Friday, October 12, 2012

Steven and Kristen's Wedding

 TyTy and Bryn
 Bryn and Christy

 The happy couple and cutting the cake
 No one at the wedding would have thought these two would have had a cake fight. It was the craziest cake fight I had ever seen. They had cake in their hair and all over. They decked each other. It was pretty comical
 The venue
 Bryn and Christy before the wedding
 My sister and I at the rehearsal dinner
 My sister and I at the wedding
 My dad with his siblings - Greg, Stacey and Kevin
 The first dance
 Makenna was missing in action all night with Kristen's cousins kids. She danced and played with them all night.
 Bryn dancing with Uncle Tyty
 Bryn dancing with Christy

 Bryn and Grandma Dorothy
 Makenna with Kristen's cousins
 Grandpa Jim and Grandma Gloria
 Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Glen
 My girls as flower girls
 The lighting
 Kristen after she was all done up. She looks beautiful
 Me and my parents
 Bryn with my mom
 My mom and dad
 My mom and dad at the rehearsal dinner
 Steven with all the flower girls
 The Thomas Sisters
The beautiful cake

On September 22, 2012, my brother Steven married his love, Kristen. They got married in Salt Lake City. The venue was beautiful. I was in the wedding party as a bridesmaid and the girls were both flower girls. It was a great wedding. The bishop even called Steven the wrong name, twice. Mr. David Rogers. haha. The food was yummy. Makenna loved the photobooth! She was in it a million times! It was such a great idea. Steven and Kristen's cake war was great. We had an awesome time.

The night before the wedding, we did a wedding dinner at Tucanos. It was both families and the wedding party. The girls stayed home with my cousin. It was nice to be able to visit with everyone and spend time with the adults.

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