Friday, July 30, 2010


The BAR is over! Last Tuesday and Wednesday Tyler took the Bar! We are both relieved that it is over. After the first day of testing Tyler felt great! After the second day… not so great. All the guys he took the test with felt the same way. They thought that the courses they took to prepare them for the test didn’t do their job. It is a little disappointing when you pay a TON of money to people who are supposed to tell you what you will need to focus on and they don’t tell ya the truth.

But…all in all…we are HAPPY it is over. I am ready to see my husband again and my kids are ready to have their daddy back! Tyler has been so diligent in his studies and worked really hard. I love him so much and am grateful that he is willing to work so hard for our family.

The next step is to find a job! We hope we are almost there, but who knows! J We are staying prayerful and hoping for the best. Any company would be lucky to have Tyler work for them!

Disneyland: Part 2

We were lucky enough to get signed into Disneyland again on Wednesday. It was so much fun! We got there at 8:30am and went into Disneyland. Kenna was begging to see Tinkerbell the week before so we headed to see her in Pixie Hollow. Tinkerbell didn’t get there till 9 so we headed to Matterhorn. Then while I took the girls to Tinkerbell…my mom and Christy went on Space Mountain. At 9:45 we headed to CA Disney to tickets for the World of Color. We went to Playhouse Disney live and people got a kick out of Bryn dancing. Everyone was watching her! She sure is a mover and shaker. We rode a bunch of rides at CA Disney, then went back to Disneyland. We hit up Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Matterhorn(again). Then at 7:30pm we went back to CA Disney to get ready for the World of Color. While my mom saved our spots I took Kenna on the rockets (2 times) and on the silly swings. The World of Color started at 9pm. It was really cool. We enjoyed it. Bryn fell asleep during it. When it was over we headed to hit Mulholland Madness and Toy Story Mania. My mom and Christy then hit Tower of Terror at night. We left the park at 11:30pm. The girls did great and we had blast!

Crazy Bryn

Bryn is so weird. She loves to go stand in my mom’s blinds and rub her ‘rear end’ in the window. She does this multiple times a day!

She is also a crazy dancer! She loves to dance around and wiggle her booty.

Ever since the first time Bryn went to Disneyland, she has loved her Minnie doll. She carries her everywhere and sleeps with her. Minnie has gotten to tattered because she has had to be washed several times. I have always heard of kids having an attachment to certain toys and only wanting to original toy. Makenna never went through a toy like that. But Bryn…she is crazy! We bought her a ballerina Minnie at D-land the first time we went because that is the one she picked out. She liked it for about 20 minutes and then wouldn’t pick it up again. So when we went to D-land the second time we bought her the exact same Minnie. We gave it to her and she threw it to the ground. We tried hiding the old Minnie when she wasn’t looking and giving her the new one and she would throw it down. She didn’t want to give the new Minnie the time of day. Then I pulled out the old Minnie and she started petting and hugging her!

Since Tyler has been away from…the girls have REALLY missed him. We have talked to him a few times on video phone on the computer. Whenever I tell Bryn daddy is on the phone she freaks out and screams until I give her the phone. Once she has the phone you can’t take it away. If you do she goes into a nuclear meltdown. When we talk to Tyler on the video phone she loves to hug and kiss the computer. The only 2 words she says consistently are “ Hi daddy”!


Kenna is in her ‘WHY?” stage. I have to say this is one of the most annoying stages. It has been fun to see her bug my sister though J My sister Christy and I are 10 years apart. Christy and Makenna are 11 years apart. I try to remind Christy that this is how it was when she was little following me around!

Friday, July 23, 2010


My mom actually got Bryn to put her feet in the water
Kate, Emmie and Kenna playing in the sand
Kenna, Kate, Carter and Aunt Linda. The kids loved played with Linda...she is awesome
Kenna can't come to the beach without being buried! :)
Bryn and I...finally a pic of me!
Erin, Jennifer and Jack, Me and Bryn
Emmie and Kenna buried their feet
Makenna loved playing in the water with Linda
Linda, Kenna, Reagan and Kate
Jennifer and Jack
Kenna burying Emmie

Bryn and my mom
My mom kept trying to get Bryn used to the didn't happen

Bryn kept wanting to stand on her head
Bryn loves chips
Emmie and Kenna

I was so excited to be able to get together with 2 of Tyler's cousins and his Aunt. The kids had a great time visiting and I enjoyed being able to get to talk with everyone. Linda played great with all the kids. Bryn still hated the sand and sat on her little towel!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I had my first real encounter of a child pooping in the tub the other night. Makenna pooped once in the sink when she was a newborn baby, but that is it. The other night I put both girls in the tub. I let all the water out and them finish playing in the tub while I finished cleaning the bedroom. I go to get them out and Bryn had poop in the tub. It freaked Kenna out and I had to re-wash both of them. It was pretty funny.
Today my mom had to drive girls up to girls camp. It left the girls and I home without a car. She was supposed to be back early, but had car trouble. So Kenna and I spent time in the 'pool' while Bryn napped. Then I walked the girls down to Jack in the Box to get a shake. When we got home we played in the front yard...then I took them to the park. Bryn tried to leap off the playground...making it difficult for me to play with Kenna because I had to be right behind Bryn. Then the playground had rubber under the slides, but also had a lot of sand. Bryn started chasing after Kenna...tripped off the rubber and face planted in the sand. She started screaming and walked over to me with her hands in the air. She wanted me to clean all the sand off her feet and then put her shoes back on. Any time she got sand in her sandal she would run over crying to me, put her foot in the air, want me to take her sandal off and clean her foot, then put her sandal back on! She has been super whiny today and I am ready for her to go to bed! 7:30pm can't come soon enough tonight!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pretend City

Makenna serving Christy lunch
Playing with floam

Kenna Playing in the dispatch tower
My girls as firefighters
Bryn loved playing in the 'marina'
Kenna found the 'beach' and had to play in the sand
Bryn knows where to go! :)

Makenna working in the restaurant.
Kenna driving to the beach
Bryn headed to the beach
Kenna dressed up and danced as a princess
Dr. Larsen checking Christy's blood pressure

Bryn dancing on stage
Makenna in the house she helped build!

Today my mom, sister, the girls and I went to a place called Pretend City. It is a child's size city in a big warehouse. They had a grocery store, farm, construction site, police station, fire station, beach, dr.'s office, art area, atm and dance stage. Bryn loved the dance stage so much. She was cutting a rug the whole time. Makenna loved playing everywhere. It was really fun!




Christy and Bryn
Bryn would NOT put her feet in the sand
Cheetoh face
Kenna loves being buried in the sand
Bryn was so upset that I put her in a chair...she didn't want her feet in the sand

Kenna loves posing

Grammy and Bryn

On Monday, My mom, sister, the girls and I went to the beach. We stayed for about 3 hrs. It was warm with a lot of wind. Makenna loved rolling around and playing in the sand. Bryn hated the sand and didn't want to be put down. She had a good time eating on the my mom's lap. I love the beach!

Hanging Out

Steven and Makenna
Bryn and Steven
Makenna, Christy and Bryn
Christy and Bryn
Kissing Grammy
Playing with Grammy