Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Swim Lessons

Makenna started swim lessons yesterday. Her teacher's name is Slater. He is a high school kid. Makenna got in the water pretty excited. But when he asked her to do things she made up excuses. He asked her to blow bubbles and she said, "No thanks. I did that yesterday." He asked her again and she said, "I can't...I'm wearing lip gloss." And she pointed to her lips. He was cracking up. I had come back out to check on them because I saw she was trying to get out of the pool and she told me she was done. I asked if she could show me what they were working on and she told me that she couldn't because she had a fever! I asked Slater if she had continued with excuses and he said she had, but he hadn't heard the fever one yet! Today he told me that he had told his mom and swim buddies and they were like, "How old is this girl!?" Haha...she is only 3.5.  Today she did not want to get in. She got in and asked if she could dry off. It took a few minutes, but I convinced her to stay in the water. She didn't want to be in the pool though. She had to be in the hot tub. But Slater was able to get her to go under water a lot. He also started working on floating with her. He is a nice kid and Kenna likes him. 

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Jeppsen Family said...

HA Ha! That's funny. Maylee is taking a mommy and me swim class and It's been a little difficult to get her to cooperate too. :) Good luck!