Saturday, September 29, 2007

Talking Away!

My girl is talking up a storm! She is our little parrot now! Yesterday she said "Couch" for the 1st time. Today Tyler taught her how to say "Nacho Cheese" after the chips he fed her for lunch. And then....haha....Makenna has had a lot of gas lately....haha. So she has been tooting. So Tyler asked her if she farted! So today she "let out some gas" and turned around and looked at Tyler and I and said, " I farr mommy I farr!" It was so funny.
I have been trying to be better at brushing her teeth before she goes to bed. She likes to suck on the toothbrush...not let me brush her teeth. So I usually say, "Makenna say AHH!" Then I stick my finger in her mouth to pry it open to brush her teeth. Tonight in the bath tub I laid Makenna back to rinse out her hair...which by the way, she hates! But to keep her happy while I did it I was asking her where my eyes and nose were so it would give her something to do. She put her finger to my mouth and said, "Say AHHH mommy!" She is such a crack up! Tyler and I are just happy that she is starting to use words and not just grunt and cry!

Naked Bum!

Haha...Makenna would not keep her diaper on yesterday. She took off all her clothes and kept trying to get rid of her diaper. She didn't take it off all at once though...she knew that would get her in trouble. So every few minutes she would pull more and more of it off! It was so funny!


Oh my gosh! I can't believe it! Tied 24-24 with 2 seconds left...Colorado had the ball on 4th with 3 yards left to go for the 1st down. They kicked a field goal and won the game! OU stinking lost! No good at all!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Talk to the hand!
I'm drinking my juice mom!


Makenna's own personal gym!....haha it's our dining room table!

I'm pooping mom! haha!
I'm going to get you mom!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My poor baby!

My poor little girl isn't feeling well at all. I took her to the dr. yesterday and she said it was just a virus and let is make its course! But Makenna is not herself at all. She is totally cranky and has been running a fever! I feel so bad for her. She just cries. She doesn't know what she wants - up, down, food, drink. I hope she feels better soon. I just hate to see her so miserable!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I thought I had a baby girl! :)

No....that isn't food on her nose! It is blood! My poor little girl was hanging out outside. We were saying goodbye to her friends. She went to kick the soccer ball and lost her balance. She fell forward and her face caught her fall. She scraped the skin off the end of her nose and got a fat lip. I think she enjoys getting she can get a popsicle :) haha. She won't let me put ice on her so when her lip started to swell I went straight to the freezer and grabbed a popsicle! My poor little girl! Or should I say tom-boy!


Makenna was watching one of her favorite t.v. shows (Spongebob Squarepants) inside one of her favorite new toys (her diaper box)!

Daddy's Glasses

I love wearing my daddy's glasses!
Giving my daddy kisses! I love him!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Makenna loves to ride the motorcycle with Tyler. Don't worry...we only go around the neighborhood and Tyler doesn't go very fast. She loves to sit between us and put her hands in the air and scream, " WEEEE!" She also loves to go solo with Tyler. She likes to go to the back door and say, "cycle."

Redneck Timeout!

This is my friend Shayne's little baby Remi. Isn't she cute? I have told some of ya'll about these pictures so I though I would post them for those of you who didn't believe she taped her baby to the wall. It was so funny. Disclaimer: There was no harming of baby Remi or stuffed Ducky and parents were standing by at all times. Plus...she wasn't up there very long! :) Also... Shayne is a great mom!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hanging out!

Makenna loves shoes. She found Tyler's running shoes and had to put them on!

Makenna also loves to say HI! Especially when we are in Wal-Mart. When we go down the aisle she screams, "HI" and "Buh Bye" to everyone!!

This is a short video of her saying hi!


Makenna likes to say the word "GO!" Especially when we are in the car!!!

Playing Outside

Everytime I try to take a picture of Makenna riding her bike she gets off!
Ohh...look at that booty!!! haha.
Boo mom!

Eating Lunch!

Makenna shoved the whole peanut butter cracker in her mouth!

Makenna loves to eat! haha...that is something she got from her mama :) For lunch she usually eats: chicken, raisins, cheese and some peanut butter crackers. She doesn't just eat her food little by little. She shoves it all in her mouth with her cheeks puffed out and tries to chew and swallow it!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Oklahoma crushed Miami at 51-13!!! Awesome!!! It was a fun game to watch. Bummer....BYU lost to UCLA 17-20. I can't believe how many penalties BYU had. I can't believe that Oregon crushed Michigan. That is so sad. They are just not recovering from the awful loss against App. State last week! and I don't think they will ever recover after this loss! Bummer!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

She is a nut!

Makenna is a crack up! I can't stand it! She always makes me laugh. Even when I am mad at her she always finds a way to make me smile! One of her new favorite things to do is color. She loves to draw all over everything. She has already taken a crayon to our pantry door. Thank goodness for mr. clean magic erasers! But I put her up to the table and give her washable markers and let her go at it. We have a glass top on our table so it's not a big deal if she accidently misses her paper! Her new favorite word is, "colorie!" She won't say color but she says, "colorie!" It's so funny! Also....Everything is , "OWW!" matter what you do she says "OWW!"
The other day I took her to Wal-mart! The whole time we were there she was waving at everyone and screaming...and I mean sreaming...."HI" "BUH BYE!" to everyone she saw. I kept trying to tell her to use an indoor voice, but it didn't work!
Whenever Makenna is hungry she comes over, grabs our hand and walks us over to the pantry door! Then when we walk her inside...we ask her what she wants. We pick something up and say, "is this what you want?" She says, "Nooo!" In the tone of you should know that's not what i want....haha. Then finally we pick something up that she wants and she grabs it and walks away. She will tell Tyler, "ank oo" ... for those of you that don't speak toddler ... that is thank you! But she will never say thank you to me! It's weird!
She also loves to talk on the phone. She picks up the phone and says, "Ma Ma." She can't say instead she says Ma Ma....she calls me mommy and mom. She will talk to Tyler or my mom on the phone and just babble and every once in awhile a word will pop out that they understand! I can't believe how much she has grown!
She has started saying: stuck, sticky, stinky, icky, poop, no, mine, bow, car, ma ma, pa - that is for grandpa, mom, dad, colorie, thank you, please and cycle - for motorcycle.
Tyler takes Makenna out on his motorcycle for rides around our neighborhood! She absolutely loves it! For all of you who are worried about that....he drives slow and there is not much traffic in our neighborhood at we are careful!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I am so excited!! My little brother Michael only has 9 more months left on his mission! And my little brother in-law Dallin has 6 more months! For those of you who don't know...Michael is in Canada and Dallin is in Spain! We are so proud of them and can't wait for them to get back!!


My little sister hiked up the mountain the big "Y" in Provo! That is so awesome...Go Christy!
My little brother is #13. This was during practice at BYU!
My brother is #23...the one standing next to #10. This was during the BYU vs. AZ game! Go Steven!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


BYU beat Arizona 20-7! That is awesome! My little brother got to dress out and go out on the sidelines! Pretty cool...he was #23!!! Go Steven!!! The OU game got really boring because they absolutely crushed North Texas. But we are happy they won! Go Sooners! So we started watching the Oklahoma State vs. Georgia game. It was okay until the 4th quarter! Tyler and I are both excited for the football season!!