Friday, June 26, 2009

Dr. Appts

Well we met with the hand dr. yesterday. He said Bryn's wrists look good and he doesn't think we need to do the wrist surgery anymore. So he is going to start the first thumb in October. The nurse is supposed to call us within the next 3 weeks to set up the surgery. We have to tell him which hand we want to start with. I am not sure which one we will do. So that is pretty scary/exciting. We might start with the left hand because she seems to use that one more and the dr. said they usually do the dominant hand first.
We went to the ENT yesterday as well and they did a nose scope on her. He found that her adenoid is enlarged and he thinks it might be because of reflux. So he switched her to prevacid. He also gave her allergy medicine to help with the snottiness and she also has another ear infection in her left ear. If the adenoid is not smaller in a few months he said they will have to remove it.
I took Makenna to the dr. on Wednesday and she has pneumonia. No fun. She isn't contagious anymore, but she is really tired and coughs a lot. We are just a bunch of sick people I guess. My kids are more medicine than anyone I know. Bryn is on an antibiotic, allergy meds and prevacid right now. Makenna is on antibiotics and allergy medicine. Plus she takes a vitamin and flouride tablet daily. haha

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