Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls Weekend

For Mother's Day Tyler asked what I would like as a gift. I didn't really know, but then it hit me! I wanted time to myself. My best friend, Jenn, and I headed off to my in-laws lake home for some peace and relaxation. OH MY GOSH! It was the best gift ever. We left Friday night when our husbands got home from work. We drove up to the lake house and stayed up till probably 4:30am watching movies. Saturday we slept in till about 10am and just hung out. It was too cool to lay out so we watched a ton of movies and went into town. We stayed up till about 5:30am watching movies. We woke up around 9:30 Sunday morning and it was warm outside. We took advantage of that and laid out. We didn't stay out too long. Then we packed up shop and headed home. Unfortunately, the sun I guess was stronger than we thought and we both got fried. Anyways...I am so thankful for this gift from Tyler. It was so nice to be with my best friend, no kids and nothing to do. I missed the girls, but it was so nice to not hear "momma!!!!" or screaming and crying for a couple days. Tyler handled it like a champ and did really well with the girls. This was the first time ever that Tyler was left for a couple days with the girls without me! He passed with flying colors and I am happy to report that he is willing to let me have another girls weekend in the future! Such a fun, relaxing weekend!

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