Thursday, October 18, 2012

How is Brynlee?

Brynlee is doing well.  She had her annual check-up with her hand dr. He was impressed with the fact that she could pinch her thumb and finger together. I laughed and said she could do way more. So Bryn showed him how she uses her thumbs to play games on my phone, draw and pick up tiny objects. The doc was in awe. He took multiple pictures and even took video of it. It makes you feel good that even the dr. is amazed at her progress. Bryn truly is one extraordinary little girl.

She is loving school and I'm told every time I pick her up that I get my monies worth. They say she plays hard and has a great time. She a hoot in ballet and tap. She can't sit still during ballet. They do slow movements and she'll do them for a minute and then busts out in fast dancing, then goes back to slow. It is so funny. She is doing soccer, but I don't know how much she really likes it. She doesn't really get involved in the games. She does okay in practice. But every week she asks to go. She is doing well in speech and OT. Her therapists love her and think she is doing awesome.

Bryn now has a Minnie Mouse room and loves it. She is trying to give up naps on me. She doesn't even get the chance very often to take one anymore since we are going all the time. She is a stubborn little girl and although a pain, I love her for it. She is my cuddle bug and I love that about her. She can make me smile even when I'm really upset. She is growing into such a good little girl. She is almost like a sour patch kid, first she is sour, then she is sweet. I think that's the best way to describe her right now. We love you Bryn.

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