Sunday, January 31, 2010


I haven't talked about how proud of I am of Tyler lately! He got his grades back, finally, for fall semester. He did AWESOME! We are so happy with his grades. He was also awarded the C.A.L.I. for one of his classes. That means...that not only did he get an 'A' in that class...he got the highest 'A' given for that class. So that is awesome. This is his second C.A.L.I. in law school. Go Tyler. Keep up the good work! Only 3.5 months until school is over and 5.5 months until he takes the BAR!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ice hanging off the bushes
The icicles on the side of my house
This one is really cool
The side of the house

Sorry...the pictures are crumby because the lighting was really bad outside. Maybe I can take better ones tomorrow!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

Kenna didn't like the falling snow hitting her in the face!
Kenna eating snow while Bryn watches! :)
Kenna making her first snow angel
Kenna keep trying to eat the snow. Gross!

Kenna throwing snow balls
Bryn wanted to be outside with us. She did get a kick out of us throwing snow balls at the window though.
The snow on top of my car
The ice ledge on the back of my car. We cleared off the trunk to get inside so it left a ledge. The camera is against the car pointing towards the ground.
The ice ledge on the back of the car. The camera is against the back of the car looking to the front. There is that thick of ice all over my car, trees, streets et
Kenna sat down and said, "This looks like a great place for me to take a rest."
The ice on the tree
4 inches of snow...and it still wasn't done!

Yesterday we had an ice storm. It started raining in the morning and then around 9:15am the freezing rain started. We had freezing rain all day. There is about 1/2 inch of ice over everything. The roads are slick. All the schools have cancelled class for yesterday (thurs) and today (fri). Luckily we have kept our power through all of this. Today it started snowing early and snowed all day. Kenna and I went out to play around 3pm and it snowed the whole time we were outside. We came back in around 4:15. Around 6pm I looked outside and you could barely see some of our foot prints. The snow just kept coming down. We are not supposed to get above 32 degrees until Sunday. So no thawing out tomorrow! It sure was fun to run around in the snow with Kenna though. Too bad we don't have any mountains around....sledding and snowboarding would have been fun!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hanging at Home

Bryn enjoyed her pasta and fruit for dinner. She also really enjoyed her brownie for dessert. This is also her time to ever have pigtails!!
Trying to blow an opened mouth kiss, with a messy face!

Bryn's Hand

I love this one. It is precious.

Bryn still has swelling that the dr. said could take another 3 months to completely go away. He said that was completely normal. We are pleased with the surgery and how things look and starting to move!


Bryn had an eye check-up and hand check-up last week. The eye dr. said everything looks great and he will see her back in a year just to make sure things are still going great!
Bryn's hand dr. said her hand looked fantastic. Just this past week she has started to use her thumb a lot more. She still isn't using the full function of her thumb, but it is a lot more than it used to be. She has been grabbing all sorts of objects. Food is her biggest motivator. It is nice to have her pinch down on a finger when I place it between her thumb and pointer finger. Things seem to be falling into place for her. When she wakes up from her nap...I will take pictures of her thumb and post them!

Monday, January 25, 2010

On Her Own Time

Bryn is a stubborn child. Everything has to be done on her time frame. When she turned 6 months, I wanted her to sit up. I practiced with her all the time. She had no desire to do so. Finally around 8 months she thought sitting up was worth it. Finally at 10 months, with a cast on, she decided to go from laying down to sitting up. Now she is 14 months, today, and has decided that maybe...just maybe...she wants to walk. Since before 12 months she has been pulling herself up and walking around the tables and walls. I wanted so bad for her to be walking by 12 months. Well that day came and went. At Christmas she turned 13 months. I thought for sure she would start walking in CA. Nope...that didn't happen. A few weeks ago we finally got her to take a step or 2 by bribing her. Last week we started holding markers and setting her up on her feet and getting her to take about 5-6 steps to get the marker. Well I think today something clicked. She started walking from the couch to the table, which is about 3 steps, continuously. Then she was standing up and dropped something on the ground. She sat down to get it and then was able to get back up on her own without pulling up on the table or couch. When Tyler's mom stopped by she took about 7 steps to see her. When it was time for her bath tonight I got her undressed and stood her up in Kenna's room. I walked into the bathroom and said, "come on's bath time." She started walking into the bathroom. She only wants to walk when it is convenient for her. She totally can do the act, but chooses not to most of the time. Hopefully she learned today that it is so much easy to walk than crawl!
Also...Bryn started waving a couple of weeks ago. She now waves all the time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

4 Year Well-Child Check

Makenna had her 4 year check-up today. The dr. said she is growing just fine and that her eyes and ears are good. She weighs 33.4 lbs. (34%) and is 40 inches tall (54%). So I guess I have tiny girls. I still can't believe she is 4. I didn't know she was supposed to get shots today. After the nurse told me, I tried to prepare Kenna. She was not happy about the thought. She had to get a shot in each arm and one in her leg. She didn't really cry...just wimpered. She did a great job!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kenna's Friend Party

Ryder, Kale, Landry and Aspen eating their ice cream
Makenna showing me what ice cream she had!
Aiden, Ethan and Gwen with their sundaes
Moose ears! That one is for you Christy!! Happy Llama!
Touch your nose and stick out your tongue! :)
Silly kids!
The kids in their aprons and hats!
Kenna was so excited when opening all of her presents. She is so spoiled!
Kenna and her pizza!
Getting ready to eat their pizza
The kids were doing, "Do As I'm Doing"
Jan singing with the kids
Kids finishing making their pizzas

Today we had Kenna's friend Birthday party. Man...I feel like we have celebrated all month and she is only 4! What are we going to do when she turns 16!?! Anyways...we had some of her friends over to make pizza and ice cream sundaes. The kids all got their own chefs hat and apron. We let them mold their pizza and put their choice toppings on. While the pizzas cooked Jan helped me by singing songs with the kids. They really enjoyed that! Then they ate their pizzas and we did a little bit more singing. Kenna got so excited to open presents! After presents the kids got to make their own ice cream sundaes. We had all sorts of toppings including: marshmellows, m&ms, oreos, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears and more! The kids seemed to have a great time. It was a crazy party for me, but I'm glad Kenna enjoyed it. Thanks Jan for letting us use your house and for helping me entertain the kids!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ice Skating

Tyler and I took Makenna ice skating for the first time today. She was so excited to get her skates and go out on the ice. She used a walker to help her skate on the ice. She was slipping and sliding. Tyler and I helped her hang onto the walker and also held her hands. She wanted to give up right away, but Ty and I talked her into continuing. She would skate for about 10 minutes and then want about a 1 minute break off the ice. We ended up skating for about 1.5 hours. There was a girl there that was doing fancy ice skating tricks and Makenna was in awe! She kept saying, "mommy, I'm not good at this. Look at! I can't do tricks yet." She was so funny. I was so proud of her that she got up each time she fell and wanted to try harder to learn how to skate. She kind of got the hang of it and tried doing it all by herself a few times! I had to keep telling her that we aren't always great at something the first time we try it. We have to practice! It was a good "date" with her today!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thomas Family
My family
Larsen Family

We sure do have some good looking families! Tyler and I are so grateful for such great family. Although we aren't perfect, we love each other. Makenna and Bryn are blessed to have awesome grandparents that would do anything for them. I do know that families are forever. I love Tyler. I am glad I get to grow old with him. My girls amaze me every day. Sometimes they drive me nuts, but they never cease to amaze me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Bryn has been one cranky bugger lately and started running a fever Friday night. We had a friend, who is an ENT, come over Saturday and look at her ears. He said her right ear was clear, but he could not see her left. I guess her ear canal was long and narrow and had a build of wax that was too far in for us to clean out. So Monday morning, first thing, I called the dr.'s and made her an appt. The dr. was able to clean out her ear and said that she had a pretty bad ear infection. She gave us antibiotics and numbing ear drops. She seems to be feeling better today.
Makenna has been really sleepy lately and not eating very much. I thought it was just a phase of not eating and a growth spurt with all the sleeping. She has been falling asleep around 6:30-7pm every night and sleeping till about 8-8:30am in the morning. She came home from school yesterday and took a nap. When she woke up she had gunk in her eyes. My first thought was, pink eye. I was nervous that I had sent her to school and she had infected others. So first thing this morning, I called the dr. She looked in Kenna's ears and her right one was infected. She also looked in her throat and said her throat was bright red and swollen. She has a sinus infection as well. No pink eye!! Yea!!! Now Makenna is on antibiotics!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kenna's Party at the Larsens

Just after she blew out her candle!
Singing Happy Birthday
Kenna's Princess cake
Princess Bryn
Princess Addie
Kenna sitting as the Queen at the head of the table!
Kenna's birthday banner

We celebrated Kenna's 4th birthday with Tyler's family last night. Jan did a great job of decorating. Makenan was princess'ed' out with all the decorations. We had pizza, per Kenna's request, and chocolate cake, also per Kenna's request! Makenna had a lot of fun! Thanks Jan and Brad!