Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Playing in the sprinklers

Ryder was soaking up all the pudding on his belly

Poor Shiloh was covered in pudding
They were drawing boats in the pudding
Ryder was covered in pudding
haha so was Kenna
Shiloh eating the pudding from the bowl
Diane and Bryn
Makenna freaked out at first because she was "dirty" haha what a girl
Ryder was bathing in the pudding....haha look at his hair
Before the mess began
The other night the girls and I went to hang out with Jen, Ryder and Diane. We let the kids play in the back yard with pudding. They were painting themselves with it and ran in the sprinkler! They had a blast. Ryder and Kenna play so well together. We also got Cash to sleep on the couch and Bryn was actually being good for someone other than me!! Thanks Jen!

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