Monday, November 29, 2010


Makenna had a dentist appt. today. She was sent home with a clean bill of health. She has some beautiful pearly whites. While we were there Bryn was very concerned when the hygienist took Kenna into the other room to do x-rays. She watched Kenna so closely and kept asking me questions (in her language that is) about what was going on. Bryn wanted to be in the chair with Kenna and wanted the dr. to look at her teeth. She kept running over to the empty chair next to Kenna and climbing in. Bryn laid in the chair with her while we waited for the dr. to come in. She watched the dr. look at Kenna's teeth and clapped for Kenna when she was done. After Kenna got up Bryn climbed back into her chair. I was shocked at how much Bryn wanted to be seen. She has a bad reaction to people in scrubs. All the hygienists and the doctor had on scrubs. So it floored me that she was so friendly with them. So needless to say...we made a dentist appt. for Bryn at the same time Kenna comes back in June!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankgiving / Bryn's Birthday

Nicole, Bryn and Kenna. Nicole was so patient with the girls. She was reading them Beauty and the Beast!
Grammy and Bryn
Bryn enjoying her ice cream
so excited about her farm!
Opening up her clothes
Kenna helping her open
Nicole, Bryn, Grammy and Kenna

Bryn's 2nd Birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. We did her little Minnie party with family Tuesday night. But on Thanksgiving day we opened her presents. We had a great and yummy Thanksgiving dinner at Tyler's family's house. We enjoyed a game of Phase 10 with Tyler's parents and his cousin Nicole. Unfortunately Makenna had a stomach bug the night before and on Thanksgiving she wasn't much fun.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bryn's 2nd Birthday

Lighting the candles
Blowing them out!
So excited!!
Clapping after we sang Happy Birthday!
Sisters. They have the same look on their face when I try to take pictures
Cousins - Addison and Brynlee
Minnie Birthday Banner
1st attempt at making a Minnie Cake

Although Bryn's birthday is not until Thanksgiving day, we celebrated Tuesday night. Tyler's sister and her family were leaving for Thanksgiving and we wanted to be able to do cake and ice cream with them. We decided to do it last minute. I made the cake and decorated it in about 20 minutes. I tried. I had made the banner a few days before because I knew that on Thanksgiving I wanted to put her banner up for her. I can't believe she will be 2 tomorrow! Time sure flies by!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I feel like I never post anymore. Not much has gone on that is blog worthy! But here is just an update on life at the moment.
Tyler is working full-time at the law firm. He is a hard worker and I'm very proud of him. He has been home with the girls and I on weekends and we love having him home in time for dinner. I am just doing things with the girls. Tyler and I went with his family last week to see 'Shrek the Musical'. It was good. We had a great time and enjoyed being on a date. We have enjoyed spending time together and also love letting each other go out for girls/guys night. I am grateful to have a husband who lets me go out with the girls from time to time!

Makenna has been loving school. We have been having play dates with her friends. I love working with her on reading and learning sounds of letters. She is so excited to learn. Kenna had her primary program today. She did very well...making faces and all.

Bryn is doing great with her hands. She is starting to use her 'more' sign consistently. She started gymnastics class, along with Kenna, last week. It is a "mommy/me" class. She loved it. She has been begging for the past few weeks to go into the gym with Kenna. Her wish was finally granted last week.
The weather has turned colder here, so most of our activities are indoors.
Things to look forward to:
- Bryn's 2nd birthday '2wks'
- Thanksgiving
- Kenna's Winter program at school
- Christmas
- Kenna's birthday

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kenna's First Parent/Teacher Conference

At Makenna's school they do what is called a Student-led conference. About 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting with the teacher, we were supposed to bring Kenna and have her show us around her classroom. The teacher left a set of directions for us to read to Kenna and have her show us the different activities. We started at her cubby and were directed to the pretend center, snack station, news board, reading center and table to pick out her name tag. We were able to see what different things Kenna has learned in her short few months in pre-k. Then we were able to meet with her teacher. Makenna sat in on the conference and played with blocks while we talked with her teacher. Each month the students are to draw a person. I guess it shows their development. Makenna drew a person with hair, arms, legs, clothes and shoes. The teacher said that was very good for her age. She knows and recognizes all her lower and upper case letters. Mrs. P said Kenna was well on her way to being able to read and would probably start soon! I have worked hard with Kenna on learning the sounds of letters and putting the sounds together. The conference went really well and I was so pleased to her how well Kenna is doing in school. She is one smart cookie!
Her favorite center at school is the pretend center.
Her favorite book right now is Goldilious or Fancy Nancy Books
Her favorite color is Pink.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloween 2010

Bryn's 'kiss' face!
Bryn throwing her tantrum. She was mad that we were leaving. She loves to fold her arms and grunt. It is pretty funny. It is hard not to laugh at her!
Kale, Landry, Kenna and Bryn
Bryn showing me her tootsie roll! :)
Ladybug and Belle
Getting candy from Snow White
Kenna and Ty

Kenna with the Chik-fil-a cow
Finally...a family picture!
Kenna and Sparky

The girls with Grandma Catherine

Beautiful Belle

On Halloween (Saturday) we went trick-or-treating. Since we are a 'church going people' here...all Halloween festivities were held on Saturday because the 31st was on a Sunday. The city puts on a t-or-t event on the main street. The stores close and the road is blocked. There is bouncy toys and lots of candy. All the stores hand out candy to the kids. The fire department brought a fire truck and the kids loved seeing that. We got there right when it opened and let the kids see the fire truck and bounce in the bounce house. Then we got in line to get candy. Makenna was able to ride down the blow up slide. Then we finished getting candy and let the kids bounce in the bounce house one more time before we left. We stayed an hour and that was plenty to get tons of candy and leave right when it was so crowded you could barely move! After we went to Wendy's for dinner. We were going to continue to t-or-t, but decided it would be more fun to come home and watch 'How to Train Your Dragon.' Bryn was able to get to bed pretty early and my mom and Kenna cuddled on the couch, ate popcorn and watched the movie. It was a great Halloween! We were lucky to have my mom come into town and visit for the weekend. It was a short, but much needed trip for the girls and I. We had a lot of fun with my mom and were glad she was able to celebrate Halloween with us.

Soccer Fall 2010

Bryn, My mom and Kenna
My mom and Bryn
Tyler stretching with the kids
Ty talking with the kids
Our little soccer player
Ty practicing with Kenna

The season Tyler has had the opportunity to help coach Kenna's team. Her coach has needed to be gone for a few practices and games and he asked Tyler to help out while he was gone. Tyler loves coaching and is pretty good with the kids. Over halloween the kids had a game. My mom was able to be there for the first time. It was a pretty nice day for soccer too! Kenna has done pretty well this season. A few games ago she scored 2 goals on her own. She has become better at going after the ball!

Pumpkin Patch

Ryder and Kenna
We tried a group you can didn't work :)
Cute Kenna with the pumpkins!
Makenna feeding the llama
Bryn at the top of the slide
Kenna and Bryn going down the slide
Bryn running through the corn maze
Cash and Bryn
Kenna and Ryder
Cash, Bryn, Kenna and Ryder
Kenna and Ryder
Bryn riding the wooden horse
Kenna with a goat
Kenna petting the baby goat
The girls looking at the potbelly pig
Bryn and the llama
Riding the pony. Bryn thought it was pretty cool
Makenna on the pony

My friend Jenn and I took our kids out to a Pumpkin Patch. It was a little chilly that day, but we made it at the perfect time. All the school buses were on their way out when we showed up. No one was there and the kids enjoyed running around. The kids rode ponies, petted goats and llamas, rode in a tractor trailer (hayride), went through a corn and wood maze, went down a Big slide and played in the sand box. The kids also go to pick out a little pumpkin on our way out. The kids had a really good time and Jenn and I enjoyed it as well!