Friday, June 27, 2008

Whiny Baby!

OMG...I don't like this fear thing at all. I know I am terrified of everything, but I didn't think that would happen to Kenna too. When we were in CA we found out that she is afraid of ants and flies. At first it was funny to see her scream and run, but now it's a little ridiculous. For the past 2 days we have had an annoying fly in our house and I can't seem to kill him...I have bad aim. Makenna screams horribly loud and starts crying and jumps on my lap when she sees it. we took her to go see Wall-E. It wasn't a scary movie but she was scared most of the time. She had to sit on Tyler's lap or my lap. I have no idea what started this stuff!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Count Your Blessings!

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of friends that have had serious trials in their lives. We all hear about things happening on the news, but when it happens to someone you hits a lot closer to home. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for the blessings that I have in my life. I know we will all face trials (big and small) and I hope that when my big trials come... I will be able to be as strong as my friends around me. Remember to count your blessings everyday!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Handy Manny and Tools
Grawma, Kenna and Michael enjoying the show! :)
Mickey, Donald, Goffy and Daisy
Kenna clapping to the beat
Pooh Bear, Darby and Tigger
Watching the show
The Little Einsteins-- Quincy, Annie, June and Leo


Riding on Monsters Inc.
Makenna rode on this roller coaster. At first she didn't want my mom to hold on to her at all. But once it started...she put on hand on my mom and then the other. She didn't cry and when she got off...she really wanted to go again!

Goofy, Kenna and mommy
Makenna, Mommy and Minni Mouse

Mickey, Kenna and Grawma
Waiting in line for the roller coaster
Grawma and Kenna on the roller coaster
Kenna was so tired she passed out on the way home!
Michael and Kenna. Kenna was so excited to get to go to Disneyland. She screamed the whole way there...I GO TO DISNEYLAND!
Kenna and Grawma on Dumbo
Kenna loved the carousel

Makenna, my mom, Michael and I all got to go to Disneyland. We had so much fun. When we saw Minni, Mickey and Goofy Makenna was so excited to see them. I didn't think she would go near them though. We went up to take a picture and she gave Minni a hug. I was so surprised. It was so cute. We rode Dumbo, Casey's Train, the Carousel, Monster's Inc., The roller coaster in Toontown, Jungle Cruise and Michael and my mom rode the Tower of Terror. We got to see Playhouse Disney Live as well. Kenna loved that.  Thanks Jamie!!!!


Steven and Brandon on guitar/bass. TyTy singing and my dad on the drums.

My brother Brandon brought down his Rockband game and his XBOX. The boys had fun rocking out. Even my dad got into playing the drums.

Michael's Homecoming Talk

The Thomas Family...Minus Big Tyler
Thomas and Sausedo/Daetweiler Family
Rikki, Aunt Sally, Aunt Rhonda, Aunt Mimi, Kari and Ryan
The Thomas/Larsen Girls
The Thomas Boys

On June 8th Michael gave his Homecoming talk in church. Afterwards we had all the family over to eat and hang out!

El Torito

Mom and Michael
Grawma Dorothy, Dad and Papa Glen
Michael and Makenna
Michael, Papa Glen, TyTy and Steven
Makenna in her Bull horn crown
The whole Fam Damily
Kenna got ice cream with her kids chicken meal.

El Torito was one of my favorite restaurants growing up. I had a chance to get to go back one night!

Michael Came Home!

He was so tired that he feel asleep while waiting to be released as a missionary.

My brother Michael served a 2 year mission in Edmonton, Canada for our church. He returned home on June 4th!

Hanging with the Family!

Aunt Christy and Makenna hanging out!
Makenna and Michael. Kenna was feeding Michael waffles!
Papa Jim and Makenna
Grawma and Makenna
Aunt Christy and her friend Heather were Kenna books!
Aunt Christy and Makenna watching t.v.
Papa Barry and Makenna playing peek-a-boo with the blanket!

Makenna and Grawma Gloria!