Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Makenna's 1st Known Nightmare

I am sure Makenna has had nightmares before, but she has never screamed before. Last night I was dead asleep to be woken up at 2am by Makenna screaming, "Grandma!" It was the loudest, most shrill scream I have heard from her. You could hear the fear in her voice. I jumped right out of bed and picked her up. I said, "It's okay Kenna. Mommy is here. Calm down." She said she wanted to sleep in  bed with me. So I let her lay with me for a little bit. But if you have ever slept with Makenna...she is impossible to sleep with. So I put her back in her bed. She started getting scared and told me that there was a crocodile by her bed. I acted like I shot them and told her that they were all gone and Mommy would protect her. She then went back to sleep. Man...It scared me pretty bad by her scream...I can only imagine how she felt actually dreaming it!

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