Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh So Sad!

We had a great week here at the Larsen home! My mom was able to come and visit Tuesday-Today(Sun). We had a lot of fun together. We went shopping, to a baby shower, a vinyl party, watched movies and just hung out. My mom slept with Bryn every night and got up to feed her so I could sleep all night. It was great to sleep well 5 nights in a row! It was so sad to see her go today. She helped me pick up my house, cook dinners, do dishes and laundry and helped with the girls! Makenna cried the whole way home saying she wanted Grammy Catherine back and she didn't get to play puzzles with her! She said she wanted to go on a plane to see Grammy Catherine. I told her it will be a few months and she just cried. Poor Kenna!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bryn's Hand Appt.

The appt. went well today. The Dr. took more x-rays of the right arm. He said that he wanted to do a surgery on both wrists to stabilize her wrists. Both hands turn inward and he said that they could get worse as she gets older. So he wants to do both wrists at the same time and start that surgery in about 5-6 months. He would then wait 3 months and start her thumb surgery. He would do one hand at a time. He said that he will probably cut some of the webbing between her pinky and ring finger, but would not unfuse the bone. Her fingers go straight up and not out to the side so they look normal and he wouldn't mess with them. When she is older they might do surgery to move some tendions to her pinky to help it move. He said that her forearm didn't need to be unfused because with PT her arm can have normal extension. It is her forearm bones that are fused...not her elbow. I asked him about his success rate and he kind of was defensive. But I tried to just see if he thought it would be a pretty easy surgery or if hers would be more complicated than normal. I asked him if I could see some pictures of surgeries he has done and he said he could do better than that. He went into the next room and then came back. He said that the child's mom next door gave him permission to let us see her little boy. He has NAGER syndrome which effects the face and thumbs. The Dr. had done his pollicization surgery on both hands. It looked awesome. It was so cool to see yet another child that had success and looked so good. My mom was able to go and meet the Dr. for the first time and that was nice for her. It made her feel more relaxed about this surgery we are going to do for our little girl. There are a lot of people we have talked to that have been extremely pleased with the Dr. and his work. We are excited to have him help our little girl.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So my mom is coming into town in a few hours! I can't wait. I love having her here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Funny Things

-- I was making dinner tonight and Makenna was in the pantry. Next thing I know she says, "MMM...Yummy sugar mommy!" haha...she had gotten into the container of sugar and was scooping it by the handful into her mouth! What a crazy!
-- Have you ever noticed that on cartoons the characters only have 4 fingers? 3 fingers and a thumb? I guess Bryn will be just like a cartoon! Yea for Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob!
-- Today coming out of the mall Tyler hit a bump with the stroller and spilt a large Dr. Pepper all over Makenna who was sitting in the back of the stroller. She was being a pill in the mall so she kind of deserved it. It was an accident, but it was pretty funny!
-- Tyler turned the grill on the other day and he turned the propane on and it didn't light. Gas built up and he hit the lighter again and I heard a boom. A big ball of fire came up and burnt the hair on Tyler's upper arms. He smelled like smoke and burnt hair! I'm glad he didn't catch on fire!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I didn't plan on taking pictures of Makenna. I didn't do her hair or dress her in picture clothing. But we still got some great shots of her. She is so beautiful!

3 month pictures

It wouldn't be Bryn without a few tears!

Bryn's 3 month pictures!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Makenna is so crazy. Lately she has been doing weird things. Whenever I ask her to bring me something, she will get it and bring it to me. But before she will hand it to me she holds it behind her back and says, "Makenna Lynn Larsen, Makenna Lynn Larsen...Okay you can have it." I have no idea why she does this, but it's hilarious...sometimes annoying, but mostly hilarious. Her favorite movie right now is Mulan. She is obsessed with it and we watch it all the time. Thank goodness I like it too. She also loves dressing up and talking on the phone! She has been a good helper with Bryn. She sure does love her little sister. Also...she is all about "do-it-myself." She wants to buckle the top of her carseat all by herself, go potty, and climb into bed. She says her night time prayers all by herself. It is so funny because she blesses different people every night. Last night it was grammy Catherine and papa Barry. The night before that it was grammy, grammy gloria and daddy. Whatever happened to blessing Mommy! haha. She also loves to draw, color, use foam letters, and anything that is artsy. She loves to have make-up put on her as well.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Left hand
Right hand


My girls don't like to wear pants! haha
Makenna loves to lay next to Bryn!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Makenna went to the dentist today. It was her 2nd time. She went last year when I worked at the dental office. This was her first visit to this dentist though. She did so awesome and loved being there. The hygienist gave her sunglasses to wear so the light wouldn't be bright in her eyes. She did awesome during the x-rays and let the dr. and hygienist look in her mouth. She didn't have any cavities which is great. The dentist was really nice. I really liked their if you are looking for a good pediatric dentist...let me know! Since Makenna was a new patient she got a big goodie bag to take. They gave her a purple dress-up ring which she loved. She also got a toothbrush, toothpaste, red floss, a timer to time how long she brushes her teeth and a t-shirt that has the dentist office name on it. Makenna loves the dentist!

The Bachelor

Oh my goodness! So I was happy for all of like 2 minutes. I was so happy Melissa won. She would make a great mom and was totally perfect for him. Molly seems so immature. I don't know what it is about her, but I don't like her. I can't believe he changed his mind after 6 weeks. It wasn't even a full 6 weeks. He was so in love with Melissa and telling Molly that he wasn't making a mistake. Then has the guts to dump Melissa and not even that...go running back to Molly wanting her to come back to him. I can't believe she agreed to go back to him. I mean...I know she still have the feelings of love towards him but come on! He dumped her another woman telling her that Melissa made him more happy. So I guess Molly enjoys sloppy seconds. Errr I really liked Jason and thought he was a great guy. But...I don't really think that anymore!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Update on our Life

Today Bryn went for an ultrasound to make sure all her reproductive organs are present. Afterwards she went to see the urologist so he could look over the pictures and check things. Bryn passed with flying colors. So another thing checked off the list. Bryn is slowly but surely growing. She finally weighs over 10 pounds. Through a long story, a bad nurse and a few phone calls...we took Bryn to see an ENT(ears, nose, throat dr.). She has been congested from the day she was born and it has gotten so bad. So bad that she can't sleep at night because she basically stops breathing and has to figure out how to breathe through her mouth. Babies are pretty much wired to breathe through their nose when they are really young so they can breathe while eating (bottle/nursing). We took her to an ENT and he told us that her symptoms sound like reflux. He also wants to have her scoped ( a scope through her nose and throat) to check out everything and see how it is formed. He wrote her a prescription for a reflux medication. It has seemed to help a lot with her spitting up issues and is slowly, but surely helping her breathe a little bit better. She also breathes a ton better when it is super cold. But other than those things... and her hands... Bryn is 'A' okay. She sure has been a difficult little child, but we still love her!
Makenna loves her little sister so much. It has been awesome to see how much she loves her. Also... Makenna is one of the smartest 3 year old kids I know. It is unbelievable how awesome she is at puzzles, she knows and can recognize her ABC's and is learning how to spell her name. I asked her the other night a few questions about herself...

 - what is your favorite color? white and grey
 - what is your favorite animal? rhinoceros
 - what is your favorite thing to do? sidewalk chalk and bubbles
 - what is your favorite ice cream? chocolate cookies (cookies and cream)
I also asked her to tell me a happy story about herself. She told me "my daddy took me to get chocolate cookies and we went to Wal-Mart!"
Haha...she loves going to Wal-Mart and Target. She loves to get all her dress-up clothes on and her purse and tell me bye...I'm going to Wal-Mart. She is a crack-up!