nice though because it warmed up to about 40 and the roads melted and we shoveled our back yard and driveway.