Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love my Daddy!

Tyler was out washing the car and Makenna wanted to join in. Tyler sprayed her down with water and she loved it!

Tyler and Makenna hanging out. Makenna really loves her daddy.

When we got back from CA on Monday night...Tyler drove up to get us. I said, "Makenna look....there is Daddy." He waved from inside the car and Makenna started screaming with excitement. She was so excited to see him. The whole way home in the car she kept saying DADDY, DADDY every 2 seconds. haha

My Best Friend!

Me and Ashlynn!
Allison and Ashlynn!
My best friend came up to see me with her daughter Ashlynn. Ashlynn is 2 months and is so cute!

Football Girl!

Everytime my brothers get together they like to have a football with all their friends. Steven was getting ready to leave for the game and Makenna kept following him. So he dressed Makenna up like a little football player. It was so cute.


Grandma, Kenna and Aunt Christy at Christy's last awards ceremony!
Grandma and Kenna
Kenna was so cute sitting in her carseat!


Makenna and her Uncle Steven!
Makenna and her great-grandpa Jim....both watching t.v.
Makenna and Grandpa!
Grandma and Makenna!
Makenna and her Aunt Christy!

Silly Girl!

I went over to my grandparents one day to help them with their computer! Makenna got bored so she went exploring. She had found some of my grandma's shoulder pads. Apparently she thought they were bra pads or something and started putting them in her shirt. It was so funny!

Update on the eye!

Monday - Her eye was bruised and still swollen!
Tuesday - The swelling went down a little bit but the coloring got worse!

No...I do NOT beat my Child!!

OMG!!!! We were at my mom's house watching t.v. Makenna was showing off her wonderful dancing skills and lost her balance. She fell over and hit my mom's glass coffee table and then hit the tile floor. When I picked her up her eyelid was totally swollen and bruised. Earlier that day she had hit the same spot on the bench and church. It looked like it hurt really bad. She wouldn't let us hold ice on it. She did let us give her a popsicle though!


Grandma and Kenna!
Grandma, Grandpa and Kenna
We went to Olive Garden one of the last nights I was there. Makenna ate 2 whole breadsticks and almost her bowl of spaghetti. She was a hungry little girl.

California Traffic!

Driving home from the beach was insane. We left at 4pm and sat in total traffic. luckily we were able to take the fast track lanes and bypass some of that but man....I forgot how bad traffic was!

Tired Kenna!

The beach totally wore Makenna out. So she totally passed out in the car on the way home!

Makenna's 1st time to the beach!

Makenna saw the other girls laying out under the sun and she decided she wanted some sun too!
Kenna kept trying to surf on the boogie board!
Makenna and Grandma hanging out on the sand!
Trevor and Christy buried Steven in the sand.
Makenna loved going in the water and playing the sand!


Steven's girlfriend Natalie and Makenna!
Mommy and Makenna
Mommy and Makenna
Makenna looking at the water
Aunt Christy and Makenna!

Christy's Graduation!

Christy and Makenna!
Me and Christy!
The family....Tyler, Steven, Christy, Mom, Dad and Me!
Grandpa Jim, Christy and Grandma Gloria
My little sister graduated the 6th grade last week. She looked so pretty in her dress. I can't believe my little sister is going to be in the 7th grade!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Makenna and I got to come down to California for 2 weeks. Unfortunately...Tyler had to stay back in Oklahoma for school. We miss him!!! But Kenna and I are having fun. My little brother Steven just graduated from high school on Wednesday night. My little sister Christy is graduating from the 6th grade on Thursday!!! When we get back home I'll post some pictures of our trip!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


haha. Tonite we had lasanga for dinner. Makenna ate most of it. For dessert we gave her oreos. She was tired so with her messy hands she rubbed her eyes. She is so funny. I grabbed the camera to take a picture and I said. "say cheese!" and she smiled real big. She is such a ham!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Kenna's new Glasses!

Makenna loves her new sunglasses. We bought them at Wal-mart because she wanted to be like mommy and daddy and wear glasses. She has been wearing them 24/7! She is so fun!


Haha...I caught her picking her nose!!!

Sorry these are a bit blurry!