Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Day

 The girls V-day gifts from Ty and I
My roses from Tyler

On Valentine's Day, Tyler and I got the girls a few little gifts. Tyler bought me some roses. We decided we weren't going to go out on V-day because of crowds. I made a roast and we stayed at home together as a family. The Saturday after V-day, Tyler and I went out to Red Rock Grill and to a movie. It was really fun. Can't believe this was our 10th Valentine's Day together.

Monday, February 18, 2013


 Kenna's snowman

 bryn licking snow off the ground
 kenna making her snowman
 bryn kept walking up behind kenna and throwing snow at her
 kenna making her snowman

Snow angels

On Feb. 12th we got some snow. It came fast and was a wet snow. It was perfect for snowmen. I couldn't wait to pick Kenna up from school to come and play in it. Bryn wanted to eat the snow. She would stick her tongue out and eat the snow. They had fun making snow angels, snowmen, having snowball fights and running around. 

Family Night

On Feb. 5th our mall had a family fun night. It was a free event and the girls got to get their face painted, see a magic show, get a treat, do a craft and get a balloon animal. Kenna got to participate in the magic show. She thought it was pretty funny. The girls love having their face painted, so it made for a great night.


Makenna started tumbling class January 28th. On the first day of class they were working on back handsprings. Kenna took it with stride and tried her best.  Now that she has taken a few classes she is realizing that it is not easy. I am trying to explain to her that it isn't easy and that if she really wants to do it that it will be hard work. She is having a hard time understanding that she has to learn the fundamentals and strengthen her body before she can just start throwing back handsprings without being supported. She is loving it though.

Thunder Game

 Jenn and I
 Ryder, Cash and Kenna
 Me and my girl

On January 4, 2013 Kenna and I went to a Thunder game with the Jeffries family. It was YMCA night at the game. Tyler opted to stay home with Bryn. Kenna cheered like crazy. She was so into the game. She got to see a thunder tattoo and have her hair spray painted blue. It was a really fun night.