Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 After, She said it hurt/stung a little. She was trying to not cry
 There's a smile
 My mom and I with Kenna

 Before, all smiles and super excited

In our house, 8 years old, is the magical age to get your ears pierced. Makenna had been asking me for awhile. I was going to take her on her birthday, but with being pregnant, I decided I would take her before. I wanted it to be a special time and not be rushed because of baby boy. So last minute, when my mom was here, I decided to take her. On November 16, 2013, My mom and I took Kenna to Claire's at the mall to get her ears pierced. We had all gone to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Then Tyler took Bryn home and my mom and I took Kenna for a surprise. She didn't know what we were doing. I told her she could pick out some earrings. She looked at the sets of earrings and chose a diamond daisy pair. I then said, 'are you ready to get your ears pierced?' She gave me a deer in the head light look and said, 'right now?!? am I old enough?' I said yes and that we were going to do it right then if she was ok with that. She all the sudden got nervous. She still wanted to do it and was very surprised. Afterwards, we took her for ice cream. It was fun, special date with her. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast. I love her so much!!!

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