Monday, June 27, 2011


So a couple of weeks ago my life changed drastically!! Brynlee learned how to open doors and climb out of her crib. Tyler was out of town and we were over at Jenn's house late so we decided to spend the night. Bryn was put in the pack-n-play. The next morning Bryn was walking around the house. Come to find out Makenna had helped her climb out of the pack-n-play. So later that day I put Bryn down for a nap at Jenn's as well. 5 minutes later, Bryn was in the hall. She had climbed out of the pack-n-play and opened the door. I spanked her bum and put her back in bed. When we got home that night I was hoping that she could not climb out of her crib because it was bigger. She didn't do it that night, but a few mornings later she did! I was laying in bed and heard a thud. I assumed it was Makenna playing in her room. I then hear a door opening (Makenna doesn't open her door in the morning, she knows she isn't allowed to!). Then my door opens! It was Bryn. My life is forever changed. She hasn't done it for a few days until this morning. I am out cold and start hear Makenna screaming about 7am. I jolt out of bed and Kenna is yelling, "Mom! Brynlee is out of bed and trying to open my door! She isn't allowed out of bed so I won't let her in my room!" Bryn received another spanking and got put back in bed. The horrible part is that I ask her if she should climb out of bed and she looks and me, laughs and says yes. I am going today to look for child locks on the doors so she can't get out and for a crib tent so she can't get out of bed. It is super unsafe for Bryn to be roaming the house while I am asleep. There is so much she could get into and get hurt with. I totally worry about her falling down the stairs as well. We trained Makenna to stay in her room until I got her. Maybe Bryn will catch on to that. Also...Kenna never climbed out of her crib! Ever!! Bryn is going to keep me on my toes! The cherry on top of my morning is that Makenna had to tell me, "Bryn didn't climb out of bed when daddy was here. She loves daddy more than you!" Thanks Makenna....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Trip

Bryn and Grammy
Strike a pose!
Bryn knows how to model! haha :)
Crazy smiles
Me and Jenn
Grammy and Kenna with silly faces
Kenna and Grammy
Bryn chilling with Grammy
Kenna driving the boat all by herself!

Me and Jenn
Our Family
My little lake bum! She loves the lake and loves being in the water
Bryn driving the boat
Tyler and Bryn swimming
Tyler and the girls on the tube. I believe this was Bryn's first time on the tube! She did really well!
Bryn loved jumping off the back of the boat into the water!

This summer has been awesome being able to go to the lake so often. My in-laws have a very nice home up there and have been very generous with letting us use it! June 10-12, we made a last minute decision to drive up to the lake. We went with Tyler's parents and my BF, Jenn. Tyler, Bryn and Ty's parents drove up around 5pm on Friday. Makenna went to a birthday party so Jenn and I stayed back and picked her up around 9:30pm and drove up. The girls rode the tube with Tyler and the water was pretty warm to swim in. We drove up to Barnacle Bills and ate lunch. We went out on the boat later in the afternoon, but there was a storm moving and the water was super choppy. We didn't stay out too long. As usual, we had a big, yummy dinner Saturday night. We hung out and then left Sunday afternoon. I really love the lake!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What's New

One word: SUMMER! The past few years I have looked forward to summer because I could spend a little more time with Ty. This summer I am enjoying every minute of being out and playing with my kids. I know it is only the second week of summer, but I am loving every thing about it. We have spent so much time in the pool. Whether it be swim lessons or swimming with our friends, the kids are in the pool a lot...that makes a lot of laundry for me. I feel like we haven't been at the house all week. We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake and the pool and have just enjoyed being out. Both girls do very well at swimming and it is fun to watch them play with their friends. Also because we are playing so hard during the day and we stay up a little later than normal, the kids knock out and sleep long and hard. They have slept it until 8am or later everyday this past week! I LOVE SUMMER.


So I was getting dressed and Makenna came in and said, "Oh Mommy...You look SOOO cute!" I replied, "Thanks I feel cute!" haha...she said, "Can I feel you mommy!? You do feel cute! :) " haha I thought that was awesome! She loves to make comments on my outfits and loves getting all dressed up herself. Both of the girls love putting on make-up and love when I tell them how gorgeous they, especially after I do their hair!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

M & M Olympics

Me and my twin
I love these 2 little girls. I am so proud of them
Bryn would finally take a picture with me once she had Kenna's green candy bag
Kenna getting her trophy
Bryn and her coach Jacci
im bummed it's blurry...but Bryn getting her trophy
Kenna and Papa
Papa, Brynlee and Grammy
Bryn and Grammy
Bryn hanging on the trapeze (with help). It is really awesome to see her do this. Her arms have had a hard time straightening and having pressure put on them. Gymnastics has helped a lot with this.
Kenna getting ready for her beam routine
Kenna walking into the gym

Makenna and Brynlee both did gymnastics this session. Bryn did a mommy/me class. When we first started, it made me sad to see all the things Bryn couldn't do that the other kids her age could. I worked with her and pushed her to do things on her own. I can't believe how much arm/hand strength she gained over the past couple months in class. Watching her climb the rock wall by herself, do front flips on the bar alone, doing back flips on the trampoline with a harness, learning to hang on the trapeze and especially learning to follow directions. I am so proud of her.
Makenna worked really hard on her hand stands this session. She had a hard time in a few classes following directions. It was so fun to watch her be able memorize and perform a routine. She got to do back flips on the tramp with a harness, perform a beam routine and a floor routine. She is so flexible and I love watching her work hard at trying to learn some of the moves. Kenna has been a great example to Bryn and loves to help her with her gymnastics. I am proud of you too Kenna.
At their Olympics, the girls showed off their routines, got M & M's and a trophy. Kenna was all about the gold trophy and Bryn was all about the candy. Funny girls.
Bryn found James's drink and was sneaking it
Aiden, Ethan, Ryder and Kenna
Greg, Cash and Jenn
Bryn and Avery
Bryn splashing in the pool

Kenna jumping in the pool

For Memorial Day we went over to Tyler's parents house to swim and have a BBQ. Jenn and her family came with us. James and his kids met up with us also. The kids had a great time swimming. Bryn loved sitting on the edge of the pool and kicking the water. Makenna is like a little fish. She loves swimming and it was so fun to know that she can swim on her own. We had yummy sliders, fruit and chips. It was a lot of fun. The boys went electronic shopping after and then Jenn and I went shopping for girls camp stuff. We had a great weekend!

1st Family Lake Trip

Look at her diaper! :)
Bryn laying out
Silly Makenna
Crazy Bryn
Bryn, Cash, Ryder and Makenna
Crazy kids
We sent the kids out to play on the deck Sunday morning and warned them to stay out of the pool. I guess we should have been smarter than that. A few minutes later all 4 kids were in the pool in their jammies.
The kids looking at the lizard
Jenn and I
Kenna loved playing in the water even though it was freezing. We made her get out and put a towel on because her lips were turning blue!
Bryn absolutely loves Jenn. They were chillin on the back of the boat together.
Kenna jumping in backwards with Jenn
Bryn hanging out
Makenna laying out
The water was so cold. She was frozen.
Bryn drinking her juice
All the kids ready to go out on the boat
The girls ready for the boat

For the Memorial Day weekend we took off to the lake. My in-laws have an awesome lake house and have been extremely generous in letting us use it. We have an absolutely amazing time every time we go. We went with my best friend, Jenn, and her family. We went up Friday night, spent Saturday morning on the water (which was freezing), ate at Gambino's for lunch and grilled a yummy dinner. Sunday we packed up and grabbed lunch at Soda Steve's and headed home. It was a fun weekend. Jenn and I went running, the boys took the kids on scooter rides, Jenn and I laid out and we stayed up watching movies as couples! So fun!