Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kenna's Spring Pic

B.Y.O.W. Day

Look at her go!
Taking time out to pose for the camera :)
Makenna and Mrs. Potter, her teacher.
Bryn forcing a smile!

Makenna's school had a B.Y.O.W.(Bring your own wheels) Day at school on Friday. The kids got to bring a bike or a scooter or another ride toy with wheels. They put some streamers and a tag on their bike/scooter and then got to ride them around. They thought it was awesome. Kenna was so excited to ride her pink scooter! Bryn was not too happy to be there because I made her stay in her stroller.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patricks Day (Thursday of Spring Break)

The love looking at the snakes and the turtles
Danielle and Addison
I wanted to get picture of Makenna with the bear behind her. She was too scared sitting there so it's not the best!

I have never seen the bears out swimming before

Bryn liked the big turtles
Kenna was so excited to be at the zoo. I'm totally bummed that my battery died on my camera about 30minutes into our trip. Oh well...hopefully a lesson learned!
Bryn enjoying her food
Kenna loves Sunny-D...especially when it's green

The green meal

I have been messing around with new things in photoshop and stuff. Here are a few pictures I took of the girls in a template!

On St. Patricks Day, the girls and I headed to the zoo with Jenn and her kids and my sister-in-law Danielle and her daughter Addie. It was Spring Break so of course it was super crowded. We went at a great time. There wasn't too many people when we got there, but the place was literally a zoo when we left! :) After the zoo we headed to 2 different places for lunch and they were both packed. We ended up eating at McDonalds because we couldn't get into eat anywhere else sooner. The girls had a great time. After nap time I did a little mini photo shoot in our front yard with the girls. The time of day wasn't perfect, but I had fun taking pics of them even though they weren't too into it. For dinner, we had homemade mac/cheese, grapes, yogurt and sunny-d. The leprechauns snuck in and turned all of it green while the girls were watching t.v. and I was doing the dishes. Makenna thought it was the coolest thing! Later that night, the leprechauns turned our milk green. She can't wait till next St. Patricks Day when they come back!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday of Spring Break

Kenna riding her bike
I can't get over how cute they are!
So sweet. I just wish they didn't have the ugly car behind them
Kenna was so into drawing with chalk that she has it all over her face too!
Bryn playing hopscotch
Bryn got mad at Kenna and hijacked the chalk, dumped it over and sat on the box! Crazy girl!
Kenna playing hopscotch
I guess Bryn thought it was more fun to push the jeep instead of drive it
My little girl can ride her bike!
My beautiful Makenna
My gorgeous Bryn

Saturday of Spring Break

The girls love to ride the motorcycle with their daddy!!

Spring Break

We have had a pretty good Spring Break.
Saturday - Makenna had her first soccer game. We lost, but Makenna played hard and got in there to kick the ball away. We went to Sonic for Happy Hour and headed over to the park with Tyler. The girls got to ride bikes, play in the jeep and go for rides on Ty's motorcycle.
Sunday- we went to church and then had a quite evening at home. The girls were so exhausted and cranky because they had no naps and the time changes was just killer.
Monday- Bryn had an eye dr.'s appt. The dr. said her eye had improved, but she will still need surgery. We then met some friends at CiCi's for lunch. Later that night we went to Ty's parents for dinner with his sister, mom and niece.
Tuesday - I got to go to kickboxing at the gym. When we got home the girls rode bikes, played in the jeep and drew with chalk! We had a lot of fun. We also played hopscotch. Later that night we went to Ty's sister's house. She made us a good dinner and the girls had fun playing with cousin Addie!
Wednesday - We slept in till 8:30am. YAY!!! We then went to the park with my cousin and her kids and ate lunch. Bryn became very daring and climbed down the ladders she wasn't supposed to and also climbed to the very top of the playground and slid down the huge slide. After that we took a quick trip to Kohl's then on to home for naps. After naps we headed over to my friend's house to play. Kenna had so much fun watching Spiderman and jumping on the trampoline with Ryder. Bryn ran around with Cash and even got a little used to the dogs. She then decided to fall off the trampoline (this girl is going to be the death of me). She is fine...thank goodness! She thought it would be a good idea to walk around the outside of the protective net. We ate Jen's yummy homemade from scratch cupcakes (I even ate the frosting...I know). Then a quick trip to Wal-Mart for milk, home for dinner then bathes then off to bed!
Thursday- Well...that is tomorrow...I will have to write what happens tomorrow later!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I have had quite a few experiences in my life where I have lost something that I really needed to find and I prayed about it. Every time I have found what it was I was looking for. I KNOW it is not a coincidence. I know it is the power of prayer. I lost a jewel to a very special ring and I know if it wasn't for my Heavenly Father I would never have found it. I have had a ton of moments like that. I know 'lost things' may not seem important, but those answers to my prayers have helped build my testimony.
The girls and I were at the eye dr.'s this morning for Bryn's eye appointment. Bryn had a pretty flower bow that had a jewel on it. I love that bow. Well...somewhere between home and the dr.'s office, it fell out of her hair. I think it may still be in the dr.'s, even though I looked all over it. When I got in the car Makenna asked if I found it! I told her no and started to drive off. She then said, "Mama...Did you pray about? Did you pray to find it?" I told her no. She said, "Jesus will help us find it." Since I was driving, I told her to fold her arms and say the prayer for me. She knows without a doubt that Jesus will help us find the bow. I know we will find it. I left our number with the dr's office and told them to call if they found it. I have a feeling it's on the bookcase in the dr's room we were in. But it was so good to hear my little girl say, "Let's pray about it!"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Funny Girl

Makenna put a ball under her shirt and said, "look mom! I'm pregnant!" So I asked her how the baby got inside her! She said, "Last night after I said a prayer with you, I prayed again. I asked Jesus to give me a baby and he did!" haha ;) I can live with that answer for quite a few more years!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

She Did It!!!

Makenna learned how to ride her bike last Thursday, March 3rd. Bryn was gone with Tyler's mom getting ice cream so I took Kenna outside to play. We were playing chalk and she was riding her jeep. She asked if she could ride her bike. I figured it would last its usual 2 minutes and she would freak out and give up. She told me to hold onto her seat and I told her no, that I would hold her shirt instead. She started to pedal and I let go figuring I would have to catch her. She surprised me and took off. Once she realized I wasn't holding on she stopped. We tried a few more times and she thought I was holding her shirt for her, but I wasn't. She took off and was riding. It took her a few times to learn how to turn around without stopping. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is learning something new everyday! Go Kenna!!