Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Guess I'm Fat

Today Makenna sat down next to me while I was on the computer. I had avocados to use so I made some guac. and was eating it with chips. Makenna puts her hand on my tummy

Makenna: Oh....Mommy...You are having another baby???

Me: NO NO NO. You think I'm fat?? Thanks Makenna

Makenna: Oh wait...You must have eaten too many chips!

Great...so my daughter thinks I am pregnant. Time to hit the treadmill.

On another note....Bryn was a pig tonight. She ate about 1/2 jar of chicken, 3/4 jar sweet potatoes, 3/4 jar of prunes and then sucked down a 7 oz. bottle and went to bed. Haha...what a fatty.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Burn

My legs are on the left
Haha...The first time we went to the beach we were only there for about 2 hours. I really didn't feel like I was getting much sun. Too bad I was! haha. Luckily some solarcaine and aloe did the trick and I was better the next day!

Family Pictures from CA

Kenna, Great Grandpa Jim, Great Grandma Gloria and Bryn
Bryn laughing with my mom
Silly Girl

Show me your muscles! haha...Michael has huge muscles!
Kenna and her "best friend" Uncle Michael
Great Grandma Gloria feeding Bryn
Papa Barry and Bryn
Bryn and Uncle Steven
Kenna and Aunt Christy
Uncle TyTy and Bryn. Bryn loves Uncle TyTy
Makenna, Bryn and Uncle TyTy
Bryn and Uncle Michael
Kenna and Uncle Michael
Bryn and Aunt Christy
Bryn taking a rest with Grandma Catherine

Kissin' Cousins haha

This is my cousin Rachel's son, Evan. He is so adorable. Kenna thought so too.


Traffic at 2pm
Kenna loved being buried
What is Kenna doing? She is wierd!
Bryn eating her hands
This girl loves the sand
Newport Beach
Hanging out on the sand
Kenna just loved rolling around
My mom and Bryn
Playing with Kenna
Bryn loved hanging out in her tent
My sister Christy
Look Mom...sand!
The accident that made us wait forever on the freeway!
We were able to go to the beach twice in CA. We went to Newport one day and Hunington the second day. I love the beach. Makenna seemed to love it too. The water was really cold, but she didn't care. She was playing in the waves and rolling in the sand. I buried her in the per her request. I love the sand and the sound of the water.

Dr. Appts

Well we met with the hand dr. yesterday. He said Bryn's wrists look good and he doesn't think we need to do the wrist surgery anymore. So he is going to start the first thumb in October. The nurse is supposed to call us within the next 3 weeks to set up the surgery. We have to tell him which hand we want to start with. I am not sure which one we will do. So that is pretty scary/exciting. We might start with the left hand because she seems to use that one more and the dr. said they usually do the dominant hand first.
We went to the ENT yesterday as well and they did a nose scope on her. He found that her adenoid is enlarged and he thinks it might be because of reflux. So he switched her to prevacid. He also gave her allergy medicine to help with the snottiness and she also has another ear infection in her left ear. If the adenoid is not smaller in a few months he said they will have to remove it.
I took Makenna to the dr. on Wednesday and she has pneumonia. No fun. She isn't contagious anymore, but she is really tired and coughs a lot. We are just a bunch of sick people I guess. My kids are more medicine than anyone I know. Bryn is on an antibiotic, allergy meds and prevacid right now. Makenna is on antibiotics and allergy medicine. Plus she takes a vitamin and flouride tablet daily. haha

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Fun Pictures

The Larsen Girls
My mom, sis, Kenna, Bryn and me
Kenna and Bryn
Kenna is silly!
Bryn is too cute
Hanging out!
Isn't my sister gorgeous!?!?

While in CA, my mom had a friend take our pictures. Julie does such a great job. I love the pictures. It was fun to be in the pictures with the girls!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tomorrow the girls and I head home. I really want to see Tyler and so do the girls. Makenna keeps asking, "are we going to stay here forever mommy?" I tell her no and she says, "good...I want to see my daddy." I can't wait to be back with Tyler, but I am sad to leave my family. We have had so much fun...the beach, disneyland, late night movies. We will be sad to say goodbye to my family, but look forward to being with Tyler!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Makenna's 1st Known Nightmare

I am sure Makenna has had nightmares before, but she has never screamed before. Last night I was dead asleep to be woken up at 2am by Makenna screaming, "Grandma!" It was the loudest, most shrill scream I have heard from her. You could hear the fear in her voice. I jumped right out of bed and picked her up. I said, "It's okay Kenna. Mommy is here. Calm down." She said she wanted to sleep in  bed with me. So I let her lay with me for a little bit. But if you have ever slept with Makenna...she is impossible to sleep with. So I put her back in her bed. She started getting scared and told me that there was a crocodile by her bed. I acted like I shot them and told her that they were all gone and Mommy would protect her. She then went back to sleep. Man...It scared me pretty bad by her scream...I can only imagine how she felt actually dreaming it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Christy's Graduation

Bryn and Christy
Christy and I
Makenna was so tired to she took a nap and Lil TyTy was at his g/f's graduation. Other than that...we had the whole family. Well missing my Tyler too!

Christy graduated from 8th grade! Yea Christy! Now she is a big bad freshman!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

TyTy's Graduation

The whole Fam Damily
Brandon and Makenna
Maddi and TyTy (Tyler's g/f)
TyTy and Makenna
The Thomas kids

TyTy graduated from high school this week. Christy is the only one left now. She will be a big bad freshman next year.