Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Because They Can

As I was making dinner I went to check on the girls. I found Bryn sitting on the potty (with her diaper on), with her slushie and chapstick in hand. She was just chilling. Makenna changed out of her swimsuit from swim lessons and put her own jammies on. Nice outfit Kenna. I absolutely love when my kids do crazy things like this. They are harmless, but they are so funny. I know they will enjoy looking back at these pictures and remembering some of the funny things they did. Kids will be kids right?!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls Weekend

For Mother's Day Tyler asked what I would like as a gift. I didn't really know, but then it hit me! I wanted time to myself. My best friend, Jenn, and I headed off to my in-laws lake home for some peace and relaxation. OH MY GOSH! It was the best gift ever. We left Friday night when our husbands got home from work. We drove up to the lake house and stayed up till probably 4:30am watching movies. Saturday we slept in till about 10am and just hung out. It was too cool to lay out so we watched a ton of movies and went into town. We stayed up till about 5:30am watching movies. We woke up around 9:30 Sunday morning and it was warm outside. We took advantage of that and laid out. We didn't stay out too long. Then we packed up shop and headed home. Unfortunately, the sun I guess was stronger than we thought and we both got fried. Anyways...I am so thankful for this gift from Tyler. It was so nice to be with my best friend, no kids and nothing to do. I missed the girls, but it was so nice to not hear "momma!!!!" or screaming and crying for a couple days. Tyler handled it like a champ and did really well with the girls. This was the first time ever that Tyler was left for a couple days with the girls without me! He passed with flying colors and I am happy to report that he is willing to let me have another girls weekend in the future! Such a fun, relaxing weekend!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Mom, Mama, Mommy~ There may be some days that I feel like those words are the only words my kids know how to say (especially Bryn). And although Mother's Day is typically like every other day it's nice to have a day dedicated to us moms. I did get to sleep in this morning, but the rest of the day was pretty typical. I changed diapers, yelled at the kids :), bribed the kids to eat dinner, wrestled the kids in church, fixed the kids lunch, did a few loads of laundry, picked up toys and went to dinner with family. But I am so grateful for both my kids. One day my house will be totally clean. One day I won't have toys in my living room. One day I won't have diapers to change. One day we will eat peacefully without anyone complaining. So I am going to try to live in the moment more often because one day before I know it my kids will be gone and I will be wishing for typical days just like today. I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up. I have done things for them that I never thought in my life I would do. Sometimes it is hard to live in the moment because you just can't wait for the whiney stage to be over. Then another stage comes. I find myself wishing....someday!! I try to remember the country song, "you're gonna miss this!" Somedays are easier than others. But I am grateful for the 2 little munchkins that gave me the name Mom! I love them so much!

My New Do

after...Kenna took this picture
before...we ended up cutting about 5 inches off

I have a ton of hair and it gets really heavy and hot. I have been debating for awhile whether or not I wanted to cut it! I finally decided to do it and I love it. It feels great and it is so much cooler for our HOT summers!

Makenna's End of Pre-K Program

Kenna played the part of bells during one of her songs
Mrs. Perry and Kenna
Makenna and Mrs. Potter
Bryn made herself right at home on the floor and ate her cookies during the performance

Makenna did very well at her end of the year performance. She knew all her songs and acted out Humpty Dumpty. She played the part of Humpty Dumpty. I can't believe that she will be out of school in 3 weeks and this August will be a kindergartener. She is growing up so fast!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Zoo with My Sis

Christy and Kenna
Bryn was wind blown and ready to go
Makenna took a picture of my sis and I
Christy got scared because the 4 birds on her arm started fighting!
Bryn kept poking the goats to get their attention
Bryn and Christy
Makenna feeding the goats
Christy, Kenna and Bryn with the gorilla statue
The glimpse of the baby elephant. The mom was super protective and was covering it most of the time.
The orangutan
Christy's hand compared to the orangutan, chimp and gorilla
The bears foot
The bears cuddled together

While Christy was here we went to the zoo. Unfortunately, the day that we had time to go was not the best day. We went Friday and it was SUPER windy! It was also the day that most schools decided to have a field trip to the zoo so it was packed. The giraffes were not in their area because their fence was being fixed, the lions were no where to be found and it took forever to see the elephants. But even with all that...we had fun! I enjoy hanging out with my sister and she was a great help keeping the girls interested in the animals.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Family
The girls - Makenna, Brynlee, Christy and I

Beautiful Bryn
Makenna is pretty
The girls in the their beautiful Easter Dresses

My sister was here for Easter this year. Tyler's brother Dallin was also in town and stayed at our house. The girls woke up and got their Easter baskets and hunted for eggs. I made german pancakes for breakfast and we watched the movie Tangled before church. We went to church and then came home to change clothes and headed over to my friend Jenn's house for dinner. We had a great dinner at Jenn's with her family and parents. Dallin and Christy were with us and we did a small egg hunt over there. We had a great Easter this year!

Bowling Fun and Braums

Did she really just lick me? haha yes she did! :)
Christy and I at Braums
Before bowling
Jenn and I at Braums
Why are you taking my picture?
I won the second game with 2 strikes. Still bowled horrible...but I won. I lost by a few points the first game to Jenn, but I had 3 strikes the first game!
Christy was sad that she didn't bowl very well
Christy and I
Diane (Jenn's mom) and Jenn
Jenn and I

While my sister was visiting we did a girl's night out! Jenn's mom was visiting her so we all went out together. We went bowling and to Braums for ice cream. It was so much fun!

My Sister

CiCi's Pizza
Reading Stories
The Zoo
Texas Roadhouse
Swim Lessons

My sister came to visit me for her spring break. I was really nervous because she would be leaving her friends, beach, disneyland and other things to come to my boring house to hang out. At 16 years old I don't think I would have wanted to spend time with my sister. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I was so glad to see her and I think she had a blast. The girls absolutely loved having aunt Christy around and playing with her. She has been gone for a day now and Bryn still starts crying and asking for Christy!