Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What's New

One word: SUMMER! The past few years I have looked forward to summer because I could spend a little more time with Ty. This summer I am enjoying every minute of being out and playing with my kids. I know it is only the second week of summer, but I am loving every thing about it. We have spent so much time in the pool. Whether it be swim lessons or swimming with our friends, the kids are in the pool a lot...that makes a lot of laundry for me. I feel like we haven't been at the house all week. We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake and the pool and have just enjoyed being out. Both girls do very well at swimming and it is fun to watch them play with their friends. Also because we are playing so hard during the day and we stay up a little later than normal, the kids knock out and sleep long and hard. They have slept it until 8am or later everyday this past week! I LOVE SUMMER.

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