Sunday, January 05, 2014

First Bath

 Nice and warm after his bath
Warm and cozy after with Grandma Catherine

Logan was not too happy about his first bath at home on Dec. 23. He did not like it very much. He screamed most of the time. We could only sponge bathe him and he was not a fan.

Christmas With My Mom

 Girls in their Christmas Dresses
 so excited for these packages 
 even more excited to find out they were bandaids 

Logan loves sleeping with Dad

While my mom was out here for Logan, we celebrated Christmas with her. The girls were excited to open gifts early. It's so fun to see how excited they get over all their gifts! It was good to have my mom come and visit. 

Coming Home

 In his car seat for the first time, headed home
first night home

On Friday December 20, we headed home. It was freezing outside. Logan road home in his car seat like a pro. It was so nice to be in my own house. A little weird to realize I was now at home with 3 kids!

Baby Brother

Logan James Larsen
7lbs. 11.9ounces
20inches long
Born December 18, 2013

 first time holding brother

 First family photo

Dr. Goff with Logan

On Wednesday, December 18, I headed to the hospital to be induced. The night before, I didn't sleep and had extreme back pain. I totally thought I was in labor and was expecting for a quick, simple delivery. I arrived at 7:30am to the hospital. I got hooked up to the IV and everything else. The nurse then informed me I was only at a 2. Pitocin was started. I had contractions every 1-2 minutes but noting unbearable. I was having bad back pain though. I didn't get my epidural because I wasn't feeling horrible. After 5 hours, the nurse then told me that I was only at a 3. I couldn't believe after 5 hours I was not progressing. Finally around 5pm the doctor came in. He decided to break my water, I had not gotten my epidural yet. It was extremely painful and the contractions ramped up. I got super sick and was screaming in pain. About 45mins later, I got my epidural. Although my epidural didn't really work and gave me the bad shakes and I could still feel all the contractions. Yet it didn't take long to get to a 10 and I was ready to push. The dr. was in surgery. They kept calling him. He luckily made it just in time. I was having back pain because Logan was face up and pushing his spine against mine. When he was finally out, it was like the epidural medicine was finally able to go to my back and ended up making me numb from the neck down. But Logan was here, happy and healthy. He is so sweet and super cute.