Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Growing Up

Makenna seems like she has grown up over night. Her voice has changed a little bit. She sounds more like a little girl than having a toddler voice. Her new favorite saying is, "I just realized..." What 4 year old says that? haha. She is over dramatic, "I am just going to DIE if I don't get to see Tinkerbell and the great Fairy rescue!" She absolutely loves to read and Fancy Nancy books are her favorite. Her new favorite snack is dipping bananas in jello powder.

Bryn went potty on the potty today. NO she is not potty training. I was changing her diaper because she pooped. Then she went #1 a little bit. She stood up and went a little bit more. She was upset because she went #1 on her leg. I could tell she still needed to go so I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty. She ran to the toilet so fast :). She hopped up on the potty and went. Then before her nap I changed her diaper and she got up right away and ran to the potty and went potty again. I know she is no where to going being potty trained, but is fun to see her excited!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer Is Here Again

Kenna started her 3rd season of soccer last week. She loves it. We have been working with her on getting in on the plays. Today she helped kick the ball down for a goal. She was super excited. Her coach is really good and she loves having her daddy out to help on game days.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Todays football game, BYU vs. Air Force, was depressing. It was depressing all around. Penalties, turnovers, interceptions, BYU lost and being on 9/11! How could this game have been any more depressing!! Hopefully they can get their act together and kill the Seminoles next week!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Do you see his name!!!? Tyler has passed the Oklahoma state bar! He took the test July 27 and 28. Results were posted this morning (Sept. 10th). He had to look them up online and see if his name was on the list. I saw that he passed and called him at work. He was so happy. I was so excited I started crying. I never really doubted that he would pass...there is just that 'what if' factor in the back of your head. So I am glad it's over with and we have the results. After he is sworn in he is an official, practicing lawyer!!!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Labor Day

Bryn gets into her work!
Go Cougars!!!
Kenna excited to wear her BYU gear
Kenna is proud to support her uncle Steven
Bryn loves chalk

Look...its Grammy!
Grammy, Kenna and Bryn
The fog rolling in over the lake!
Tyler and Bryn
Grammy and Bryn
Eating a popsicle
Bryn trying to get to the fish
Lots of fish
Aunt Dah helping Bryn and Kenna feed the fish
The girls eating popcorn
Bryn had fun sitting on the back of the boat
Steve an Addison
Kenna tubing with Uncle Steve...he helped her stand up!
Bryn, Grammy and Kenna on the boat. It was a little chilly.
My cute girl

For Labor Day we went back up to the lake. The girls and I went up with Jan on Friday and Tyler followed later that night. Steve, Danielle and Addie came up the next morning. Saturday morning the we went out on the boat. The air had a chill in it. Being on the boat made it feel cold. The water seemed to be warmer than the air. Kenna loves tubing and really wanted to go. Tyler was willing to take her out. It got pretty cool so we headed back up to the house. We ate lunch and the kiddos took naps. Then Danielle, Steve and Addie got there. We went out on the boat with them and Steve took Kenna tubing. We all went swimming. Then we went back to the house for Pizza and the BYU game. BYU won 23-17!!!! My bro Steven was starting safety and did a good job! He had some good tackles!! Good job bro!!!