Friday, December 26, 2008

It has been awhile since I have posted...which is so unlike me :)
We are here in Utah visiting my family. Christmas was really good. The girls got tons of gifts and we had a yummy family dinner. Tyler and the girls are still sleeping so I have a free moment to post.
My milk situation, for those of you who have asked, is becoming better. I am able to produce enough to get Bryn fed. Bad news is that she still won't nurse and when she does...she won't nurse hard and long enough to get the food she needs. So I am pretty much not nursing and just pumping for every feeding. It's a lot of work and I am exhausted, but I know it will be good for Bryn. We will see how much longer I can keep this up. Hopefully she will get stronger and put on some weight and be able to nurse better. I try to get her to nurse...but it doesn't work.
Tyler seems to be enjoying not studying. We have had fun in the tons of snow Utah has. We haven't gone sledding or anything like that but we have enjoyed watching it snow. Bryn and Kenna did really well on the flight out here and I am hoping for the same on the way home.
Alright...well I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I need to go get Kenna!


Cyndi said...

Hi Jen, I feel for you on the nursing situation. The same thing happened with Josh. He just couldn't get the hang of it so I ended up pumping and feeding him breast milk in a bottle. I think I did it for 2 months and then just switched to formula. Some kids just can't figure it out it seems. Then along came Candace and she was a pro. Never had a problem from her even at the beginning and I nursed her until she was 18 months old. Go figure.

The Cherry Family said...

Hey Jeni,
How long are you in Utah for? We need to see one another! Let me know.

Joni said...

You are such a wonderful mommy! You have been very blessed. See you soon!