Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Fit

So Tyler and I finally got a pass to the YMCA. We have looked in the mirror recently and realized we need to get a pass quick...haha! So we started going this week. Tuesday was okay and then Tyler and I went together yesterday to work out. I was sore this morning, but there is this class called Zumba that my friends said is a lot of fun. So I wanted to go with them. Umm Yea...I felt so dumb. It was a lot of fun, but I am so out of shape. Tyler and I hope to show our girls that exercise is fun and is a good thing. I also signed Kenna up for Soccer as well. She will be in soccer and gymnastics this fall. 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beals Reunion

Jemece and Triston
Emmie, Aislinn, Kai, Kenna and Reagan
Brad, Bryn and Addy
Bryn and Little Richard
Makenna and Heidi. Heidi was such a trooper and humored Kenna, read her books and let Kenna follow her around. She is so sweet! Kenna loved Heidi!
I don't know if Kenna is loving Bryn or trying to strangle her! haha
Aunt Janice and Kenna
Addy and Bryn like to look at each other.
Next to my girls...these are the cutest kids ever... Jaron and Emmie!!
Uncle Lomand and Kenna. Kenna loves Uncle Lomand. From the very first day she stuck to him like glue. He let her help him make fire, he helped her make smores and probably heard Kenna say his name a million times. He was a kid magnet. He had 2-3 or more kids hanging on him at all times. He is like Santa Claus. The kids love him and so do we!
Look at all the kids at the fire
Emmie and Kenna became best friends.
Aunt Janice and Bryn
Brad and Kenna on the 4-wheeler. Kenna loves riding with her Papa. She did fall asleep both times they rode though. Guess she was playing to hard with the cousins.
My girls are too cute!
Kenna loved her visor! Jan bought foam visors for the kids to decorate and Kenna was so proud of hers.
Aunt Kimber and Bryn
Uncle Dallin and Bryn
Makenna and Bryn watching Thumbelina!
In the car on the way there.
This past weekend we had the Beals Family reunion. It is Tyler's Mom's side of the family. We had about 65 people come. Kenna had plenty of cousins to play with. Her, Emmie and Aislinn became best friends and played great together. The older cousins, Reagan, Heidi and Kai, played well with Makenna as well. For those of you know Kenna...this is huge!!! I didn't hear the words "Their not sharing" at all the whole weekend. The kids played amazingly well. The cool weather felt really nice. It was good to see family that we haven't seen in a long time. Most of them haven't even met Makenna! The girls did awesome in the car. It was a 13 hour drive there and a 13 hour drive home! Good Job kiddos! We sure did miss Tyler. He had to stay at home for school and work.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Papa Does In His Spare Time

Big Fire
Kenna and Papa Larsen on the tractor. Makenna was so excited to get to ride on the tractor.
Oh No Mommy!
I didn't do it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


OH MY GOSH!!! I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life. Makenna went out with Tyler's mom for a grammy/kenna day. Tyler and I decided to take Bryn and go on a date. Tyler wanted to go to Ted's, but I wanted Chili's if we were going for chips and salsa. So a little after 4pm we left and stopped by the dr.'s office to pick up some paper work. We saw some lightning and it started raining a bit on our way out. Well the main street to Chili's is hard to get across so we were going up another road to be heading north to be able to turn right into Chili's. So we made it up the road a few miles and the storm got worse. The wind started blowing really hard and the rain was really bad. So we were going to hop on the extension and go home. Well...bad idea. We got onto the extension and the wind picked up, the hail hit hard and it was white out conditions. I seriously felt the car shaking and all I could think about was that we were going to blow right off the road. The winds were up to 85mph. I was totally freaking out. We got to an overpass and stopped underneath it. Tyler then drove up to the next over pass. I thought our windows were going to bust out and we could hardly see right in front of us. The radio said that the wall cloud was getting rotation and moving lower to the ground. But the storm was moving south. Tyler was trying to keep driving north so we could move out of the storm. Next thing I hear is the radio guy screaming that a transformer just blew out. We saw Chili's and I told Tyler and felt safer just driving home. Well by the time we made it back up the extension the rain had pretty much stopped and the bad weather was in the south part of town. So we stopped at Ted's (where Tyler originally wanted to go) and ate. I should have just given into him and gone to Ted's and we wouldn't have been in that horrible storm. On the news we saw that a bunch of power poles are down right in the area we were at. There are about 30,000 people in 4 different cities that are without power now. There are a lot of power poles down just a few miles south of us!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July (late)

Tyler, Kenna and the goods
Steve, Kenna and the goods
Kenna with her sparkler
She was trying to light the ground on fire
Kenna shooting a roman candle
Baby Addison and Kenna
Danielle and Addison
Bryn had fun with the sparklers too

For July 4th we went over to my in-laws. They were in Idaho. We had a BBQ with Tyler's sisters family and some of their friends. It was a lot of fun. We had yummy food and lots of explosions! It did pour rain for about 30 minutes, but then blew away and we had fun blowing stuff up! I forgot my camera so the pictures are courtesy of Steve and Danielle!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Tyler and his girls
Bryn wanted to take a nap
We went to the lake this weekend with Tyler's parents and his Uncle's family. I am bummed because I left my camera in the house the day Kenna went tubing. Bryn had a blast in the water. She was splashing away. Makenna went tubing with Tyler and loved jumping off the back of the boat. Uncle Richard loved giving Kenna a hard time! Nicole and little Richard were good sports and put up with Kenna following them around. Too bad for Tyler's school and swim lessons cause we could have stayed longer!

Matching Suits

Bryn loves her big sis!
Cutie Pies
My sister is squishing me mom!
My mom bought the girls matching swimsuits. They look so cute together. Bryn's hair is sticking up because we had just put sunscreen in it.


Look at my chin mom!
Bryn is getting to be a lot of fun. She is scooting around everywhere. She has gotten to be really fast too. She is super smiley and a major wiggle worm.


They love each other!

Bryn is getting so big!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Swim Lessons

Makenna started swim lessons yesterday. Her teacher's name is Slater. He is a high school kid. Makenna got in the water pretty excited. But when he asked her to do things she made up excuses. He asked her to blow bubbles and she said, "No thanks. I did that yesterday." He asked her again and she said, "I can't...I'm wearing lip gloss." And she pointed to her lips. He was cracking up. I had come back out to check on them because I saw she was trying to get out of the pool and she told me she was done. I asked if she could show me what they were working on and she told me that she couldn't because she had a fever! I asked Slater if she had continued with excuses and he said she had, but he hadn't heard the fever one yet! Today he told me that he had told his mom and swim buddies and they were like, "How old is this girl!?" Haha...she is only 3.5.  Today she did not want to get in. She got in and asked if she could dry off. It took a few minutes, but I convinced her to stay in the water. She didn't want to be in the pool though. She had to be in the hot tub. But Slater was able to get her to go under water a lot. He also started working on floating with her. He is a nice kid and Kenna likes him. 

Monday, July 06, 2009

Disneyland 2009

Leaving D-Land...Kenna was so tired
Bryn just woke up from a nap...she was happy

This one is for Papa Larsen and Ryder
Mom and Bryn on the jungle cruise
Kenna got her face painted

On the teacups
Bryn liked the merry-go-round

Kenna and I on dumbo Makenna and Christy in the goofy car
Bryn chilling in her stroller
Christy, Kenna, Mom and Bryn
The girls with Princess Minnie
The girls with Ariel
Kenna with Ariel
Kenna and Belle
Waitin in line for the princesses (1hour wait time)
Kenna on it's a small world
Christy and Bryn on Small world
Makenna and Bryn ready to start our day at D-Land
We were able to go to Disneyland for a day. It was so much fun. I love Disneyland. Makenna loved it and so did Bryn. We had a ton of fun and were able to get on quite a few rides considering it was super crowded. The girls did awesome. We were there from 8am-9pm. Bryn did great and Makenna had a lot of fun. Thanks Mom!!!