Sunday, May 31, 2009


Makenna, Ryder and Grandma (Diane...Ryder's grandma)
Crazy Tyler and Bryn
Jen and Cash
Best Buddies...Makenna and Ryder
Eischens is a bar out in Okarche, OK. It is a fried chicken joint. It was really good. It is the oldest bar in Oklahoma. It was really fun. I know what you are thinking...why would you take babies and three year-olds to a bar?! Well it isn't your typical bar. It is the honky tonk atmosphere and the kids can eat too. Lots of nachos and fried chicken. Good old fashioned fried foods!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Not as Similar As I Thought

Kenna and daddy

Bryn's 6-Month Check-Up

Last week Bryn went in for her 6 month well-child check. She weighed 14 lbs. 4 oz (17%) and is 25.5 inches long (41%). She is moving up in her percentiles. The sad thing is is that Makenna weighed this much and was this long at her 4 month check. It is hard to not compare the 2 girls. Makenna was standing up against the table all by herself at 6 months. She was also sitting up and even started stage 2 baby food. She had started stage one at 4 months. Bryn was told to just start stage one at 6 months. She has been eating baby foor for a couple weeks now. She eats some about everyday. But she will only eat about a Tablespoon a day. The dr. said to just keep working with her. I really hope she isn't delayed in her learning ability and developmental stages. The physical therapist says she is right on. But now that she is 6 months I am starting to see a huge difference in where Makenna was to where Bryn is now. Hopefully things will start moving along with Bryn. Bryn just does not like to sit. We have been trying to put her in the bumbo seat and she has started arching her back and trying to escape from it. She is happier laying down or standing up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

First Lake Trip of 2009

Bryn enjoyed eating her lifejacket straps
She is so funny
Papa, Kenna, Bryn and Grammy
Makenna and Papa
Bryn, Kenna and Grammy
Bryn chilling on the dock
Bryn and her Uncle Steve
Kenna on Papa's black boat

haha...this is proof that it was the 1st lake trip of the summer. Almost every single year things go wrong on the first trip of the summer. We had a relatively calm first trip, but these muffins prove our luck! Jan had mixed up the batter for banana muffins and was already to bake them when she realized she didn't bring up the muffin tin. So she put the muffins in the paper and cooked them. They tasted just fine, but they look a little funny! haha. It did rain quite a bit though, but we didn't mind. It was just nice to kick back and relax.

We were able to go with Tyler's parents to the lake this weekend. We only went on the boat 2 times, but we didn't mind. The water was pretty cool and we enjoyed just hanging out. It acutally rained on us while we were out the first day. We watched a few movies and relaxed in the house. Kenna got to ride the scooter a few times with Tyler and her Papa. Bryn loved hanging out in the swing and even went on her first boat ride!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

M & M Olympics

This is what Bryn did the whole....chewed her fingers. I tell her to stop because she can't afford to lose anymore digits :)
Kenna climbing up the rope wall
Climbing out of the foam pit!
Kenna getting her trophy and M & M's
Makenna and her teacher, Kristin.
Kenna doing her handstand. She had to keep looking up at me to make sure I was taking pictures
Waiting for her turn on the trapeze
On the Balance beam

Makenna had her last gymnastics class of the session today. They do an M & M olympics. The kids all get shirts and it's their time to show off their skills to all the parents. It was neat to see all the things Makenna could do. I would sit and watch her every class, but sometimes would be distracted with Bryn. But Tyler and I were able to go into the gym and sit there and watch. She also got a trophy and M & M's. She was super excited. She did so awesome!

Smarty Pants

Tonight Makenna sat down at the table to do a puzzle. It was a Madagascar puzzle that had pictures on both sides. It is a 50 piece puzzle. In about 5 minutes she had put the entire thing together all by herself. She was able to flip all the pieces to make the right picture and she did it so quick! She is way too smart for a 3 year old!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Target Practice

Shooting the 38 special. Mine is on the left, Tyler's on the right. I hit the bullseye!
This is the 9mm. I did the best with this gun. Got the bullseye 2 times and pretty close a few others. Mine is the left and Tyler's is the right.
This is the 45 calibur. I was really bad with this one. Tyler did well with it. Mine is on the left and Tyler's is on the right.
The other night Tyler and I went with his dad to go shooting. Tyler had finished his last final and was able to get out some of his stress. It was really fun. I was totally scared at first though and wasn't even sure if I would hit the target. We got shot 2 different 9mm, 38 specials and 45 calibur guns. Brad won 4 of the 6 guns and Tyler and I both won one! haha...Guess Brad is a better shot than us...don't want to mess with him!


Bryn enjoyed trying squash the other day. She is still learning how to use her tongue when it comes to eating. She also loves to put her hands in her mouth and up to her face while I am trying to feed. That is why she is covered in squash. I strip her down so that she doesn't tag her clothes. It is easier to wipe her down than do a bunch of laundry and try and get out stains!

Bumbo Seat

Bryn has been sitting up pretty well in her bumbo seat...thanks for letting us borrow it Heather! Therapy has been going well and her head sitting up straighter. We are working on her sitting up on her own.

The Twins!

Haha. I call Tyler and Bryn, "The Twins." They look so much alike. Bryn loves to watch t.v. with her daddy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

That's My Hubby!!

Tonight Tyler and I went to an awards ceremony at his school. He was told earlier this week that he would be receiving an award and should be there. He didn't know what it was though. I went with him and left the girls with grammy...Thanks Jan! Tyler an award for Excellence in Clinical Legal Studies for his work and service in the Native American Victims Rights Clinic. I am so proud of him. He also made me blush by giving me a shout out from the microphone! He said, " I have to thank my wife for all her support especially since we just had our second baby. She has helped me through school." I was embarrassed, but it was very sweet of him. The whole room turned around and looked at me. He has made me so proud. I was very happy to be by his side while he got his award tonight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


YEA!!! It is over...well at least for the weekend :) Tyler had his last final of his 2nd year of law school today! To celebrate...we went to the gun range and went shooting. It was alot of fun. Tyler starts work on Monday though. He is working for a judge in the criminal court of appeals. It is a really good job. He will also start his summer law class and his MBA classes soon as well. The girls and I are so proud of Tyler and all his hard work. We sure do miss him during the semester, but we know that he is trying to make a better life for us! We love him and think, in Makenna's words, that he is the COOLEST! Good luck with work on Monday Ty and now you can officially say you are a 3L!! 1 year left!!!

My girls!

I know that I complain about my girls alot. Makenna being naughty...Bryn not sleeping. But I do love them. I love them ALOT! It is the little moments I love the most. Like cuddling with Kenna on the couch while watching a movie. I love playing with Bryn and seeing her smile. When I tell Makenna she has hurt my feelings she gives me a hug and says, I love you Mommy. She may say some mean things to me, but she makes up for it when she tells me she misses me. She will randomly come up and say, "Mommy...I missed you at the store." Even though it was like a week ago that I went to the store and left her at home with Daddy. Today at playgroup she out of the blue came up and said, " Mommy I have a secret for you....You are the coolest!" She is very sweet and I love her.
Bryn is so cuddly and cute. She smiles alot and her giggles brighten my day. She is a pretty good baby. So all in all....I think my kids are the BEST! I hope I can continue to teach them so they can become better and better!

Cupcake Pops

I found this website - - thanks Laurie. I love it. It has a bunch of recipes for baking, but has these things called cupcake pops. They are so cute. I thought I would try making them. I followed to directions exactly. The Cake balls tasted like straight frosting. If I ever try them again I will use way less frosting. But with the cake, frosting, candy melts and chocolate bark...I didn't think they tasted all that great. They turned out cute...I think...but they did not taste very good at all. I was extremely dissappointed.

Baby Food

Bryn has started on her adventure of baby food. On Tuesday she chowed down 3/4 of a jar of bananas. Yesterday she ate 3/4 of a jar of squash. She seemed to like both foods. She seems to like those foods much more than the rice cereal. She makes a huge mess though. She can't seem to keep her hands out of her mouth when she is eating!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers! I have to say that I have an awesome mom and mother-in-law and am very grateful for both of them. My mom is very patient with me and my 5 phone calls a day...haha. She has been an example to me of how to look at trials as blessings. She knows how to calm to me down and is always there to listen to me rant and rave! I love you mom!!

Today we went to church. On Mother's day...all the primary children get up and sing to their moms. Kenna is of age to be in primary and went up on the stage to sing. I didn't know, but she had taken her princess wand up on the stage with her. The kids started singing and Makenna didn't know the song so she started talking to her friend Gwen. They started poking each other and making noise. They then kneeled behind the wall on the stage. When they stood back up they held the wand together and Makenna started saying really loud while pointing the wand at people in the audience, "Get that Lady! Get that Lady!" They were zapping people in the audience. I look up and the Bishop's wife and family are cracking up! Alot of other people saw and were cracking up too. You could hear her all the way in the back...I know...I was sitting in the back!! I was so embarrassed. I could have just beat her!!

But other than the church was a good day. Tyler took of 90% of the day and spent it with me. He only studied for a few hours tonight. We went to church together. We went over to my cousin Shae's together for lunch. It was really yummy and we had a good time visiting. Then for dinner we went over to Tyler's sister's house! It was good to see them and my niece. It was a day full of good food and good company!

Friday, May 08, 2009

My Little is Growing Up

Bryn's first tooth popped through the gums 2 days ago! It was her bottom front left tooth. The bottom front right is almost through. She is 5 1/2 months old! She also ate her first bowl of rice cereal a few days ago. She seemed to like it. She has a hard time using her tongue though so she ends up pushing a lot of it right back out of her mouth. But we are working on it. She also is trying to sit up. She rolls all around on the ground, started laughing and loves to smile. Makenna loves to pinch and kiss her cheeks and say, "you have chubby cheeks Bryn." Makenna loves her little sister and Bryn marvels at Makenna. I hope they can be good friends when they get older!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Kimber's Pictures

Bryn eating her dress. She eats all her clothes...if she can stretch them high enough to get into her mouth.
The girls and one of their many uncles...Dallin. Makenna loved watching movies with Dallin while he was here!
The Larsen cousins! Makenna, Brynlee and Addison!
Bryn finally getting her sister back! haha
Isn't she gorgeous!?
Bryn and Aunt Ber!
Kimber and Dallin came home for the weekend. Kimber took pictures of the 3 girls! They turned out really cute! Makenna turned Dallin into her movie watching partner.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Life has been full of ups and downs for Makenna. Today was a down day. She didn't get a nap and was not listening at all. When we got home I had her go play in her room. Well she got quiet...and we all know what that means! She was doing something wrong. I went into her room and checked on her and she was sitting in her closet. She was painting her elephant stuffed animal with nail polish. A few weeks ago I took her nail polish away and hid it in the bucket on her dresser. Well she had climbed up on her dresser and emptied the bucket. So I made sure everything was put away and left her in her room again. Well bad idea. I went upstairs and she had gone into the bathroom and filled up her tea set with what I thought was water. But was soap. She had emptied the soap bottle that was on the sink into her tea set. So then I had to lock the bathroom doors and then I locked my bedroom door so she was confined to only her room. UGH!!!

On a happier note- Here are some funny things about Kenna!
- When she sings "Popcorn Popping" she says, "Pah-corn popping on the Acre-pot tree". Haha instead of Popcorn and Apricot. haha
- In the car the other day we were talking
me: I love you Makenna
Kenna: I love you too Mommy
me: You're beautiful Makenna
Kenna: You're beautiful too Mommy
me: I love you too Brynlee
silence for a minute because ya know Brynlee can't talk
Kenna: She loves you too Mommy
me: laughing...Thanks Makenna
Kenna: Thank you Mommy. I apprecishiate it!
- Kenna always tell me when I talk to Bryn, "Mommy Brynlee doesn't understand you. She can't talk back."