Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thomas Family!

Brandon, Grandpa, Tyler, Grandma, Steven, Dad, Me, Mom, Christy!


Taylor and Me!
Uncle Tyler and Me!
Me and Uncle Brandon!
Uncle Steven was playing with me!
Uncle Brandon and I were sharing a marker :)!

My Family Party!

I love my Grandpa!
Uncle Steven fell asleep!
Taylor and Uncle Tyler were hanging out on the coach!
Uncle Brandon was there!
I love my Grandma!!

Christmas with Grammy and Grampy

Grammy helped me unwrap my presents!
Look...I got an Elmo. He says..."Elmo needs a hug!"
Auntie Kimber bought me this cute coat!

MMMM Cake!

Hmmm...I'd say that cake was pretty good!
I think I made a mess!
I love my Grandma and Granpda!

It's My Birthday!!!

My Aunt Christy and I celebrated our birthday's together. Christy turned 12 on the 12th and I turned 1 on the 31st. I am 1!!! Mommy got me my own little cake!

At the Park!

Mommy and Me!
Aunt Christy and Me on the swing!

I'm not sure I like swinging by myself!
I took off around the park by myself. I like to do things by myself!

Christmas Eve!

Grandma is helping me unwrap my presents!
Wow...I got a leap pad!
Great-Grandma Gloria and Uncle Brandon!


Santa came to my Grandma's house and left me lots of goodies!
Look at our mess!!
Great-Grandma's wrapping sure makes a great hat! I loved wearing it around the house!
Grandma Catherine and Me on Christmas Morning!
Grandma's Tree!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I sat with Santa!

I sat with Santa! I didn't get a good picture because I was screaming and trying to jump over to my mom who was sitting right next to me!

I Made Another Mess!

Whenever I go to Grammy's house I always pull out all the magazines. This time I also got to the newspaper!

I Dun Did Gradgiate!!

The Family!!
Me and my wife!!! haha.
Another family shot!

I Dun Did Gradgeiate!

My Best Friend Moki and Me!
Moki, his wife Alisha, and his son Tyler....Me, Jen and Makenna!
I love my family! Tyler...Makenna and I are so proud of you!! You are the best husband and father in the world!
Me and my mom!
Me and my Dad!
I did it!! I finally graduated!! It feels so good. Now I am going to look for a job. I will take the LSAT in Feb. and apply to Law school! I can't believe its over! Thank you to all those who helped me accomplish this goal...Jen, Mom, Dad, Kenna, Barry, Catherine and everyone else!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I made a Mess!

Mommy and Daddy turned their heads for just a second and I thought it would be fun to pull all of my wipes out of the container!! Haha...She is such a goober!

My Santa Bear

At our ward christmas party Makenna got to see Santa...He gave her this bear. She loves carrying it around with her!

Eating in my Chair!

Drinking from my Sippie Cup!
Mom....I'm eating....get that camera out of my face!
Makenna's new favorite food is Cheerios. She eats them like crazy. We also fed her some of our spaghetti the other day...she ate almost my whole bowl!! She is a good little eater!

A Day at the Park

Tyler, Makenna and I went to the park one day. It was pretty windy. We took Makenna down the slide but she didn't seem to enjoy it much. She also went on the swing and didn't care for it either. Maybe we will try another day when it isn't so windy!