Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brynlee (5)

Bryn is so funny. She will tell you that she has 4 boyfriends. Cohen, Cash, Grant and Callin. Her favorite is Cohen. He is a little boy that is in her class at school. He likes ninja turtles and now Bryn has fallen in love with Ninja Turtles. She got quite a few cool ninja turtle things for her birthday. She also loves princesses and got a ton of princess dress up stuff. Bryn absolutely loves to dance and listen to music. She loves having her Ipod and busting a move where ever she is. She loves dress up and make believe.
She is super excited to be a big sister. She talks to my belly all the time. She can't wait to hold her little brother. She tells him everyday that she loves him and kisses him good night. She has the biggest heart and is very caring. She wants to make everyone happy. She is my cuddle bug. I love it.
I can't believe that it was 5 years ago she came into this world with a bang. She has given me a run for my money since day 1. I can't imagine her any other way. She definitely has a mind of her own. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. That personality will definitely help her in life. I love her so much and am glad she is a part of our family!!

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