Thursday, June 02, 2011

M & M Olympics

Me and my twin
I love these 2 little girls. I am so proud of them
Bryn would finally take a picture with me once she had Kenna's green candy bag
Kenna getting her trophy
Bryn and her coach Jacci
im bummed it's blurry...but Bryn getting her trophy
Kenna and Papa
Papa, Brynlee and Grammy
Bryn and Grammy
Bryn hanging on the trapeze (with help). It is really awesome to see her do this. Her arms have had a hard time straightening and having pressure put on them. Gymnastics has helped a lot with this.
Kenna getting ready for her beam routine
Kenna walking into the gym

Makenna and Brynlee both did gymnastics this session. Bryn did a mommy/me class. When we first started, it made me sad to see all the things Bryn couldn't do that the other kids her age could. I worked with her and pushed her to do things on her own. I can't believe how much arm/hand strength she gained over the past couple months in class. Watching her climb the rock wall by herself, do front flips on the bar alone, doing back flips on the trampoline with a harness, learning to hang on the trapeze and especially learning to follow directions. I am so proud of her.
Makenna worked really hard on her hand stands this session. She had a hard time in a few classes following directions. It was so fun to watch her be able memorize and perform a routine. She got to do back flips on the tramp with a harness, perform a beam routine and a floor routine. She is so flexible and I love watching her work hard at trying to learn some of the moves. Kenna has been a great example to Bryn and loves to help her with her gymnastics. I am proud of you too Kenna.
At their Olympics, the girls showed off their routines, got M & M's and a trophy. Kenna was all about the gold trophy and Bryn was all about the candy. Funny girls.


Kristi said...

Those girls are so cute. Brynn is an amazing little girl!! I need to post our M&M olympics too. I've got lots to catch up on. Haha!!

Dodson Family said...

Way to go girls! I'm glad they were able to get their t-shirts, trophies, and m&ms' since the tornados kind of canceled it the first time around. Love the pics!