Monday, June 08, 2009

Lake Day

Kenna had a ton of fun in the baby pool with her Barbies
Haha...Notice the naked Barbie with her head dunked under water?! What kind of child do I have :)
Look at that cute bum
Naked Bryn
Bryn kept petting Addison's was so cute
Yup...That's right...I let my 6 month old drink beer!! ;)

Kenna, Bryn, Aunt Dah and Cousin Addison
Auntie Ber and Bryn
We went to the lake for about a day. We went up Thursday night, spent Friday on the water and came home Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Kimber came out from Utah and Steve and Dah were there. Kenna was like a fish. Every time the boat stopped she wanted in the water. She got in by herself...with a life jacket on...and swam around. The boys that were there were so nice to her. They were calling her Kenna bear and letting her play with them. She was the biggest flirt.

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