Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I Don't Forget

There have been a few things lately that I want to remember...so I will write them here so I have them.

Makenna has been loving school. It is a big deal to her that I don't pick her up at the same colored pole everyday. I have made an effort to get there early so I have a choice of which pole I pick her up at. When she gets in the car she tells me all about her day. She describes people by their clothing. She doesn't remember their names...just what they were wearing. After the first day she said she was confused because her friends had different clothes on! haha....didn't they get the memo that they have to wear the same thing everyday so Kenna remembers them?! :)
Makenna has discovered tubing at the lake and loves it.

Bryn loves to give hugs. While I am cooking dinner she will come up and hug on my leg and not let go. She is really into coloring right now. She loves to color on everything, including the head of Makenna's baby doll and my bedroom wall. If you give her a marker...I can guarantee she will be tattooed up in minutes! She loves to dance to music.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lake Trip #2

Grammy and Bryn
Bryn didn't want to be in the water so she was the lone man on the tube!
Look Mom! No hands!! Kenna tubing with Papa.
Daddy and Kenna on the tube
Bryn, Kenna and Papa doing their work
Papa and Bryn
Bryn with her Papa's shoes. She sure loves other peoples shoes
Kenna helping Papa drive the boat
Kenna and I
Our Fam
Makenna, Bryn and Grammy
Bryn checking to make sure there wasn't anything on my feet
Pretty Kenna
The girls chilling on the tube!

Last weekend Tyler, the girls and I headed back up to the lake. It is far enough away to be on vacation, but close enough to home to go for the weekend. We went out on the water Saturday morning and Makenna went tubing with Papa Larsen. We took a lunch break at Soda Steve's. Everyone took naps. We went back out on the water in the afternoon and Kenna went tubing with Tyler and we swam. Then we grilled up chicken for dinner and it was bed time. Sunday we relaxed and cleaned up and then headed home. We love going to the lake!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever....but it has been less than a week. Makenna has been loving school and gets excited to go everyday. I know it is only been a few days...I hope that the feeling stays. Bryn still gets so upset every morning we drop Kenna off and gets so excited when we go to pick her up.
We started a chore chart with Makenna. She gets excited to put stickers on the chart when she completes a chore. For a 4 year old, her chores are: Make bed (as well as a 4 year old can), brush teeth in the morning and a night, put dirty clothes in hamper, and put toys away in her room. I think that since she is old enough to go to Pre-k, that she is old enough to have a few set things that she has to do everyday. I know it isn't much, but she is 4. We haven't really figured out a reward system yet. She does like the stickers though...so maybe it is cool enough just to put a sticker on a chart ;)!
Bryn has been super cranky lately. She has been driving me bonkers. She keeps hitting herself in the head and sticking her hands in her mouth. She would grab at her ear and jaw. So I finally took her into the doc today to make sure she wasn't sick. He said she was good. He thinks she might be getting her 2 year molars. Although her gums aren't puffy and I don't feel them back there. But every else is good so we are blaming it on teething. She hasn't had a fever or anything....just out of this world cranky!! She makes it difficult to go shopping too. The kid can't still. She constantly tries to climb out of the cart and onto the shelves and check-out counter. No matter how much I strap her in anything...her arms and her are so small she gets out. She is magic with how she gets out of her carseat. Crazy little one! She keeps me busy!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kenna's Take on the First Day

Kenna was super excited when I picked her up. She colored a rainbow picture for me and couldn't wait to hand it to me. Her favorite part of the day was playing in the Pretend Center and going outside. She played with baby dolls in the pretend center. I asked her if she was the mommy and she said she played the mommy for a minute, then decided to be a Big kid instead. The blue safety buddy was something they had to hang on during class and not loose. Well that is what Kenna said anyway. She said they had to keep him safe by making sure they were doing safe things. After school we got to go see Ty at his office and eat lunch with him. Kenna was so proud to be in 'her daddy's office!' We then came home and she told me how she wasn't tired and didn't need a nap. I laid both girls down at 12:45pm. Kenna was still talking at 1pm and I told her to go to sleep even if she wasn't tired. Bryn woke up at 2:30 and Makenna was still sleeping. I worried about her so at 4pm...yes 4pm....I went up and checked on her. She was out cold. Because it was so late I woke her up. I guess she really did have a fun time at Pre-K.

Kenna's First Day of Pre-K

Bryn and Kenna
The teacher getting ready to read a story

Kenna and her safety buddy...I will have to see when she gets home what that was all about.

My baby girl started Pre-K today. She was super excited to go. We woke up late so we were in a big rush...Picture time had to be cut way short. We made it to school and Kenna waited in the hall with her classmates until 8:35 when the teacher brought them into the classroom. Kenna was super shy...I have never seen her shy like that before. I helped her find her cubby and get her name tag. She was really nervous. The teacher then read the story, 'Kissing Hand.' It was sweet. The kids got to get up and kiss us goodbye and give us a little heart sticker and we gave them one too. She yelled mommy as I was leaving and gave me a big smile and waved! I love my little girl! I can't wait to hear how she enjoyed her first day!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Lake Trip of 2010

jumping off the boat
crazy sisters
Had to take the 'feet' picture. This is looking off the deck at the lake
Cash is so cute...look at the hair!
Bryn and Cash
Bryn loved driving the boat with her daddy!!!
Bryn, Ryder, Kenna and Cash
Kenna and Ryder
Silly Face

Pretty Girl
She loves glasses

Since Tyler has been a little busy studying for the bar...and the girls and I have been in CA...we haven't had much time to go to the lake. So we took off this weekend to go. We left Friday night after Tyler got off from work and spent Saturday hanging on the lake. We drove home today. Our friends, the Jeffries, went with us. They have 2 boys, Ryder and Cash. Ryder is 1 month older than Kenna and Cash is 5 months younger than Bryn. We had a lot of fun. We went on the water from 9:15am-12:15pm. It was perfect. The clouds blocked the direct sun and the water was great. Then we came back to the house for lunch and to let the kids take naps. About 3pm we wanted to go back out, but it was just TOO hot. So Tyler and Greg took the kids for scooter rides for a bit. Then about 5:15pm we went back out on the water. We drove around for awhile and then went over to the cliffs to cliff jump. Tyler was getting ready to jump out and I was walking to the front of the boat to grab Bryn. As I was walking to the front of the boat I stubbed my pinkie toe on the door latch and I screamed super loud. It hurt really bad. When I looked down I was bleeding pretty good. I gashed open my toe. Last night I thought it was broken, but it was feeling better this morning. We had a great time with our friends and can't wait to be able to go back. We love the lake!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family BBQ

Ty and I
Grandma Dorothy, Kenna, Grandpa Glen and I
Kenna and her Great Uncle Greg
Ali and Bryn
My mom and Bryn...look at how dirty her feet are!
riding the long board!
Bryn and Jeter
Silly Kenna


Bryn with her Great Grandma Dorothy
TyTy and Kenna

My little brother works at In-N-Out. One day we went up to razz him and get something to eat. I love In-N-Out...Yummy!

Kimber and Kyle's Wedding

Bryn and Papa
Uncle Michael and the girls. Kenna was upset that she couldn't find her bouquet of flowers
Bryn and I
Bryn, My mom, Me, Michael and Christy
Cute girls

Tyler and his best friend, Moki
Kyle and Kimber coming out of the temple
Eryn, Megan, Kyle, Kimber and Tony (Kimber with her new siblings)
Kyle and Kimber's rings
Kyle and Kimber
The wedding cake
The Happy Couple
Whitney, Kimber, Jessica and Megan (Bridesmaids in OK)

Here are a few shots I took of Kimber and Kyle's reception in Oklahoma and in Utah. I had a lot of fun taking pictures!