Saturday, March 31, 2007

Makenna is 15 months!!

Yesterday was Makenna's 15 month well check. The dr. says she looks great. She is 21.5 pounds (25%), 31.5 inches long (75%) and in the 95% for her head. Haha...I have a tall, skinny girl with a big head!! The Dr. says she is right on target for her age. Makenna is now crawling on the chest we have behind our couch. She crawls onto the chest, then over the back of the couch and then back onto the floor. She likes to play peek-a-boo! Her favorite word is, "Daddy." She loves to read to herself. Her favorite tv shows are: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Backyardagains. She loves to mimick everything Tyler and I do, Like talkign on the phone.

First Tornado of the year!!!

The past two days we have had bad weather. Thursday it rained almost all day. And it didn't just poured. Thursday afternoon around 4pm a tornado touched down in Oklahoma City....right next to the building where Tyler works. There was no fact the sirens didn't even sound until it was almost over. Tyler and his co-workers had to go to the lowest level of their building and wait it out in the stairwells. The whole building was shaking and the power had gone out. When Tyler left to drive home he saw cars blown off the road, power lines down and some buildings that had damage!! Luckily Tyler was unharmed. On Friday it poured and poured for hours. The roads were like rivers!!! But luckily there were no tornado warnings here in Edmond!! Hopefully we won't have too many of those this spring!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm Ready For the Beach!!!

Grandma Catherine...I'm ready for the beach. So I need to come visit!!! Mommy got me this cute new bathing suit! Aren't I just the cutest thing you ever saw??!! I also got 2 new purses from the dollar store. I love to carry around my purse. you like my hat?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am silly!

I found this I crawled inside!! Haha. It was needed to have something in it!! So I solved the problem. Haha...Makenna loves to climb and crawl into little spaces. I turned around a looked at her and she had climbed into this bin and was trying to play peek-a-boo with me!!

I love my Dad!

My favorite word is DaDa... Whenever he is home...I am like his shadow. Dad loves to give me Popsicles! Almost every night he sits down with me and shares his popsicle with me...truth be told...I eat most of it!

I love shoes!

I love my daddy's shoes!

There is another Brandon in the out everybody...hide your shoes!!! Makenna loves shoes. She loves to put them and take them off. She likes every kind and every size. She loves to wear her daddy's shoes....she even tries to wear 2 pairs at once. What a silly girl!!

Boo Boos

No...I am not abused. Haha...My parents love me very much. I just like to play really hard!! I am very adventurous and love to get into everything. Sometimes I take a stumble or too. Mom or Dad kiss it better and I move on!!Nice bruise and bump on my head. It goes perfect with my birthmark!!
I also cut my leg!
I was climbing up on my car trying to get something I wasn't allowed to have off the end table. I was reaching to far and slipped and fell and hit my head and leg on the table!
I got this one from outside. I was walking and had one foot on the driveway and the other on the grass. I slipped on the grass and scratched my knee on the driveway!!

Dancing Queen!

Makenna loves to dance. She does the twist!! Haha...she loves to hear music. Here is a clip of her beginning dance moves at Great-Grandma Beals House!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Well...Friday Tyler got back his LSAT score. He doesn't want to tell anyone his score...but he did a good job. He wanted to do a little bit better...but Kenna and I are proud of him!! We are so grateful for him and for all the sacrifices he has made for the two of us to make sure we are provided for! He applied to about 9 schools!! We aren't sure when we will hear back from them, but all the applications are out! He applied to schools in 3 different states: Oklahoma, California and Arizona! So there may be a move in our future! We are just praying that we will be accepted and hope that we will make the correct decision of where our family needs to be!! Good job Ty!!!

No Relations with the Relations!!!

They were definitely the kissing cousins!! Haha. Carter and Makenna got along really well. I was shocked at how well they played! They were sharing everything. Sunday night at dinner they were both sitting on Jennifer's lap. They were sharing their juice and milk. They even started feeding each other goldfish crackers...then I looked over and they were kissing. It was so funny!! I loved to watch them play together!! Makenna is definitely a big flirt and the minute she saw Carter she tried so hard to get his attention. Carter didn't want anything to do with her for the first little bit, but then he gave in :)!

Great-Grammy Beals

Grammy Larsen, Great-Grammy Beals, Me and Dad
Great-Grammy Beals, Me and Dad
Grammy Beals took me for a ride on her walker. I liked it for awhile and then I got scared!
I love to read and I wanted to read Grammy Beals a book!

Mom, Dad, Grammy Larsen and I all went down to Arizona to visit Great-Grammy Beals! We had such a fun time. Grammy Beals had a bunch of tin boxes that I loved to play with. She also had a bunch of empty spools that made great sounds inside the tins. Grammy Beals lives on a farm and I loved running around outside. I went to feed the cows, but got really scared. I tuckered myself out running all around the farm...and I got totally dirty!! But that's okay...I had a good time! I also had a good time playing with Aunt Cara and Aunt Janice!

This is such a cool table!

This table was just my size. I liked to crawl underneath of it and sit!

I love Purses!!

I want to be just like my mommy. I love to carry around purses. I like to put my cell phone and snacks inside it! It looks like I am going to be a girlie girl!