Monday, January 04, 2010

My Girl Has Wheels!!

The girls leaving!
Kenna tried to go off roading and got stuck in a snow pile.
The girls going for a ride

My parents bought Makenna a Barbie Jeep for her birthday. We got it put together on Saturday night and she has been bugging us every minute to ride it. It was freezing cold today, but its supposedly one of the warmer days this week so we let her go out and ride. We even let her take her little sister with her for a bit. Kenna had a blast. First she was hitting the gas then taking her foot off. There is no brake so when you take your foot off the gas it stops automatically. Bryn was getting her head jerked so we took her out. But Makenna started to get the hang of driving. She had to learn to turn and then she had to stop, turn the wheel and then go again. Then she was able to just keep driving and turn, go in circles and then go into reverse. She got really confident and would floor it, turn the wheel all the way and let off the gas. She then slid across the drive way. She had fun running over the snow and ice. What a crazy girl. Tyler may have to teach her how to drive at 16! :) Thanks mom and dad!


Brittnie said...

So cute! I always wanted one of those when I was little, but never got one! Kenna is so lucky! lol

The Orgill Family said...

how fun!!! i love it! i wanna a ride!

Corey and Ciara said...

What's with the "Y" beanie??

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice beanie she is wearing!