Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bryn is 5!!!!

 Bryn's banner and presents
 her bedroom door
 her floor with balloons

 Ninja Turtle Princess

 Eating straight frosting!!

Tyler's mom threw Bryn a Ninja Turtle/Princess party. It was awesome. Bryn loves both of those. She had Elieen's cookies instead of cake, which is great! Bryn woke up to a decorated room. I asked what she wanted for breakfast and she said eggs from McDonalds. We went to get eggs and then I took her to school. At school, she got to take a special snack. She wanted to take oreos, golden oreos and marshmallows. All the kids sang her happy birthday and enjoyed her snack. She was so proud and happy to be 5. After school, she wanted to get a happy meal from McDonalds. We took her sweet friend Ellie to McDonalds with us to get a happy meal and play in the play place. We came home and she face timed with grandma Catherine, uncle Mike and papa jim and grandma Gloria. She opened their presents and danced to her ipod for them. That night we went to Tyler's parents for the ninja princess party. Jan made spaghetti and had Bryn's favorites, cucumbers and olives. She was spoiled with more gifts and then had her cookie! It was a great 5th birthday.

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