Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kenna's First Parent/Teacher Conference

At Makenna's school they do what is called a Student-led conference. About 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting with the teacher, we were supposed to bring Kenna and have her show us around her classroom. The teacher left a set of directions for us to read to Kenna and have her show us the different activities. We started at her cubby and were directed to the pretend center, snack station, news board, reading center and table to pick out her name tag. We were able to see what different things Kenna has learned in her short few months in pre-k. Then we were able to meet with her teacher. Makenna sat in on the conference and played with blocks while we talked with her teacher. Each month the students are to draw a person. I guess it shows their development. Makenna drew a person with hair, arms, legs, clothes and shoes. The teacher said that was very good for her age. She knows and recognizes all her lower and upper case letters. Mrs. P said Kenna was well on her way to being able to read and would probably start soon! I have worked hard with Kenna on learning the sounds of letters and putting the sounds together. The conference went really well and I was so pleased to her how well Kenna is doing in school. She is one smart cookie!
Her favorite center at school is the pretend center.
Her favorite book right now is Goldilious or Fancy Nancy Books
Her favorite color is Pink.

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