Friday, October 31, 2008


Bummer Tyler had his eyes closed
The Larsens
Grammy and Papa Larsen and muffy
A Princess on her throne!
Haha...I wanted Makenna to try and go potty before we left grammy's house because it had been awhile since she went. She was so tired mixed with having a lot of sugar it was like she was drunk. It was so funny.
London, Dimitri and Kenna
Dimitri, Kailey, Makenna and London
Makenna and Maylee
Meredith, Maddi, Makenna and Mia
These are our neighbors. They were the 3 little pigs and their dad was the big bad wolf and their mom was the big bad wolf's wife. It was really cute!
The Brewers, Larsens and Austins
Look at my pretty girl. And yes...she was wearing make-up. She makes a gorgeous Cinderella...doesn't she!
Tonight we took Makenna trick-or-treating downtown. The city shuts down the main street and the businesses hand out candy. There was also a bunch of inflatable toys. Makenna had a blast. The Brewer family went along with us. Their daughter Kailey was a big help with keeping an eye on Kenna and helping her T-o-T. Kenna got quite a bit of candy. We then drove over to Tyler's parents house so Makenna could say hello and trick-or-treat! It was a good, fun Halloween! Tonight though when we put Kenna to was hilarious. She was going a million miles a minute and kept saying funny things. We got her undressed and she was running around her room yelling, "I'm naked...I'm naked!" We were laughing so hard. She ate way too much candy and sweets today and was so tired. She is one crazy little girl!

Halloween Party

Makenna's Halloween Outfit
Amber reading to the girls!
Skylar, Meredith and Mia
Makenna and her spider cupcake

My neighbor has 3 girls...she also watches 3 other little girls. Today she has a Halloween party for them and invited Makenna. She made cupcakes and let the girls decorate them with pretzels and kisses to make spiders. She let them bounce in a little bounce house, had witches brew (complete with smoky dry ice), and read the girls 2 halloween stories outside. She made cute goodie bags for the girls as well. Kenna had a lot of fun playing with the girls!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have 3 weeks and 4 days until my little girl arrives. I went to my dr.'s appt today. I have only more more 2 week visit then I will have a 1 week visit! It is almost over. I am measuring perfect and things seem to be right on target! This past 9 months feels like it has taken forever. I got larger quicker this time so I feel like I have been pregnant forever and I can't remember what it feels like to be skinny! November 24th will come really soon. I can't wait! I am happy, excited, nervous, scared and about every other emotion you can feel. I am happy to meet her, excited to be a mom of another baby girl and to breathe again, nervous about having 2 kids and scared that Makenna will have a hard time adjusting. haha. It is so cute because Makenna loves to come up and hug and kiss my belly. She lifts up her shirt all the time and says, "Look mommy my baby is kicking!" and "My belly is getting big like yours mommy!" haha. She likes to remind that I am getting larger, "'re fat!" Tyler tries to remind her that I'm pregnant...not fat...what a good hubby! I better try and enjoy the next few weeks. 

Monday, October 27, 2008


Haha. So tonight I was making cupcakes and dinner at the same time. I had gotten dinner started then moved on to the dessert. When I was done making the cake mix I gave Makenna a spoon full. She was so excited. She sat on the floor and licked it clean! I checked on my dinner and realized I had forgotten to put the onions in. I started dicing up the onion and Makenna wanted to know what I was doing. I told her I had to put some onion in our dinner. She told me, "mommy...I need some onion...I like onion." I told her that she wouldn't like it, but she insisted. Well...I was wrong. I gave her a small piece of onion and she loved it. She ate it up and asked for more. Haha. I couldn't believe that she liked eating plain, raw onion. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Makenna and the finished pumpkin!
Kenna with our pumpkins!
Kenna had fun coloring away!
Eww Mom...Guts!
You want me to get the seeds?

Tonight Makenna and I carved pumpkins. She helped me carve out the top and pull out all the seeds. She also help me carve the face. For a little bit I needed to do it myself so I had her color her small pumpkin. She enjoyed coloring it many different colors! I think for my first pumpkin carving I did really well. I didn't have any help...well except from a 2.5 year old. Kenna and I also went for a flashlight walk. We went out around 7:00 pm when it was getting dark and took our flashlights. Kenna had fun pointing at the leaves, acorns and trees. We even saw a cat and shined our light on it. It was really fun! We had to find something to do while Tyler studied. We have been spoiled to have him to ourselves most of the weekend so far and we needed to let him get some reading done.


Makenna and Daddy at the Trunk-or-Treat. Makenna wasn't very happy.
My little princess playing soccer!
Makenna loves riding ponies!

Kenna had fun decorating her pumpkin cookie!

Kenna really wanted to be a princess for Halloween. It changed from Tinkerbell to Snow White to Sleeping Beauty to finally Cinderella! I think she makes a beautiful princess. She had a lot of fun getting candy car to car and playing games, riding ponies, decorating cookies and playing in the bounce house!
This is my friend Robin. She made this really cute costume for her baby Kenzie. She was a Tiger Lilly. She looked like an Anne Geddess Baby. I loved it!


The pictures don't even do it justice. It's horrible. I can't believe it. I was at Target and had Makenna in the basket. She was in the basket area because half the time the straps are broken in the seat anyways. She was being defiant and standing up and I kept telling her I wouldn't push the cart until she sat down. So she reached over the side of the cart and the cart moved. She flipped over the side of the cart and landed on her back with her twisted. I screamed super load and picked her up. She was screaming and had blood running out of her mouth. It was gross. I checked her out and there were no other bruises....just a busted lip. I was so scared and can't believe she didn't hurt anything else. She kept telling me...mommy...I'm okay! I felt so horrible!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm 24!

Today I turned 24! My sweet husband stayed home from studying and spent the day with me. He bought me a cookbook (not because he thinks my cooking stinks but because I am always wanting to try something new for dinner), some candy, a candle and a trophy for being a good wife :). We went to Wal-mart, Kohls and the mall. He then took Makenna and I to Olive Garden for fav. restaurant. We then came home and all took a 2 hour nap. It felt so good to get a nap. I don't remember the last time I took one. We hung around the house and went Applebee's for one of my fav. desserts...a Maple Butter Blondie. So all in was a good day. I also got to celebrate with some friends yesterday and with Tyler's family for dinner last Monday night!
I do want to say thank you to all my family and friends who sent birthday cards, texts and calls my way! Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Do you ever feel like you want to lock yourself in a room and never come out? Do you ever feel like you want to lock your child in their room and never let them out? Do you ever feel like you are doing the best you know how, but still continue to fail? Do you ever feel like your child is the best kid in the world? Do you ever feel like they are the devil? Do you ever feel like you finally have things under control just to have them spin out of it the next day? Do you ever feel like you can't stand your child and they look in your eyes and say, "mommy...I love you! Can I have a hug?"'re not alone! Welcome to parenthood!

Friday, October 17, 2008

So Disappointing!

Bummer. I guess it had to happen sometime...but man! BYU lost last night to TCU. TCU played very very well. I am not sure what happened to BYU. It would have been one thing to lose the game, but to be demolished!? It seemed like we couldn't do anything right. The best part of the game though was seeing my little bro! He was on the sideline and was even on the field for the TCU's first punt of the game. I really hope there is some way to recover from this loss.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

8 Things

I was tagged by Tori

8 T.V. Shows I Love To Watch
1. Biggest Loser
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Amazing Race
4. Private Practice
5. Survivor 
6. Desperate Housewives
7. Brothers and Sisters
8. Eli Stone

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. Went to a friend's house for a playdate for Kenna
2. Watched T.V.
3. Gave Kenna a bath
4. Laundry
5. Went to Wal-mart
6. Made dinner
7. Talked to my mom, brothers and grandma
8. Watched the premiere of Eli Stone

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Olive Garden
2. Chili's
3. Texas Roadhouse
4. Panera
5. In-N-Out
6. Italian Place
7. Ted's
8. Panda Express

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Nap time...Nap time...oh wait...did I say Nap time!
2. Bed time...haha
3. The weekend when Tyler can be at home for a little more time
4. Having my baby girl!!!
5. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween
6. Seeing my family
7. Getting back in shape after I have the baby
8. Football on Saturday's 

8 Things on My Wish List
1. To have a clean house without having to life a finger
2. To have this baby and let her be healthy
3. To have a daughter that listens
4. To have my husband home more often
5. To move closer to my family or at least be able to see them more often
6. To not have to live on law school loans
7. To be able to buy something without buyers remorse 
8. To not be fat and uncomfy!

8 People I tag (in case you don't know what "tagged" means it indicates that you will post a blog with your own list of all these '8 things':
1. Lisa Brown
2. Jennifer Horrocks
3. Elizabeth Cramer
4. Brittnei Chilton
5. Debbie Waldron
6. Melissa Smith
7. Allie Montejano
8. Rashel Cherry

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Can you say heart attack!? OMG...yesterday was crazy in football. Oh how sad it was to watch the Sooners go down in defeat against the Longhorns. I for sure thought we had that game in the bag. Texas played hard though. At least we didn't loose to a stupid unranked team. We lost to the #5 ranked team. It made me so sick though. Our neighbors watched the game with us and probably thought I was crazy for screaming at the t.v. and being so into the game!
Then BYU!!! Yea we won. That was awesome. My little bro even got to be on the field a few times. He was on the kickoff return team. It was really cool to see him out there! We probably should have won by a little more, but we still did good!!
And OSU!! Did you see that game?! Oh what a game! We beat Mizzou! Crazy Crazy upset! It was such a nail biter. Man...I had to have my bottle of tums with me all day! haha. I almost lost my voice from yelling at the t.v. so much.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ultrasound #2

Her face. You can see her eyes, nose and mouth.
Yup...It's a girl!
She looks kind of wierd here but you can see her profile. She was squished up against me.
The left side of her head. You can see her ear.

Please no flash! haha. She was covering her eyes with her hands. You can see her nose and mouth.
Her little foot
Her Profile. Her hand is on her chin.

Today we had an ultrasound of our baby girl. And was confirmed that she was a girl. I had had a dream that the dr. was wrong and it was a boy! The dr. said she measures about 4lbs. 6oz right now. He said that her heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder, umbilical cord and all the rest of that looks good. We kept trying to get a good facial shot in 4D of her, but she kept putting her hands across her face. When the dr. started pushing on her she stuck out her bottom lip like she was pouting. It was funny. Makenna was so excited to see her baby sister inside mommy's tummy. We are excited to only have about 7 weeks left until our little one is here. It is a little scary though...not sure how to handle 2 kids at once ;). I am sure we will figure it out quick though! haha. I am ready to have her though...I feel so fat and it gets hard to breathe at times. I want my body back to myself :).

Pumpkin Patch and Pops

Kenna and Grammy having a drink
Our family of 3.5 :)
Kenna drinking her soda
Grammy and Kenna at Pops. Those are a bunch of sodas on the wall behind them!

Kenna, Mommy and Oatmeal
Makenna petting the bunnies!
Hi Mommy!
Daddy caught the bunny and let Makenna pet it. They named it, "Chocolate."
Kenna and daddy on the hayride. It was really bumpy.
Grammy and Kenna petting Oatmeal
Riding Oatmeal with Grammy
Yee Hah! Woo Hoo!
Howdy y'all!
Ride 'em cow girl!
Mommy and Kenna feeding the goat
Mommy and Kenna feeding the donkey

Makenna and Oatmeal. He was trying to smell her hair :)

Today we went to the pumpkin patch. Makenna got to ride a pony, feed goats, a donkey and pet bunnies, go on a hay ride and pick out a pumpkin. At first when we tried to feed the animals she got a little freaked and screamed after the goat licked her, "It burns eww!" haha. It was funny. But I got her to feed some other animals with me. When she rode on Oatmeal she wasn't scared at all and acted like she had done it a million times. It was her first time ever on a pony. Afterwards we went to Pops. It's a restaurant that has over 500 different kinds of soda. It was really cool. We had some burgers and sandwiches and got some bottled sodas. Check it out at It was a really fun day!