Friday, November 18, 2011


 Bryn didn't want to touch the guts so she just watched daddy
 Bryn loves sticking out her thumb
 Bryn loved painting her pumpkin
 Kenna painting her pumpkin
 Bryn's Minnie Mouse pumpkin
Makenna's spider pumpkin

 Bryn's pumpkins
 Kenna's Pumpkins
All of our pumpkins

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Festival

another late post.
 Waiting for popcorn
 The kiddos
 Kenna loves getting her face painted
 Her eraser
 She stuck her eraser on her thumb

 Kenna bowling
 Makenna and her teacher, Mrs. Robson

 Kenna's battle wounds
 Bryn's battle wounds
 The kiddos with their wounds
 Cash and Bryn
 Jenn and Bryn
 Kenna and I
Ryder and Kenna

Kenna's school ahd a fall festival on October 29. The kids got to play games, eat popcorn and hot dogs and run around. They had a great time playing games and hanging out with their school friends.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ward Trunk-or-Treat

 Kenna doing her cookie
 Crazy Bryn
 Kenna (batgirl)
 Tyler and I

 Jenn and I
 Our family
 My pumpkin
 Kenna And I
Bryn, Kenna, Ryder and Cash

After our fall festival at Kenna's school, we had our ward party. The kids loved playing with their friends, trunk-or-treating, making cookies and doing the cake walk.

Story Book Forest

 Minnie and Batgirl

 Hansel and Gretel
 The old woman who lived in a shoe
 Kenna pulling the sword out of the stone

 The Dish ran away with the spoon
 Bryn loved the blow up spider
 Kenna and Addie
 Batgirl (Kenna) and Batman (Ryder)
 Kaden and Kenna
 My family
 Jenn and I
 Bryn and Grammy

 My girls
 Bryn fishing
 Bryn cheating :)
 Kenna with curious george
 The girls with george
Kenna with Clifford

We went to Storybook forest with Tyler's parents, sister and niece. You get to go around to different storybook nursery rhymes and receive candy. The girls got to play games and go on a tractor hay ride. It was a great night and not too cold. The girls loved being able to get candy and wear their costumes another time.