Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brynlee (5)

Bryn is so funny. She will tell you that she has 4 boyfriends. Cohen, Cash, Grant and Callin. Her favorite is Cohen. He is a little boy that is in her class at school. He likes ninja turtles and now Bryn has fallen in love with Ninja Turtles. She got quite a few cool ninja turtle things for her birthday. She also loves princesses and got a ton of princess dress up stuff. Bryn absolutely loves to dance and listen to music. She loves having her Ipod and busting a move where ever she is. She loves dress up and make believe.
She is super excited to be a big sister. She talks to my belly all the time. She can't wait to hold her little brother. She tells him everyday that she loves him and kisses him good night. She has the biggest heart and is very caring. She wants to make everyone happy. She is my cuddle bug. I love it.
I can't believe that it was 5 years ago she came into this world with a bang. She has given me a run for my money since day 1. I can't imagine her any other way. She definitely has a mind of her own. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. That personality will definitely help her in life. I love her so much and am glad she is a part of our family!!

Bryn is 5!!!!

 Bryn's banner and presents
 her bedroom door
 her floor with balloons

 Ninja Turtle Princess

 Eating straight frosting!!

Tyler's mom threw Bryn a Ninja Turtle/Princess party. It was awesome. Bryn loves both of those. She had Elieen's cookies instead of cake, which is great! Bryn woke up to a decorated room. I asked what she wanted for breakfast and she said eggs from McDonalds. We went to get eggs and then I took her to school. At school, she got to take a special snack. She wanted to take oreos, golden oreos and marshmallows. All the kids sang her happy birthday and enjoyed her snack. She was so proud and happy to be 5. After school, she wanted to get a happy meal from McDonalds. We took her sweet friend Ellie to McDonalds with us to get a happy meal and play in the play place. We came home and she face timed with grandma Catherine, uncle Mike and papa jim and grandma Gloria. She opened their presents and danced to her ipod for them. That night we went to Tyler's parents for the ninja princess party. Jan made spaghetti and had Bryn's favorites, cucumbers and olives. She was spoiled with more gifts and then had her cookie! It was a great 5th birthday.

Sleep Overs

On Friday nights, Tyler has a sleepover in the living room with the girls. They look forward to it every week. A couple weeks ago I stayed out and watched the movie with them. We watched Jack Frost. Bryn was so happy for dad to get home. She cuddled up on the couch with him and was immediately asleep. A few minutes later, Tyler was asleep. Of course, Kenna takes after me and was wide awake still. She ended up not wanting to try to sleep on the couch since Bryn and dad were snoring away. So she came to bed with me. I'm not quite sure Makenna ever sleeps though. I kept waking up and she was wide awake every time. Silly Girl.


 After, She said it hurt/stung a little. She was trying to not cry
 There's a smile
 My mom and I with Kenna

 Before, all smiles and super excited

In our house, 8 years old, is the magical age to get your ears pierced. Makenna had been asking me for awhile. I was going to take her on her birthday, but with being pregnant, I decided I would take her before. I wanted it to be a special time and not be rushed because of baby boy. So last minute, when my mom was here, I decided to take her. On November 16, 2013, My mom and I took Kenna to Claire's at the mall to get her ears pierced. We had all gone to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Then Tyler took Bryn home and my mom and I took Kenna for a surprise. She didn't know what we were doing. I told her she could pick out some earrings. She looked at the sets of earrings and chose a diamond daisy pair. I then said, 'are you ready to get your ears pierced?' She gave me a deer in the head light look and said, 'right now?!? am I old enough?' I said yes and that we were going to do it right then if she was ok with that. She all the sudden got nervous. She still wanted to do it and was very surprised. Afterwards, we took her for ice cream. It was fun, special date with her. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast. I love her so much!!!

Baby Shower

 My mom and I at the shower
 Leslie, Me and Jenn
 My mom and the girls

 On November 14, 2013, my two very best friends threw me a baby shower. Leslie and Jenn are the best. My mom was able to fly out for it. It was awesome. I love having my mom visit. She came into town late Wednesday night and left Sunday. She helped me pick out my diaper bag, put curtains in the baby's room and come to my shower. We always have such a fun time together. Like french toast and pancakes ;). The girls were happy to have Grandma Catherine to visit. I loved my shower and felt so loved by all the friends and family that could come make it a special night. Little man was definitely spoiled and I can't wait until he gets here.

Halloween 2013

 Bryn as a witch for turnk or treat
 Kenna as a Cold stone worker for trunk or treat

Before trunk or treat
 My mummy door
 a group of friends from trick or treating
 my door step
 Kenna with the creepy guy at the haunted house. She was so brave
 Bryn and Cash at the trunk or treat
 Our family at trunk or treat
 Pumpkin Carving, Kenna loved the guts

 Bryn just liked to watch. She didn't like pumpkin guts

 Bass Pro Crafts

 Bass Pro Trick or Treat
 Halloween Day for School
 She was riding her broom on Halloween night :)
Halloween Night

We had an awesome Halloween season this year. I love Halloween and Christmas. We always have so much to do and get done in the month of October. On October 25, we had our ward trunk or treat. We look forward to this every year. I won 1st place in the cornbread contest. I didn't even plan on competing. The girls got tons of candy, did the cake walk and enjoyed being with their friends. On October 27, after church we carved pumpkins. Makenna wanted a spider and Bryn wanted Minnie again. The night before Halloween, I took the girls to Bass Pro shop for a free pic with the peanuts gang and trick or treating around the store. The night of Halloween we had our 2nd annual family chili/soup party. We had a lot of families meet at our house and we ate yummy food and then trick or treated around our neighborhood. The kids love going around with all their friends. Unfortunately, we did NOT make it to a pumpkin patch this year or storybook forest.