Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy Busy!

These are pictures of Makenna's knees. We were outside cleaning up some things and Makenna wanted to play. So Tyler took her for a walk around the neighborhood. She didn't want daddy with her so she tried to run away and tripped and scraped her knees. Its starting to warm up here a bit so we are breaking out the spring clothes. We have been trying really hard to break Makenna's bottle dependency. We are doing okay with that. She is our little climber. She has learned how to climb onto the couch by herself and also how to crawl up onto the fireplace. She truly is a full-time job!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It is really cold here in Oklahoma today. A little too chilly to spend anytime outside. For Valentine's Day Tyler gave me a cute card that had a bunch of coupons a free 20 minute foot massage or a get out of a daily chore like the dishes! haha. He is very creative. He also gave me a bunch of my favorite Laffy Taffy's. I gave him a card and a coupon inside for a CD of his choice. He likes to download songs for his Ipod. We are going out to Applebee's for dinner. Makenna had a nice fall this morning. She was trying to climb up a chair and it fell down on her. Besides being a little banged up...she is okay! She is walking everywhere and is in to everything. She has learned how to crawl and climb onto everything in the house! She is so funny...we have been trying to teach her please and thank you. So she would take a ball and hand it to me and then I would say thank you and clap because she did a good job. Then I would tell her to take the ball to daddy and she would and then he would say good job and then clap. Now she just takes the ball back and forth and then claps at herself. It's so funny to watch. She also mimics everything we do. She also loves to dance...just like her momma. Whenever music plays she starts bouncing up and down and waving her arms. It's hilarious!!

Yes...another boo boo!

A bump on the forehead and bruise/scratch on my cheek!

Look at the bump on my forehead!

I'm into everything! I have also learned how to climb up almost anything in the house. Well today I tried to climb up one of the chairs in the living room because I saw the suckers sitting on the table! Well...the chair tumbled down on top of me and this was the result!

Mommy and Daddy's clothes!

I'm stylin in these glasses!

Look...I'm boo from monsters inc.!
Mommy's scarf and gloves!
Daddy's hat...Mommy's scarf!

My little car!!

I'm so cute on my little car!!