Thursday, February 09, 2012


Yesterday, I took the girls in to have their eyes checked. This was Makenna's first visit and just another check-up for Bryn. Makenna has complained a few times of not being able to see the tv, but I figured it was an excuse cause she likes to sit close. At the dr. he checked Makenna. She was having a hard time reading the letters, especially with her left eye. The dr. dilated her eyes and had Bryn jump up in the chair. He checked her eyes and said, 'well is 4hrs of patching a day going to work?' I asked if he was joking and he said no. So Bryn is back to having to wear a patch 4 hours a day. Her brain just shuts off her left eye and we need her to be focusing and seeing full strength with it. I asked the dr. what happens if patching doesn't work. He said, 'believe will work and we will get her taken care of.' He is a great dr and has a great reputation so I am trusting that he is right. He has been really to me and the girls and so I am trusting that we are in good hands. Makenna then jumped back into the chair and was looking at her eyes. He said, 'yup...she needs glasses now too mom.' Wow...really? Bummer. Oh well. So Kenna will start wearing glasses as of next week.

I spent most of yesterday trying to find frames that both Kenna and I liked. She is going to look super cute. The optical shop is attached to the dr. offices so we checked there first. The lady in there was extremely rude and had no desire to help me whatsoever and seemed annoyed that I was calling Tyler to ask his opinion and see if he could come help me look. I felt super rushed and decided to wait to buy frames there. I went up a little later to the office where Bryn has gotten her glasses. The lady there was so helpful, spent about an hour with us helping us look at frames, understanding when I was texting and calling Ty and also helped us get the right price on a pair of frames. She was so awesome. So if anyone around my town needs an eye office....I can tell ya where to go. I love the girls dr. so we will still go there for exams, but I will NOT buy anything from their optical shop.