Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Phone Pics

 How sweet is that?! Bryn feel asleep like this on the trip from Atlanta to McRae
 Me with Dallin and Keely on the night of their reception
 The girls so sad to say good bye to Nicole at the Atlanta Airport
 I watched my best friends kids for almost 2 weeks while she went on cruise with her family. It was long, good week. It for sure had its ups and downs, but I survived. This is after I got all 4 kids ready for 9am church all by myself.
 My biffle and I before we got rained out of the cancelled Sugarland concert
 Diane, my best friends mom, and her 50th wedding anniversary quilt. I was able to deliver it to her in Utah when I went up for my brothers wedding.
 Me with my brother and his wife, Kristen
 Seeing an old friend, Rashel. She has such a cute little family

 Bryn was super excited when we found this Minnie Mouse at Costco
 Bryn with Minnie and Mickey
 Oh how I love In-N-Out. No, those aren't both of my burgers. One of them was my moms! :)
 While in CA, the girls made plates for Steven and Kristen's new home
 Riding on Radiator Racers at CA adventure
 Bryn loved the ladybug teacups
 Makenna and I on the Tow Mater's Junk Yard
 Christy and the girls on the teacups
 Bryn was tuckered out after Disneyland
 bahaha...Bryn passed out on the plane on the way back to OKC. We wore her out in CA.
 Jan took Makenna out for a grandma/Kenna afternoon and Kenna got a manicure and pedicure. She was so excited. She got zebra print nails.
We had some friends over to watch the football game. They had kids too so we put their kids in Bryn's room and had Bryn share with Kenna. This is how I found them when I went in to check on them. So cute.

Les Miserables

Tyler and I
 Jenn and I

On October 10, 2012, we had the opportunity to go see Les Miserable. Tyler's parents have season tickets to the Civic Center broadway series. They were out of town when Les Mis came and offered us their tickets. We gladly accepted. We took my best friend Jenn, Tyler's best friend Chris and another couple that is are our friends from another ward. It was fun night and a great show. Thanks Brad and Jan!

How is Brynlee?

Brynlee is doing well.  She had her annual check-up with her hand dr. He was impressed with the fact that she could pinch her thumb and finger together. I laughed and said she could do way more. So Bryn showed him how she uses her thumbs to play games on my phone, draw and pick up tiny objects. The doc was in awe. He took multiple pictures and even took video of it. It makes you feel good that even the dr. is amazed at her progress. Bryn truly is one extraordinary little girl.

She is loving school and I'm told every time I pick her up that I get my monies worth. They say she plays hard and has a great time. She a hoot in ballet and tap. She can't sit still during ballet. They do slow movements and she'll do them for a minute and then busts out in fast dancing, then goes back to slow. It is so funny. She is doing soccer, but I don't know how much she really likes it. She doesn't really get involved in the games. She does okay in practice. But every week she asks to go. She is doing well in speech and OT. Her therapists love her and think she is doing awesome.

Bryn now has a Minnie Mouse room and loves it. She is trying to give up naps on me. She doesn't even get the chance very often to take one anymore since we are going all the time. She is a stubborn little girl and although a pain, I love her for it. She is my cuddle bug and I love that about her. She can make me smile even when I'm really upset. She is growing into such a good little girl. She is almost like a sour patch kid, first she is sour, then she is sweet. I think that's the best way to describe her right now. We love you Bryn.

How is Makenna?

Makenna is doing well. She has the attitude of a 13 year old though. She is snippy and acts like a know it all. She is learning quick though that that does NOT fly with me. She had a donation drive at school and was one of the top 15 students in collecting money. She won and IPod touch and a limo ride with the principal, oh yea, and a cool t-shirt ;). Funny thing is, she has lost her IPod almost everyday she has had due to bad behavior. I'm trying to nip this thing in the bud quick. I want my sweet little girl.

I had a P/T conference with her teacher at the beginning of October. The teacher told me what I already knew, that Makenna was excelling in the classroom. She was tested for her reading and is reading a 2.4 (second grade, fourth month) reading level. She is testing above average in math as well. It was good to get to know her teacher. I am very confident in her teacher helping her excel and stay ahead in class. Makenna loves her and she loves Kenna. I am able to help out in Kenna's classroom this year as a volunteer and look forward to getting to know the kids in her class.

Makenna is still in dance and enjoying it. She is getting a lot better at soccer. A couple weeks ago, she made 2 goals. We are so proud of her. This winter she will be trying out basketball. Should be comical, but she begged to play, so why not!?

We are very proud of Makenna and know she is a super smart, beautiful, talented little girl. She will do great things in life and will hopefully be an example to others. Heaven help us to get to that point ;)

Settling in

We have been in our home since September 8, 2012. We had moved things over little by little, but on September 8th we moved over all the big stuff (couches, tv, beds). The girls love their rooms. Things are coming together, slowly, but surely. I love having a home. I love a garage, backyard and one level. I love Makenna's school and I now feel 'grown up'. It is so nice to own our first home. I want to finish a few more things before I post pictures. It was fun picking out a new fridge, kitchen table and entertainment stand. It has been so nice to be in a home we own.

Dallin and Keely's Wedding

This post is a little out of order. It is from August 2012

 Dallin and Keely with the flower girls and ring bearer
 Tyler and I on the wedding day
 Our family at the reception
 The bridal party - Tyler was the best man
 Nicole and Bryn
 Bryn on the wedding day
 Bryn on the day of the reception

 Our family
 Keely with the flower girls
 Me and my girls
 The girls on reception day
 The girls at the temple
 All the cousins
 Brad and Jan with all the grandkids
Bryn and Addie looking through the temple doors
 Nicole and Kenna
 Kenna on the day of the reception

 Kimber and the nieces
 Makenna on the temple day
 Nicole and Bryn
 Nicole with the girls
 swinging on the front porch
 Bryn loving on Addie
 The completed Larsen family - except all the grandbabies to come
The girls at the temple
 Kenna petting a starfish
 Bryn and Kimber in the slide

 The girls. Addie didn't want to be a part of photos at all

 Kimber and the girls

On August 1, 2012 the girls and I headed for Atlanta, GA. Tyler's brother Dallin was married in the Atlanta LDS temple on August 3, 2012. Tyler flew on the 2nd. We went the the Atlanta Aquarium on the 2nd with the girls. It was Tyler's sisters, me, all the girls and Nicole. On the 3rd we went to Dallin and Keely's sealing the temple. After that we got in the car and drove about 3.5 hrs to McRae, GA. It was a super small town. That is where Keely is from. The next day, the 4th, there was a reception in McRae. It was very pretty, quite the party. The next day we got back in the car and drove 3.5 hrs back to Atlanta to fly out back to OKC. It was a whirlwind weekend. The girls had fun with their cousins, they loved being a part of the wedding and they wanted to be a princess like Keely. Jan did a great job planning everything down to a T. We had an itinerary and everything. We knew exactly where we needed to be and when. She is such a good planner.