Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Last Saturday, September 8th, we moved into our new house. I had slowly moved things over for about 2 wks before. But on Saturday we moved the beds, couches, tv and washer and dryer. We spent our first night in the new house Saturday night. Bryn kept asking to go home. When we explained to her that we were home she kept saying no, this is the new house. She finally fell asleep and when she woke up she told me that she loves her new room and new house! :) Good thing since we will be here awhile! Things are still in boxes and I will have a lot to put away, but that's ok. I will take my time. I don't need my house to be 100% done right away. The girls seem to think the house is cool and they love their new special rooms. Bryn loves her pink walls and Kenna loves her zebra. It feels really good to own our own home now, expensive, but nice. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Second Tooth

On September 5th, Makenna lost her second tooth. I was bummed that I was not able to pull it out. I picked her up from school and she was holding her tooth in her hand. I guess it was wiggling enough that it started bleeding a little. She got a paper towel to hold on it and when she moved the paper towel her tooth fell out. She was super excited to put it under her pillow. She couldn't wait to tell me in the morning that the tooth fairy left he a dollar for her tooth. She is growing up way to fast for me.

Dance Class

 Bryn in tap
 Kenna in ballet
 Bryn in ballet

The girls started their first dance class on August 28. Bryn is taking a ballet/tap combo class and Kenna is just in ballet. They absolutely love it. I'm so excited to have my girls start dance and enjoy something I love so much.

Bryn's First Day of Preschool

Bryn started school on August 20. She goes to a Preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays. She absolutely loves it. The teachers tell me that I get my moneys worth because she plays so hard from the time she gets there until I pick her up. She is happy to be just like her big sister and go to school. She loves to play at the 'park' (playground) at school. She loves drawing and coloring and making crafts at school. Taking a lunchable for lunch is one of her favorite things.

First day of First Grade

Isn't she gorgeous?! I can't believe my little girl is in first grade! She started 1st grade at a new school this year. Since we closed on the house before school started, she was able to begin 1st grade at the new school. She loves school. She loves learning and is super excited for homework, spelling tests and reading logs. She started school on August 17th. I was able to take her to school and walk her in to class. She has her own little desk and is able to put her own stuff inside. She thinks it's the coolest. She said after school that it was the best day ever! I love my little scholar!