Sunday, July 30, 2006

So My Kid Ate Paper!!!

Haha...Well today in Sunday School Makenna was not being very nice. So I put her on the floor to play while I tried to listen. Well I look down to check on her and she was chewing on something. She had rolled over to my purse, gone through my purse and pulled out a piece of paper and had started chewing on it. I picked her up and she had a huge chunck of paper in her mouth that she was chewing on. I pulled it out but she had already swallowed some. I know...I'm probably not the best of mothers. But when I told Tyler it thought it was funny. So kid ate paper!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Today was a very hot day here in Oklahoma. To try and do something different with Makenna, I took her outside and sat on a blanket with her. I let her suck on a popsicle. I didn't want her to hold it because it was too messy. But I held it and she loved sucking on it. She didn't mind the cold. It dripped down her face and then onto her hand and leg. She is so much fun. As you can see in the picture... she now knows how to sit up on her own. She also loved playing with the grass outside. She layed on the blanket and rubbed her hands through the grass and tried pulling it out!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm Cute!

I love to smile!

My mommy taught me how to snort! when I laugh I snort sometimes too. I also love to scrunch up my nose!

Nice Hair!

Daddy wanted to go wakeboarding early in the while mom was getting ready dad put on my sunscreen. He accidently got too much in my hair! So my hair got stuck sticking straight up!! I love my daddy!

I'm All Good!!

As long as I have my pacifier and my blankie ... I'm all good! I have to have my snuggly blanky to go to sleep!! It makes me feel safe!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Beals Reunion

This past weekend we had Tyler's mom's family reunion. We went up to the lake. We had alot of fun. We spent Thursday - Sunday at the lake and then some of the family came back to Edmond to hang out for Monday and Tuesday. It was nice to get to Tyler's family a little bit more. Makenna got to meet her great aunts and uncles. Her great uncle Lomand was so cute with her. She laughed and laughed with him. She loved having so much attention. She had so many people around that love her. She also did her first real big kid laugh. It was so funny. It made me laugh. She didn't enjoy wearing her life jacket this time either. She was such a good girl all weekend. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone! We had alot of fun.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What a girl!

Haha... Well...Makenna is sure a crazy little girl! We have a coffee table that has nobs on it (look above). There are drawers in it and each drawer has 4 nobs. Well Michael had just sent me a letter so I was reading it to Tyler. Makenna was playing on the floor with her toys right next to me. All of the sudden I hear ... "Oh Oh Uh Oh ...." and look over and she had pushed herself up and latched onto one of the nobs and couldn't figure out how to get off. It was so funny. I wish I would have grabbed the camera, but we got her off asap so she wouldn't hurt herself.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Chubba Bubba

Makenna has been acting crazy lately and crying alot. So we thought she an ear infection so we took her to the dr. Her ear was okay and the rest of her was good too. The Dr. said she is probably in the pre-teething stage and it is hurting her. But we went one week ago for her well check and in one week she has gained a pound. What a chubby bubby...haha. She wieghed 16 lbs. 6.5 ounces and yesterday she weighed 17 lbs. 3.5 almost a whole pound in one week. What am I feeding her!??!! Well she also discovered that she likes to drink from our cup at the dinner table. If we are holding her at the dinner table she reaches for everything...she put her hands in my mashed potatoes...but she reaches for our cup. So the today we let her drink out of it. She likes water from a cup but not her bottle!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kenna's 6 month Check-up

Makenna had her 6 month check up on Friday. She is 26 3/4 inches long and 16 1/2 pounds. She is the 90% for height and 75% for weight. She is also in the 95% for her head circumference. she has a big head and little feet...that's funny right there. The dr. says she looks great. We started her on stage 2 baby food. They make some crazy combos and the "turkey dinner" and other meat dinners look gross. They even make mac and cheese baby food...gross. But she is just so much fun now. She loves to say "Wow oh oh oh!" She likes to stand up against the couch and coffee table. Still no crawling...but that is a good thing for me. She likes to laugh and she is overall a pretty awesome little girl!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lake Tenkiller

Makenna and Momma on the boat. Isn't her life jacket cute??

Grampy Larsen and Kenna playing in the house!

So are we going yet or what?

Makenna and Daddy chilling.
Believe it or not Makenna fell asleep while standing up on the boat. We were driving and she was standing up and Tyler was holding her. He lifted her glasses to check on her and she wouldn't open her eyes. Because of the motion of the boat we couldn't feel her breathing. So we had the boat stop and we unzipped her jacket and made sure she was breathing. I have never had my heart jump out of my chest like that. I was really scared...haha...but she was soooo tired she thought she would just take a short nap!


Look at that profile!! Haha...ghetto booty and milk belly!!

Here is Kenna with her daddy, Grammy Larsen and Aunt Muffin...haha...Muffin is Tyler's parents dog...she is like family!

Here is another shot of Kenna's booty. Look at those dimples!!