Friday, March 26, 2010

Cougar Safety Gets Experienced Help

This is an article about my little bro! Pretty cool!

Cougar Safety Gets Experienced Help: "It’s not uncommon that a successful former player finds it difficult to sever himself from the special ties he has to the Cougar program. With the next up-and-coming generation of Cougar safeties currently developing, one such player had returned often to help mentor them. Steven Thomas in particular has benefitted from that help."

For the Record...

I have the cutest kids possible!! Makenna and Bryn are so stinkin' cute! I just want to hug 'em and kiss 'em all day! I do yell at them...but only because I love them and am trying to teach them to listen and behave. But...Bryn and Makenna are the cutest little girls!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break

The girls were rocking out to the music in Kenna's jeep!
Silly girls
Bryn likes to give the bird...haha! I mean, use her "index" finger to point! :)
Bryn was having a lot of fun. Makenna is a pretty crazy driver and Bryn did end up outside the car on her head though. She is okay. It was pretty funny though.
The girls out for a joyride
Yes...that is Tyler's belt around her waist. Makenna was such a crazy driver that just the little belt inside wasn't working. So Tyler belted her in with his belt! haha.
Bryn pushed her bike along and Makenna rode her bike and scooter.
Tyler and his girls!
Silly girls
Happy St. Patricks Day from Bryn and Kenna
Bryn taking a rest on the fireplace. She loves crawling up on everything!
Bryn, Kenna and Addie
Brynlee and Addison hanging out in their high chairs!

So Tyler is finishing up his last official spring break! After he graduates in May there will be no such thing as a "spring break" for him. Real life will set in and he will have a job, hopefully. So it has been nice to spend this week with him. Monday was nice for me because I got to go do my visiting teaching, go to Wal-Mart and go to lunch with a friend, all without the kids! Thanks honey! Then Tuesday Tyler and I went took Bryn to her hand appointment and then went to Ihop for dinner. Kids eat free from 2pm-close there, so that is nice! Wednesday we were headed to the zoo, but when we got there it was freezing and the girls didn't want to go. So we went with Danielle, my sis-in-law, and Addie, my niece, to CiCi's for lunch. Wednesday afternoon we took off to the lake with Tyler's mom. It is too cold here to go out on the water, but it was a nice break. We went to dinner on Wednesday night, went back to the house and put the girls down early. Thursday, we rode to town, ate some lunch and rode scooters. Thursday was a nice day to run around outside. Bryn loved it. We came home today (Friday) and the girls took naps. Tonight we met up with some friends and went to Pops! It was 70 degrees today. Guess what?!? It is supposed to snow all day tomorrow. What the hec!!! Warm, no jacket weather today...and snow tomorrow. Crazy crazy crazy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hand Appt.

So we learned nothing new today! We sat around for about 25 minutes before anyone came into the room. Then a resident came in and just asked how things were and what we wanted to do next. Then about 25 minutes after that the Dr. came in and asked for the nurse to take an x-ray of her left hand so we had a current one. Then about 25 minutes after that the Dr. came in and said he would schedule surgery. We are going to do it at the end of April or beginning of May. We are waiting to hear from his office to know what they have planned. They should call us within the next few days. We didn't learn anything we didn't know. We will meet with the Dr. one week before her surgery. He said her left hand looked good and should do just well with the surgery. He was pleased with how her right hand was doing as well.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Lately Bryn has been interested in the sacrament at church. She has been pulling at the trays so we started giving it to her every week. Yesterday day at church I gave her the water cup. I got so excited when I watched her grab it with her thumb and hang onto the little cup. She held the cup snug between her thumb and "index" finger. I was so excited. I almost screamed in the middle of the sacrament. :) Tyler and I are were really happy to see her move her thumb and grasp that little cup. It seems like such a small thing, but yet it is a huge accomplishment for her!! Yea Bryn!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


We have 2 molars!! She has one on the bottom that wants to burst through the gums and the other bottom one that doesn't want to make an appearance yet! yea for teething! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One of Those Days

Wow...Today was one of those days. Ya know...the ones where your kids aren't even for sale, you are giving them away for free! haha. Makenna is pushing her buttons big time. Dad is better than mom and grandma is better than everyone. She does not like me and doesn't think she needs to listen to anything I say. All I hear is how grandma or daddy will be so mad at me when they get home because I am so mean. It is super frustrating. When I went visiting teaching today she would not listen and was running around. I said no, she said yes. I said up, she said down. Ugh!! She is only 4! What am I going to do when she turns 16? My mom always said I would get it back 10 times worse. She wasn't lying! Bryn didn't want to take a nap. She whined and cried and moaned all day. I know getting teeth is hard, but I think it just might kill me! We have done all the teething treatments possible and nothing helps. She is just irritable and cranky. What happened to the sweet little girl? She also has one of those smiles that when you are yelling at her you can't help but laugh. was one of those days that you say you are NOT having anymore children!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last week Bryn had her barium enema. Probably the worst experience for both of us. Poor girl was strapped down to a board so she wouldn't move. She screamed the whole time. She cried so hard she ended up throwing up everywhere! Poor girl. I felt so bad for her. Good news though...the enema showed that her colon is normal. So who knows why she can't poop. I sure don't. I am just glad that her anatomy is okay. She have cut out some of her milk intake because we heard that milk can cause constipation. She drinks a lot more water and sometimes has a little bit of apple juice. She has been pooping just fine this week! haha...guess the enema really worked.
Yesterday Bryn had a hearing test. I think her hearing is just fine, but it is a requirement for this new therapy program she is starting. She didn't pass on either ear because she is recovering from an ear infection and there is still fluid behind her ears that caused her not to pass. So we have to go back in about 6 weeks for another test.
She is starting OT/PT on March 24th for her neck and hands. They will work with her hands and fine motor skills. The therapist will come to my home 2 times a month. That will be so nice to not have to go out and take her to therapy. They will also come at a time that Makenna will be gone. So nice!!
Next Tuesday is her hand appt. with her dr. to evaluate and hopefully schedule her next surgery. The surgery should be in April sometime.

Photo Booth with Bryn

I took these pictures using my camera on my computer. Bryn was eating her lunch! What a smiley girl!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Kenna's First Soccer Game

P.S.-If you click on the pictures, they should enlarge so you can see better detail!

Kenna and Audra dancing.
Kenna didn't want to stand for a picture. She had to have it squatting! :)
Kenna didn't really kick the ball...just stood there to stop the other kid from kicking it! haha
Bryn and Kenna! They love each other!
She runs like her mama....with her tongue out!

Makenna had her first Soccer game of the season last Saturday. She did really well. Although she didn't score and goals herself, she helped get the ball to her teammates who then scored! Good job Kenna. She also did not have any crying episodes or freaking out. The coach did get a little frustrated with her because his daughter and Makenna started dancing on the field instead of playing soccer. haha...girlie girls! Oh well. It was fun. Bryn had a good time watching! I also thought I had taken more/better pictures. But then I realized I had to put the camera away because Makenna kept looking at me to smile so I could take a picture instead of following the ball!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Funny girl wanted to pose with my mirror!
Kenna would not wear her clothes backwards or anything so this is how she dressed wacky.
I put bows that were different colors and different sizes in her hair. I rolled up one sleeve of her shirt and left the other long. I rolled up one pant leg and left the other down. She wore a striped sock and shoe on one foot and a sandal on the other. I thought she looked super cute :)

This week Kenna's school is celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday! Tuesday they brought their favorite Dr. Seuss book to school. Kenna brought "The Digging-est Dog" for her favorite book. On Wednesday, to celebrate his book 'Wacky Wednesday', the kids were supposed to dress wacky. I told Makenna that she got to dress wacky tomorrow. She said, "when do we pick her up?" I was like WHAT? I don't get it. She thought wacky was a person and that she got to dress her. I told her that wacky meant she got to dress silly. haha. It was funny.


Mom look....I have goggles!

Ryder, Bryn and Makenna
Ryder tackled Kenna. Bryn had fun watching!

Jen and Bryn. Bryn sure loves Jen!!
I got the camera out to take a picture of Kenna and Ryder. Bryn saw the camera and booked it over to the kids and made herself comfy right in front of Ryder. It was hilarious!

Today was a very nice day. Probably in the upper 50's. The sun was out and I was dying to go outside and hang out. So after I picked Kenna up from school we went to Sonic for Happy Hour (1/2 drinks). The girls got slushies and we headed over to the park. Jen and Ryder met us there. The kids had a fun time running around.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Makenna on Kissing

Whenever Kenna sees someone kiss on tv she says, "Eww disgusting." Then I agree with her! haha. Tonight while watching the Bachelor there was a lot of kissing. Makenna kept saying how gross it was. I asked her if it was disgusting if her mom and dad kissed. She said, "No. That's okay." I asked her why. She said, "If daddy kissed another girl it would be disgusting. But it's okay for daddy to kiss you." haha. She is so funny. Then she said, "Oh yea...daddy can kiss me too and that's okay."