Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I will upload some pictures soon. Sorry...I barely have time to write a post let alone hook the camera up, download pictures and blog about them. Hopefuly I can get them up before Tyler goes back to school and I really am all by myself!

Kenna is 3

Today is Kenna's 3rd b-day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNA! I can't believe she is already 3! She woke up today and became princess Kenna. My aunt gave her a crown that says Birthday Girl on it and she has worn it all day. She has had a bad attitude because she thinks she should get whatever she wants on her birthday :). We took her this morning to Kohls and she got to pick out a toy. Then we went to Wal-Mart for groceries and let her pick out a treat. For lunch she got chicken nuggets, apples and apple juice from McDonalds...her favorite. Tonight we are eating pizza, cake and ice cream with one of Kenna's friends and her family. She had a party with my side of the family in Utah last Saturday. She got a my little pony cake and gifts from the family. When Tyler's family gets home from Spain we are doing a party with them. 3 parties for the 3 year old :). She is so spoiled!! I can't believe Kenna will be a sunbeam this coming Sunday! It is so more nursery for me for 17 months!
Kenna did have a big year this year. She moved into a big girl bed, got rid of her pacifier, was potty trained, learned some not so good words ;), was Cinderella for Halloween, rode the tube at the lake for the first time, stayed all by herself at Grammy Catherine's while mom and dad went to Mexico and became a very good big sister to Bryn! Next year should be a great year for Kenna! I look forward to watching her grow up! She is so smart and has such an attitude...hopefully she will use it for good!

Friday, December 26, 2008

It has been awhile since I have posted...which is so unlike me :)
We are here in Utah visiting my family. Christmas was really good. The girls got tons of gifts and we had a yummy family dinner. Tyler and the girls are still sleeping so I have a free moment to post.
My milk situation, for those of you who have asked, is becoming better. I am able to produce enough to get Bryn fed. Bad news is that she still won't nurse and when she does...she won't nurse hard and long enough to get the food she needs. So I am pretty much not nursing and just pumping for every feeding. It's a lot of work and I am exhausted, but I know it will be good for Bryn. We will see how much longer I can keep this up. Hopefully she will get stronger and put on some weight and be able to nurse better. I try to get her to nurse...but it doesn't work.
Tyler seems to be enjoying not studying. We have had fun in the tons of snow Utah has. We haven't gone sledding or anything like that but we have enjoyed watching it snow. Bryn and Kenna did really well on the flight out here and I am hoping for the same on the way home.
Alright...well I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I need to go get Kenna!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We are in Utah with our family for Christmas. Yesterday it snowed like crazy and it's supposed to snow like crazy again on Christmas Day! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bryn's ENT appt.

Oh yea...Bryn went to see an ENT last Monday too. She was able to get her tongue clipped. It hasn't helped too much with nursing, but maybe with time it will. The dr. said that she will probably just grow out of her congestion. The only way to fix it is this tube procedure and the dr. said it wasn't worth it unless she was turning blue or stopping breathing. He said that it just complicated things more. So we will opt out of that procedure and just continue to use saline and a bulb syringe.
We also took her to the pediatrician yesterday to have her checked out before we fly out to Utah on Monday. He said she looked great. He is an awesome dr. and I am so glad that I have found him to care for my girls!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bryn's Eye Appt.

So the Bryn's dr. told us that she had a cataract on her left eye. I took her to see an eye dr. today and he said that she has a lens issue. It is lens placode migration from cornea. I guess when you are developing the lens is near/part of the cornea. As you develop the lens pinches off from the cornea and moves back. When hers pinched it left a spot on the cornea and the lens. The dr. said this should NOT interfere with her vision at all and just to make sure he is going to check her again in 4 months. So yea....she is okay with her eyes. It was good to hear that it was NOT a big deal and that nothing needed to be done! Yea!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Few Seconds!

I have a few seconds while Bryn is down to sleep and Makenna is watching some t.v. Bryn is doing well. She is a pretty fussy baby and that makes things a bit difficult. My milk still isn't wanting to cooperate. I will probably try a little bit longer then give up. It is pretty difficult to nurse when you don't have anything to nurse your baby with. I have to pump a lot and it doesn't seem to help and I am on vitamins and a perscription to help and they don't seem to help either. Anyways... enough about that....
We leave for our trip to Utah on Monday morning. It will definitely be interesting to travel with 2 kids now. At least I have Tyler there to help. Well...Like I said...I only had a few seconds...Bryn is screaming for attention again!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 Left!


Friday, December 12, 2008

What's up Mom?

Bryn thinks Makenna needs to stay away :)

This is one of the times she is actually asleep!

Haha Bryn sure is a fussy baby and does not like to sleep unless being held. Today I put her in the carseat and stuck her on top of the dryer...haha I know...old school. But it worked. She does okay at night. But when she wakes up at 6am to eat...she does not want to go back to sleep. That is difficult because she finally falls asleep around 8am and Kenna wakes up around 8-8:30am. Anyways...the joys of new babies!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life as a mother of 2 is a little more difficult than thought ;)
Makenna is in constant want of attention...if she is not glued to a movie on t.v. Bryn is an around the clock job...she has to eat, be held until she can get the gas out, then I have to pump, lay her down and then change her diapers. By the time I am done with all that it's time to start over again. 
Bryn has 3 of her appts scheduled. We go so an orthopedic hand dr. tomorrow and an ENT on Monday. Her genetic appt. isn't until Jan. Her eye appt. will be in January as well. 
Tyler has taken 2 of his finals and has 3 to go. He has one this Friday, then one on Monday and his last on Friday the 19th.
Once again...Thank you to all our friends and family for your help. It is okay to call if you want too. Thank you to those of you who have called to pick up things for me at the store, to do my calling at church, to ask if you can watch Makenna, to see about bringing dinners and those who set-up and brought dinners. Our family has truly been loved and cared about. It feels really good to know that there are people around you who love and support you. Thank you!!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

They Look A Lot Alike

Makenna when she was a few days old in her carseat!
Bryn at a few days old in her carseat!

Makenna was a little bigger with a rounder face, but they sure do look a lot alike. Makenna was 7lbs 4oz and Bryn was 6lbs 4oz. I hope that they will grow up and be great friends. I know they will have their sister moments, but I hope they can love and appreciate each other.

More Pictures!

Bryn rolling her eyes.
Grandma Catherine and Bryn
Isn't she cute?! She had jaundice and had to have the lights put on her. She had to wear the glasses to protect her eyes!
The night I had to room in with her at the hospital.
Daddy was trying to stretch her arms out!
Bryn at the hospital in her coming home outfit! It is newborn size and it was really big on her! I had a cute little gown and bow for her but the gown was 0-3 months and was HUGE and the bow just fell off her head...she is so little. So I had to find a newborn sleeper!

Her first ride home in her carseat!

Kenna loves her little sister. She always tells me, "Mommy she's beautiful...I lub her!" haha
Kenna's first time holding Bryn
Makenna was eating breakfast, watching Cars and trying to sit with Grandma. Grandma was trying to keep Bryn happy!
Tyler and his girls! They both look just like him!
Bryn cuddling with daddy!

Friday, December 05, 2008


Well my mom left yesterday morning. Bryn had her 1 week check at the dr.'s office yesterday. The dr. was horrible. He did not address any of the major concerns I had and the minor concerns he just brushed off like no big deal. He did talk to me...he spoke with his PA...which by the way was who I was seeing. The dr. only came in because the PA had a question. The PA could only use big words and tell me what immunizations Bryn would get when she was older and what type of food she would eat at 6 months. It was so ridiculous. I left the appointment and got in my car and just cried. It was so awful. So I spent yesterday afternoon trying to find a dr. (whether it was on my insurance or not) that would take care of Bryn the way she needed to be taken care of. I met with a dr. today who I really liked. He told me what needed to be done to take care of Bryn's issues and set up a plan to get it done. He was calling other dr.'s for me to set things up. I felt so much better and feel that Bryn will get the care that she needs.
Makenna has been a great big sister and has been trying to help me with Bryn. She loves to give her kisses. Kenna has been wetting the bed almost every night and even with a pull-up it still makes it to the sheets. So I have been washing a lot of sheets. Hopefully we can get that under control soon.
Tyler has been gone the past few days studying for finals. It is hard not to have him home to help adjust to life with 2 kids, but I want him to get good grades too. So ... I just have to think...only 2 weeks left. 
Tyler and I just wanted our friends and family to know that we appreciate the thoughts and prayers. We appreciate those of you who have put our names in the temple. We also want our parents, especially our moms, to know that we love them very much and are grateful for all of their help!

Monday, December 01, 2008


Last night I was able to room-in with Brynlee at the hospital. We passed the "test" and Brynlee was released this morning from the hospital. She seems to be doing well. Just sleeps the day away. Makenna was so excited to have Bryn in the car with us and she was so happy to actually see that she had a sister. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. We really do appreciate it and feel the love of our family and friends! Hopefully things can start to get back to normal...well at least as normal as they can be with a new baby!