Monday, July 28, 2008



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
(you can hear the train in the background)

I am a Child of God
(She only sings the chorus)

Oh How I Love Him!

So...we live in the same place where Tyler grew up. We are in a ward/stake where most of the people knew Tyler when he was younger. We all have those stories of being an awkward teenager and all that, but I love hearing the other stories people tell me about Tyler. At church yesterday I was talking to a lady that knew Tyler when he was in high school. She told me how impressed she was by him. I guess her daughter had had a party and invited the like the whole stake. Most of the boys showed up but then quickly snuck out the back. Tyler came and stayed and hung out with everyone. All the stories I hear about Tyler are how nice, sweet and thoughtful he was back then. Not much has changed :). I love to know that even then he was a great guy! I am sure he has his moments, but I am glad to have married such a great man!! 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Know I'm Pregnant...

When I get so excited about ice cream!! haha. I found this ice cream last night and thought...hey why not! It was Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns. Who could resist caramel ice cream with cinnamon bun dough and a cinnamon streusel swirl!? Oh my gosh...I couldn't. It is super yummy. Definitely something you should put on your list for the next time you go grocery shopping!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

So Many Changes!!

Life seems to be changing so quickly. My little girl is growing up. With the arrival of our second little girl in December we have been decorating our 2nd bedroom for Makenna to move into. It's not done, but we have talked to Makenna a lot about moving rooms so she will be comfortable with it. Last night she begged to sleep in her "big girl" bed. So I said okay. It took her awhile to fall asleep, but she slept there all night and woke up singing twinkle, twinkle little star. It was weird to walk by her old room and see an empty crib. I know that sounds kind of dumb...but it made me feel weird. I can't believe how big she is getting...and how smart. 
Tyler is starting school in a few weeks and I am not ready for that. I have been changing...well getting fatter... haha. 
We are also loosing our best friends here in Oklahoma...Corey and Ciara. They are from Las Vegas and have been going to law school out here. Tyler and Corey have been study buddies and we have gone out as a couple a lot this past year. They are such a cool couple. Corey has always wanted to go to UNLV law school and applied again and was accepted to start this fall as a transfer. Since they are both from there...they are moving back. We are so happy for them that they can be by family and Corey can go where he always wanted to. But we are extremely sad to loose them. We sure will miss you guys!!  

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Word World!

This is Makenna's new favorite show. It is on PBS and she loves it. I have DVR'ed a few episodes and she loves to watch them. All the characters are made up of letters. They build all sorts of words. In one episode they use B-A-L-L and build a ball and then play baseball with it. It's very education and she loves when they build words. They have a song they sing every time they build a word. I defintely would recommend this show to anyone with younger kids. They are totally entertained by it and it helps them learn letters and words!

Dinner Kenna had green beans for dinner tonight. I was on the computer while she was eating and I could hear her counting her beans. I then looked over and she had pulled a few of them apart. What I didn't realize is that she was pulling out the beans from inside and only eating the beans. What a crazy girl. Who would have thought!
Like I said earlier...Makenna loves to have her picture taken. When she saw me taking pictures of her food she wanted me to take a picture of her eating her food. So this is a picture of her eating a BIG bite of fruit!
Kenna also wanted me to take a picture of her plate! She loves spongebob and this is one of her favorite plates. I like it too because I can put a bunch of foods on the same plate...having the little compartments makes it easier for her to get out because she has a side to scoop up against. She had fruit, green beans and a turkey hotdog for dinner tonight. haha

21 weeks in Pregnancy!

So...a lot of you have been waiting for these pictures. I don't really want them up, but it's apart of life right...haha!! I have busted out the maternity clothes! haha. I also have to do the little rubber band trick on some of my pants. There is no hiding that I am pregnant now...haha. I woke up last Friday and couldn't put half of my pants on. It was literally over night that she grew. Before I was just thick in the middle and now I am prego! haha! This little girl is super active. When she is awake...she is kicking me like crazy. Sometimes it starts to hurt because she seems to hit the same spot every time. I am not sick anymore which is so awesome. I can actually eat almost anything I want now. I don't have cravings and adversions like I did with Makenna. I do have a hard time sleeping though. I wake up a lot at night and always have to go to the bathroom. I am exhausted quite a bit of the time. We are still thinking of names. I already have one girl that I love so much and I can't wait for my next one. I hope that my girls and I will be best of friends.

2 year old tantrums!

Oh poor baby :)
She wanted me to keep taking pictures of her. I had already taken quite a few and was putting the camera away. She threw herself on the floor and just started crying. It was so funny. You could even see her start to smile in between because she knew she was putting on a show!

The Zoo!

That's one scary old chimp!
Kenna had fun looking at the larger turtles. She did get scared when it started walking towards us!

Kenna loved the giraffes!
The Ostrich came really close. He tried to bite Makenna through the fence so we had to move her back!
Kenna also loved the zebras!

Haha...that's one big gorilla!

So the zoo has .75 cent Wednesday's. Makenna is under 3 so she is free and so it only costs Tyler and I $1.50 to go to the zoo. Last Wednesday we took her first thing in the morning before it got too hot. She loves going. She is still talking about it and it was last week!


Running for the beach ball!

Makenna loves to go swimming with her daddy. We take her over to the community pool to let her cool off. She loves to swim with her tube and floaties and she is getting better at it every time. 

Monday, July 21, 2008

This Summer!

This summer has been a good one so far. We still have a few more weeks until Tyler starts school. Tyler, Makenna and I have been trying to spend as much together as we can. Makenna loves going to the park, swimming and going to the library. She loves to do just about anything as long as it's with her daddy. I have enjoyed having Tyler home for company and also for some extra help around the house. We have been able to go to the zoo, the lake and the park as a family. We take Makenna to the community pool a lot to go swimming. She has made some good strides in learning how to swim. She still isn't an awesome swimmer, but for being 2 and only practicing a few times...she is doing great! We have been out with friends and family. I am really not looking forward to school starting again, but we will only have 4 semesters left including the one this fall. There is a light! haha!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures

This is her nose and lips. The small arrow is pointing right at her lips and the nostrils are to the left of that.
This is a better picture. You can totally see her lips and there is a dimple in her chin. Turn your head to the left....and you can see a lip pattern and then below that (if your head is still turned to the left) is the dimple.
This is her face in 4D. You can see her nose, eyes and mouth. Her nose looks funny because her face is squished against me.
This is her profile. Her face is at the top of the picture and the back of her head is at the bottom.
These are her feet. At least you can see that one of her feet has 5 toes :)
This is the picture they printed of her being a girl! To left is her bum and then her legs are sticking out. The arrow is pointing to her girl parts!

Well...almost exactly 3 years ago...we went to Dr. Stanley's office for Makenna's ultrasound. I was super super shocked when he told me it was a girl....I cried. I had the tech check twice and then I made the Dr. check as well. haha. Well this time....I was a little indifferent going into the ultrasound. I felt that it was going to be a girl...but also wanted it to be a boy. The tech asked us if we wanted to know. Then the words, "It's a girl!" came out. I was like, "really?" I am not upset at all. Didn't cry this time either. But I am still in a bit of shock. It will just be weird to have 2 girls. I grew up with all brothers until I was 10 years old and then Christy came along. I hope Makenna and her sister can become close and be best friends. Tyler and I are both super excited. The Dr. said everything looks great with the baby. I have 4.5 months to get her turned upside down :) right now her head is up by my belly button and her bottom is below. She does have a larger head. We heard her heart beat and saw her heart. Her kidneys look great, she has a nice long spine, has 2 arms ... haha tyler...and 2 legs. We couldn't be happier!!

Drum Roll Please.....

So... Many of you thought we were having a BOY and you were wrong! The Larsen family is adding another GIRL to the family tree. We are excited.

Pictures will be coming soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Three of the things Kenna likes most...swimming (swimsuits), riding her bike and popsicles. all of them in one picture!!

Pink Nails!!!

Toes...poor kid has her daddy's feet!
Like Mother, Like Daughter

I have wanted to do something with just Kenna and I. Something fun. So today while at Wal-Mart, I bought some pink sparkle nail polish and Kenna and I came home and painted nails. It was a little difficult since she is only 2 1/2 ... trying to get her to stay completely still. But she was so excited to have pink nails. She kept saying, "daddy...mommy is making me pretty!" Makenna wanted me to be pretty too so she had me paint my nails!

Kenna New Swimsuit!

Look at the princess!

Floaties, Goggles and a princess swimsuit

Look at my ruffles!

Today we got an unexpected package. Inside was 2 cans of yummy cupcake mix and a package for Makenna. It was a new swimsuit with a swimsuit cover. My Aunt Sally sent it to us. The minute Makenna saw it she was so excited and had to put it on. She grabbed her floaties and goggles too. Thanks Aunt Sally!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steven, Michael, Madison, Sarah, Christy, Aunt Stacey and Mom

For the 4th of July my family went to Utah. My sister, mom, aunt and 2 cousins got to go to the Stadium of Fire where Hannah Montana preformed. They also hiked up the mountain to the big "Y" in Provo. This is a picture of them on the Y.

Monday, July 07, 2008

First Lake Trip of the Summer

Getting ready....
Flipping over....
Going in....


Kimber and Lydia flying high!
Kimber and Lydia ready to get beat
Going up....
upside down
landing the flip! Tyler did 3 flips on the wakeboard!
Ciara and Corey
Makenna loves Corey
Tyler and Kenna
Moki and Tyler
Makenna with her sparkler...she loved these things!
Kenna and I eating pizza
Ciara and Corey
Me and Kenna swimming. She loved getting in the water and swimming around!
Haha...the old men on the row boat. Brad, Corey and Tyler
Makenna leaning over the deck watching the fireworks!
Makenna was watching a movie with Kimber
Tyler and I at Soda Steve's
Corey and Ciara sharing their Oreo Shake
Grammy and Kenna
Kenna was sitting with Tyler helping him drive the boat
Moki and Tyler
Kenna chilling on the boat
Makenna swimming with Kimber
Papa and Kenna

For the 4th of July weekend we were able to go up to Tyler's parents lake house. It was so nice. They just re-modeled it and it looks so good. We were able to take our friends Corey and Ciara and Tyler's buddy from St. George, Moki and his son Tyler. Kimber also brought 3 of her friends, Lydia, Peter and Cody. Tyler, Corey and Ciara all wakeboarded. Ciara ventured out on the tube. Everyone went cliff jumping. Makenna loved being on the boat. She loved swimming in the water and she even jumped off a few small cliffs.